Healthy diet early knows: 5 key nutrients that pregnant mothers must weekly necessary

After pregnancy, the changes in the body of the pregnant mother, the increase in blood volume, the growth and development of the baby, and the energy needs of the daily activity of the pregnant mother need to consume a lot of protein from the food.In addition, high -quality protein can help the baby’s baby to build placenta, support the development of the baby’s brain, and help the baby to synthesize the internal organs, muscles, skin, and blood.

Best Food Ranking

TOP1: Soybean TOP2: Lamb (thin) top3: cod 4: pork (thin) top5: beef (thin) top6: catfish

How to eat protein

Milk -like milk, meat such as beef, mutton, etc., eggs such as eggs, duck eggs, etc., as well as seafood and other seafood, as well as beans and soy products, are all excellent sources of protein supplement. Among them, soybeans are soybeans.The highest protein content.In addition, the protein content of nuts like sesame, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts is high.

Generally speaking, eating sea products such as fish or shrimp, scallops, etc., ensure one or two eggs, 250 ~ 300 ml of milk and 100 grams of meat every day, and eat some nuts, walnuts and other nuts, Can ensure daily protein needs.

Fat accounts for 50%to 60%of the weight of the brain.Before 30 weeks of pregnancy, the mother must have fat savings in order to make necessary energy reserves for the late pregnancy, childbirth and puerpeath.Fat is mainly composed of glycerin and fatty acids.The essential fatty acids required for fetal baby should be provided by pregnant mothers through the placenta for forming the brain and other parts of the body.

Best Food Ranking

Top1: Pork (thin) top2: pine nuts TOP3: Walnut meat top4: sesame top5: beef (fat) top6: egg yolk

How to eat fat

Foods containing more fat, including all kinds of oil, such as soybean oil, color tensor, sesame oil, lard, etc.; Milk, meat, eggs, nuts, and soybean contain a lot of fat.Among them, unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils are generally more common than animal oil.It is best to take dynamic and plants when intake.Sea fish and sea shrimp contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are particularly beneficial to the brain development of the baby.Pregnant mothers should eat soy, egg yolk, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, meat, and animal organs, such as lecithin -rich foods to ensure the healthy development of the baby’s brain cell membrane.

Folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin that is an essential factor for protein and nucleic acid synthesis. It has the function of assisting DNA synthesis.It is also the key nutrients of the baby’s nervous development, which is of great significance for preventing malformation and lip cracks in the baby.Pregnant mothers supplement folic acid can prevent fetal nervous tube deformity and prevent maternal cysteine from increasing.

Best Food Ranking

TOP1: Top2: Leek TOP3: Spinach

TOP4: rapeseed TOP5: Soybean TOP6: chestnut (cooked)

How to eat folic acid

Pregnant mothers should try to diversify food as much as possible, and eat animals’ liver, kidney, soybean products, beets, eggs, fish, green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, asparagus, spinach, etc.), nuts, citrus, whole wheat products, etc.They are rich in folic acid.

Carbohydrates are usually called sugar. They are the most economical and main sources of energy for human acquisition of energy. Carbohydrates play an important role of constituting the body’s tissue component, maintaining normal activities of the heart and nervous system, saving protein, and preservation of liver and detoxification.

Best Food Ranking

TOP1: rice top2: corn top3: noodles

TOP4: Pea TOP5: Top6: Sweet Potato

How to eat carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are mainly released slowly, which can maintain blood sugar balance and provide long -term energy support for the body.Slowly release carbohydrates include all valleys (rice, wheat, corn, oats, sorghum, etc.), potato (sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro, yam), fresh fruits (sugar cane, melon, watermelon, banana, grapes, etc.), fresh vegetables), fresh vegetables)Essence

Vitamin A, also known as yellow alcohol, can ensure the synthesis of purple redness. This kind of purple redness is a sensitive substance that humans have to be weak light, can stimulate the optic nerve, and promote the vision development of the baby.Vitamin A can also promote the secretion of postpartum milk for pregnant mothers, while helping regulating thyroid function.

Best Food Ranking

TOP1: Sheep liver TOP2: Pork liver TOP3: beef liver

TOP4: Duck liver TOP5: Chicken liver TOP6: Egg

How to eat vitamin A

Natural vitamin A exists only in animals.Animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, eggs and fish eggs are the best sources of vitamin A.

There are carotenoids in red, orange, and dark green plant foods. The role of some special enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract can be catalyzed into vitamin A.Carrots, sweet sweet potatoes, spinach, apricot, mango, etc. are the excellent providers of carotene.

Vitamin A and phospholipids, vitamin E and vitamin C and other antioxidants are more stable.Therefore, cooking with lipid and acidic food is conducive to the use and absorption of vitamin A.

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