Have you told your boyfriend?

Hello, teacher:

I have been dating with my ex -boyfriend for 5 years and lived together for one year. I had a child in the middle. Later, I had to break up because of the families of the two parties. It can be said that this relationship is very harmful to me from the soul to the body.Only then did you come over.

Earlier this year, my aunt helped me introduce a boyfriend. After seeing it a few times, I felt that each other felt good, so I had been getting along. I felt that he was the kind of person who could not give me passion, but he could give me a peaceful life becauseThe two are not young, so they are talking about marriage recently.What makes me always entangled is that do you want to tell him what he has lived with his boyfriend and had a fetal?It feels like he is quite concerned about this.If you want to tell him, when is the most suitable time?If you don’t tell him, would he find it after marriage?

—— twelve, 28 years old, staff member



Some time ago, a man from a man asked me to complain, saying that he liked a girl, and she also liked herself. The two talked about marriage in the future, but the woman had a lot of boyfriends in the past.It is troublesome to have children.I asked: What do you plan to do?He said: I have thought about it, and I do n’t get married with her for the time being. Everything let it go. If she is pregnant, I will end.

I don’t know if this true thing is inspired by you, and I don’t know if this speech has inspired other girls.If this incident does not give you the sequelae and will not affect your fertility, you think you will never tell him that you have no psychological burden, and it is okay not to tell him.Why?Because you say he cares about it better, after you tell him, it may cause you to break up.

But I personally feel that it can’t be concealed.For example, you are pregnant. Whether you are a pregnancy test, abortion or still have to be given birth, or even when you are in the palace in the palace, the doctor will ask you if you are pregnant for your first pregnancy and whether you are not honest with your doctor.It is easy to affect doctors’ judgment and even endanger their personal safety.Therefore, my personal suggestion is to tell him the truth, so that even if he is disgusted, at least he has a well -deserved conscience.Otherwise, this is a psychological burden of your life.

If you decide to tell him that the most suitable time is that the two feelings are better, and the other party is more than you.There is a way here for your reference: You can avoid seeing him for two days, and you will not call back. If he is in a hurry to find you, you can tell him that you have something that may affect the relationship between the twoTell him, about one night, let him prepare for two days in two days.Then you let him think about it for two days.If he still goes to appointment, you can explain this matter more euphemistic and sad, tell him that he still has the right to choose.This matter is requested to put it before the preparations of the two of you have officially started to get married, so that he will make him decide, and it will not make you a handle and be said to be deceived.

In addition, I think it is the woman himself, not the man, not the man.If you don’t care about this, the man also knows that you will not see yourself and sell yourself because of this.He would not have any moths, otherwise he would say this when he encountered any unpleasantness after marriage.This will be very lethal for your feelings.So you should let him choose, instead of concealing or inducing him to make a choice, do not force him to choose, trick him to choose, and let him decide himself.



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