Hemorrhoid bleeding is not afraid to teach you the four methods to deal with

Hemorrhoids are a common anorectal disease, and treatment is also very complicated. Due to its pathological characteristics, it has caused recurrent attacks. It is difficult to cure without surgery.Among them, the main manifestations of hemorrhoids are blood in the stool, and the nature of blood in the stool can be painless, intermittent, and blood after stool. Drop blood or blood on the hand paper is increased after constipation, drinking or eating irritating food.

Usually, when defecation continues to cause the intravenous pressure here to rise repeatedly, the veins will swell.During the pregnancy, women are compressed during the pelvic vein, which hinders blood circulation often occur with hemorrhoids. Many obese people will also suffer from hemorrhoids.If you have hemorrhoids, the anus swelling and distorted vein wall will become very thin, so it is easy to break when defecation.Internal hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that grow at the beginning of the anal pipe. If the veins of the expansion are located on the anal canal mouth, this varicose vein is called external hemorrhoids.External hemorrhoids are sometimes taken out or emerged outside the anal canal mouth, but this situation occurs only when defecation, and it will shrink back to its original position after defecation.Blood thrombus may occur in both internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.When thrombosis occurs, the blood in the hemorrhoids is condensed into a block to cause pain.

So how to deal with hemorrhoid bleeding

1. When bleeding, if you continue to defecate hard, bleeding will not stop. At this time, it is necessary to temporarily terminate the stool and rest slightly. If not, you still need to control the strength of the stool.

2. When bleeding, if you hold the anus with dehydrated cotton balls, the hemostatic effect will be better.If it is bleeding caused by hemorrhoids, it is easy to stop bleeding. As long as you lie down, bleeding will stop quickly.

3. Acupoints with hemostatic effect.

4. Liangqiu is an effective point for hemostasis and pain relief.This point is located 2 inches above the outer edge of the bone. Pressing it with your thumb can stop bleeding quickly.With pain, pain can be relieved at the same time.

How to properly care for hemorrhoids in life

1. Usually do more exercise, outdoor exercise or physical exercise, which can effectively promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. It often performs anal lifting exercise. It can relax the body and mind, intentionally or unintentionally shrink the anus.The duration can reach 5 times each time, and long -term persistence can effectively achieve the effect of preventing hemorrhoids.

2. Constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids, so patients should develop good bowel habits, do not deliberately tolerate, usually more fresh fruits and vegetables, because fruits are rich in vitamins, consumption of a lot of vitamins can achieve promotionThe effect of intestinal peristalsis, drinking plenty of water is good for health, and it is not suitable to eat the food to stimulate the intestinal tract, such as pepper, cold drinks, etc. Once patients are found, they should be treated early to avoid hemorrhoids.

3. After the stool, you must keep the anus clean. Pay attention to the usual hygiene habits to avoid damage to the anus, so as not to cause infection. Pay more attention to personal hygiene, change the underwear, do not be lazy, not to use Yi Kang every day, one Kang must be used every day.Sitting in the bathtub in a warm water bath, this can promote the circulation of blood in the perianal, and effectively prevent hemorrhoids.

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