HCG value is low?Double?Really broken heart

When you are pregnant, pregnant mothers will check HCG for the first time to confirm whether you are pregnant and pay attention to the growth of numerical values. Then, what is the relationship between the HCG value and the growth of the baby’s baby, and what problems can the numerical abnormal value be explained?

HCG promotes the transformation of ovarian luteal into pregnancy luteal and secrete a large amount of progesterone for pregnancy.The pregnancy luteal function at 7-10 weeks of pregnancy is gradually replaced by the placenta.Generally speaking, 10 days after embryonic implantation, HCG began to secrete, and the HCG concentration at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy increased rapidly to its peak, which continued to decrease rapidly for about 10 days. In the middle and late pregnancy, it was only 10%of the peak, and maintained to childbirth.Therefore, the HCG concentration does not continue to rise, and the early rise speed is also from fast to slow.

The HCG value varies from person to person and is not comparable. Pregnant mothers only need to compare with their own values.Because each person’s menstrual cycle is different and the bed time is different, the number of pregnant days cannot be accurately calculated in the early pregnancy. If the value of the pregnant mother is lower than others, as long as it is a normal growth state, you don’t have to worry too much.

During normal early adhesion, the HCG level continues to rise rapidly. About 85%of normal pregnancy, the β-HCG level doubles every 48-72 hours, that is, at least 53%to 66%should be increased at least the next day.Some surveys show that 50%of pregnant mothers HCG value will double within 2 days, 75%will double within 3 days, and the higher the HCG, the longer the double time.Therefore, the growth rate of HCG varies from person to person. Pregnant mothers do not need to compare with others. Just pay attention to their own growth.

HCG increases too slowly

When the HCG value increases significantly, the double time is extended to 3-8 days (the normal reference time range is about 1.4-2.2 days), you must worry about whether ectopic pregnancy or ahead abortion.

HCG numerical decrease

When the HCG value stops growing or even starts to decrease, it is prompted to stop developing.(It should be noted that the HCG value reached its highest peak at about 8 weeks of pregnancy, and it started to decline and stabilize at about 9 weeks of pregnancy. The data is not in the reference range during this period.)

At the same time, if the HCG value indicates abnormal pregnancy, pregnant mothers may be accompanied by abdominal pain or bleeding. Once this happens, pregnant mothers should seek medical treatment in time.

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