Hangzhou’s 23 -year -old beautiful female white -collar worker can’t stand up: How can I become long and short legs!Netizen: I was so scared that I quickly changed my sitting position

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If the soles are always grinded as one side, the side is high,

Will you worry about your health?A beautiful white -collar worker in Hangzhou

As a result, "long legs" found out

The reason makes people sweat coldly

The 23 -year -old beauty Xiao Yao (a pseudonym) encountered such an embarrassment. At first, she was obliquely grinded when she worn the soles of the new shoe. Later, when I was sitting and standing, I felt pain. When I walked, one foot was easy to step on.The other one is a bit of response.On the May Day holiday, Xiao Yao’s medical institution in his hometown checked it, and the doctor said that he had long legs and tailored to her more than 2,000 yuan to increase the insole!

As soon as this insole was put on, Xiao Yao was quite satisfied: "It is relieved, walking is a lot comfortable." But after half a month, she felt that her buttocks were more painful., Got up and went to the toilet, and suddenly couldn’t stand up, so I hurriedly asked for a leave to go to the Corruption Department of Zhongshan Hospital in Zhejiang Province.

"Doctor, after I wore this insole, I walked pain in my buttocks now, and I couldn’t stand up after sitting for a long time."Take out the increase in the pad in the shoes, and then let her go to an image inspection.

After the X -ray examination, it was found that Xiao Yao’s lower limbs were normal, but the pelvis had rotated. The sacroiliac joint image showed that the unilateral iliac bone had rotated to the front side, causing the right leg to be 1 cm shorter than the left leg.

After asking the medical history, Ying Xiaoming learned that Xiao Yao was an office clerk. He tilted Erlang’s legs every day, and he also liked to twist."In the long run, the muscles on both sides of the body are uneven, and the pelvis is tilted, causing the sacroiliac joint to rotate and distortion." Ying Xiaoming said.

The truth is great now, "You are not suitable for the use of high -legs like this type." Ying Xiaoming explained that two types of long and short legs are divided into two types. One is structural.Short shrinking is a kind of bone malformation, which may be fractured by the calf or thigh bone. After healing, the length is reduced; the second category is functional, such as pelvic tilt, rotation, and muscle tension.The long -term posture is incorrect, such as the legs of Alanglang, but it is actually long and short legs.

"Structural long and short legs can be relieved by custom insole, but functional, insoles often treat the standards and do not cure the standard, and may also be" burning fueling ‘, and the surface can be aggravated in the later stage. "Ying Xiaoming said that for functional lengths and shortcomingsFor legs, a large part of the patients can be resolved through massage and can be resolved through massage.

Ying Xiaoming is massaging the patient

Therefore, Ying Xiaoming asked Xiao Yao to lie on the bed to treat the bed, massage reset, traction, presses, stretch … After about 15 minutes of treatment, Xiao Yao’s dislocation site returned to normal.At the same time, she told her to pay attention to her usual sitting position, and she continued to work happily.

There are many patients who have increased insoles.This month, Ying Xiaoming diagnosed 7 or 8 patients with short -legged legs. Some of them were in their early twenties, as well as children, and middle -aged and elderly people aged 40 or 50, all of which were functional long and short legs.

"Many patients are deceived by some small rehabilitation institutions." Should Xiaoming remind everyone that if you find long legs, the treatment should be as early as possible, and what situation should be used with corrected insoles.treat.

In addition, office workers should change their poor sitting and standing positions to protect pelvic health.When you stand, do n’t stand for three or seven steps, especially when you are used to standing on the side; when you sit, do n’t raise Erlang’s legs, keep your waist as much as possible, or cushion; when you are sitting for a long time, develop your habits and stand up every half an hour.Take a walk, do stretching movements, promote blood circulation, and prevent long -term sitting diseases.

Will Erlang’s legs affect people’s face value?

This picture is too intuitive

"Let’s look in the consequences of the legs of Erlang."

A photo with different legs and thin legs and inconsistent lengths

Attracted many netizens to watch

"The consequences of the legs of the Erlang"

Also quickly on the hot search

Circle Erlang’s legs,

Almost the habitual actions of many people.

Are you also holding Erlang’s legs now?

Maybe you twist a twist with a long leg?

What are the changes in the bone structure caused by the legs?

Mao Shizhi, deputy director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Division of a Trina Hospital in Sichuan, explained, such as side bending and lumbar spine rotation, such as the pelvic tilt caused by changes in muscle stress, such as the shoulders become left and right.One more thing is that the bilateral cheeks will become different."Seriously affect the face value." Mao Shi added.

Judging from the difference between men and women, women’s legs have a greater impact than men.Mao Shizhi told reporters that women’s pregnancy pelvis bears greater load. If coupled with long -term legs, they will inevitably increase their waist pain.Although this does not have much impact on the fetus itself, it has a certain impact when the production of pregnant women after damage.Secondly, when it is sweltering in summer, women can easily induce gynecological diseases.

Judging from the difference between young and old.The impact of Erlang’s legs on children is greater.Because the child’s own bones are not developed, the child’s spine development must be affected.

Do n’t often look at Erlang’s legs!If you can’t bear it, the doctor said that it is recommended to not exceed 15 minutes each time.

After realizing the harm of Erlang’s legs

Lets come look

Netizens are sitting in order to sit up correctly

The effort made

This netizen is too ruthless to himself (Safety first, do not follow the way)


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