High blood pressure during pregnancy is dangerous!If women suffer from hypertension for pregnancy, they need to be conditioned in 5 aspects

Pregnancy is a happy and hard work for women.Each pregnant woman hopes to spend the whole pregnancy steadily, but not everyone is so lucky. Some women will find high blood pressure during pregnancy, and some will find diabetes.

These pregnancy -induced complications are unique to the disease during pregnancy, but it will affect the health of maternal and infants.Ms. Hu, 35, finally became pregnant. The whole family was particularly happy. Ms. Hu’s face was full of happiness all day. She temporarily forgot the hard work and reaction of pregnancy.However, during the 6 -month birth checkup, the doctor was diagnosed with hypertension during pregnancy.

What are the dangers of hypertension during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, high blood pressure is still very harmful, which will affect some organs of pregnant women’s body, such as the heart, kidneys, eyes, etc., which can easily lead to renal damage and heart failure of pregnant women.

Hypertension during pregnancy also causes a threatened abortion, or threatened elastic epilepsy occurs with too high blood pressure.And it will also have a certain impact on the uterus. The blood pressure is too high, it will be very unfavorable to the uterine vascular, which will cause necrosis of the uterine vascular wall and the stenosis of the vascular lumen.

When it affects the blood vessels of the uterus, it will affect the blood supply of the fetus, which will affect the healthy development of the fetus. It may even cause the fetal development to cause delay, which will seriously lead to early peeling of the placenta.

If women suffer from hypertension for pregnancy, they need to be conditioned in 5 aspects

1. Go to the hospital for examination and treatment

If women find that blood pressure is relatively high during pregnancy, they should go to the hospital for relevant examination at this time, because hypertension during pregnancy is more harmful to pregnant women, you can check the blood routine and proteinuria first, and learn about the harm caused by pregnant women.degree.

After the examination, the doctor should be cited for treatment, and a reasonable treatment should be performed according to the severity of the disease.If the blood pressure is very high and the symptoms of pregnant women are more severe, they must be hospitalized for treatment to ensure the safety of pregnant women.

2. Monitor blood pressure every day

If you accidentally suffer from hypertension during pregnancy, because the high blood pressure during pregnancy has a great impact on pregnant women and fetuses, once it is determined as a hypertension during pregnancy, you must monitor your blood pressure regularly.blood pressure.

In addition to monitoring blood pressure, pregnant women should also pay attention to whether they have symptoms of discomfort. If any discomfort occurs, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

3. Stay in bed

Women with high blood pressure during pregnancy should pay attention to proper rest, which can help reduce blood pressure.When pregnant women rest in bed, it is best to choose the left side position. This can avoid compressing to the vein. It is good for improving local blood circulation and is also conducive to lowering blood pressure.

4. Regular checkup

Regular check -ups are very important for pregnant women. You can understand the physical condition of pregnant women and the development of the fetus in time.Especially women who detect hypertension during pregnancy should be a good checkup.

Hypertension is more harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Regular delivery can detect these harms in time and intervene in a timely manner.

5. Adjust your diet and psychology

Women with hypertension during pregnancy should pay attention to the rationality of the diet, and eat more high -quality protein and rich foods, which can not only replenish it, but also have a role in regulating blood pressure.

And to maintain a good mentality, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Don’t worry too much about worry and anxiety. The family also help pregnant women to eliminate tension, which is good for maintaining normal blood pressure.

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