Healthy and dizziness, which diseases are early warning signals?

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We had this experience. After nap, the whole arm was numb, like countless ants climbed over. Well, "confirmed that the feeling, it is a sleeping hand …" What to do?

This physiological numbness is mainly due to the lack of blood supply to the bad posture, the blood circulation of the peripherals is poor, or because the nerves are oppressed by external forces, such as: long squatting toilets, misunderstanding of heavy objects, and abnormal sleeping positions.This kind of numbness is generally light, and the impact on health is less. Usually it can be relieved in a short time.

but!If it is numb for a long time, or there is no obvious cause of the intermittent numbness of the fingers, or suddenly wake up due to numb pain at night, be vigilant!

Be careful of these diseases!

Nervous root cervical spondylosis

Nervous root cervical spondylosis refers to the deduction of cervical intervertebral disc, and its secondary pathological changes, which is the general name of the main clinical manifestation of the corresponding nerve distribution area caused by nerve root pressure.Clinically, nerve root cervical spondylosis is the most common disease that causes hand numbness.Sitting for a long time, low head, too high or too low pillow may cause cervical spondylosis.

Generally speaking, the thumb numbness indicates that the sixth neck nerve root is compressed; the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger indicate the seventh neck nerve root to be compressed;Calcification, often muscle sore neck and shoulders, and severe symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, and tinnitus.

Flat tunnel syndrome

Flat tunnel syndrome refers to a series of clinical symptoms caused by the increase in wrist disease or degeneration due to trauma or strain, etc., and increased internal pressure in the middle nerve caused by card pressure.It is manifested as numbness in thumb, food, and middle finger. There is often a history of wake -up at night, and the activity can improve after waking.In severe cases, hand muscles atrophy, affecting the fine movements of the hand.

Excessive use of fingers, especially repetitive activities, such as mouse or typing for a long time, can cause wrist tunnel syndrome.

Short -term brain ischemia/stroke

Cerebral arteriosclerosis or stenosis, thrombosis, insufficient blood supply, etc. may induce short -term cerebral ischemia, and may indicate high -risk diseases such as cerebral infarction in severe cases.Often manifested as a numbness or a numbness on one side.If you have symptoms such as headache and dizziness, dark vision or blurred sight, nonsense, poor coordination ability, etc., it may be a sign of stroke.If these symptoms often occur, you should seek medical treatment in time to comprehensively screen the risk factors of cerebrovascular disease, and give positive prevention and treatment.


Both sides of finger numbness are common symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. It is often symmetrical when onset, similar to the feeling of wearing gloves or wearing socks.Many diabetic patients have not been effectively controlled, and a variety of complications have appeared in the early stages of the disease.Even if there is no history of diabetes, long -term numbness should be used for diabetes.


Hand numbness may also be chronic alcoholic toxic peripheral neuropathy.People who often drink alcohol, if there is a numbness of hands and feet, it is possibly the possibility of chronic alcohol poisoning.If it is not intervened in time, it can cause dysfunction of various systems of the body and even irreversible damage.

Picky eaters lead to B -e -vitamin deficiency, which can also cause peripheral neuropathy and symptoms of hand numbness.The same problems occur often with certain diarrhea and anti -infected drugs.If it is caused by poisoning, its pain is more severe; if it is caused by nutritional metabolism disorders, its weakness and numbness are obvious.

Late pregnancy/menopause syndrome

Some pregnant women will feel the unilateral or bilateral handicapped pain, numbness, numbness, or burning.Pain and numbness mainly affect the side of the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and small finger, which causes loss of fine movements in the fingers, and usually has no other serious consequences.

Women who enter menopause sometimes have a numbness.With the end of menopause, hand numbness will disappear.

other reasons

Rheumatoid arthritis, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, etc. can also cause hand numbness. This type of related diseases often require the diagnosis of specialists, and should not be treated blindly.

Hand numb self -assessment

When the symptoms of unilateral numbness appear, we can also initially evaluate the cause.When you are sitting, if your hand has begun to numb, try to change the position of the head (cervical spine).The cause of hemp may not be cervical spondylosis.

After excluding the hand numbness caused by the neck, we can keep the wrist at the maximum flexion as shown in the figure below. If the numbness of the three fingers on the radial side within 60 seconds appears, it is considered to be a veal syndrome.

If bilateral symmetrical hand numbness occurs, it is often caused by related internal medicine diseases. Related examinations need to be conducted for inspection, which is not considered.

What should I do if the flian tunnel syndrome?

Flat tunnel syndrome is the most common type of peripheral nerve card compression syndrome, known as "the most typical occupational disease in the 1990s".Some professional groups who need a lot of activities, such as dentist, musicians, teachers, reporters, editors, pretenders, athletes, etc., are all easy -to -prone people with wrist tunnel syndrome.The treatment of fist tunnel syndrome is more troublesome, and in severe cases, even surgery is needed.

How to prevent fist tunnel syndrome?

1 Keep the correct posture

When the wrist is kept 0 degrees, the operator’s wrist can be in a natural flat extension. At this time, the operator feels the most comfortable and the incidence of wrist symptoms is also the lowest.

Therefore, when using the mouse, you should place the wrist pad to support the muscles under the palm, not the position of the wrist; the mouse should be placed nearby, keep the wrist straight, and avoid excessive extension of the forearm.

When operating the keyboard, adjust the seat appropriately, so that the wrist is in a neutral position, the finger is bent at 30 degrees, and the forearm is a semi -rotating front position.

2 Pay attention to rest

For office workers, those who need to work hard and do not need to use the work of the affected part can be interspersed, so that the affected parts can not cause excessive fatigue.

3 Appropriate exercise

Those who rarely participate in sports activities have a higher chance of suffering from wrist tunnel syndrome than those who often exercise physical exercise.This shows that physical exercise plays an important role in preventing wrist tunnel syndrome.However, it is worth noting that before the patients with vertical syndrome are conducting severe sports, it is best to solicit the opinions of doctors and rehabilitation medical experts.

If we often feel numb, we cannot ignore it. We must go to the hospital in time and find the cause. If necessary, we need to use a auxiliary examination such as cervical vertebral slices and blood glucose measurement for targeted treatment.

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