Hangzhou women have ectopic pregnancy after taking contraceptives!Expert: Emergency contraceptives are invalid in these circumstances

Source: Zhejiang Youth Network-Youth Times

The year is approaching, and the unit has a long vacation. Xiao Zhang (a pseudonym), who was supposed to be happy, was uneasy, because the menstruation that arrived every month was no news, and the lower abdomen was still painful.Yesterday, she walked into the clinic of Deng Yueyue, a gynecological expert from Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.I thought it was too tired to work overtime at the end of the year, but when I diagnosed it, Xiao Zhang was stupid, "The doctor is wrong! I obviously took contraceptives."It turned out that Xiao Zhang was diagnosed with "fallopian tube pregnancy" and needed hospitalization surgery.Why did you take an emergency contraceptive pill but was pregnant, and it was still ectopic pregnancy. What contraceptives did Xiao Zhang take?Why is there no effect?Can contraceptives avoid ectopic pregnancy?

After detailed inquiries, Director Deng Yueyue learned that Xiao Zhang was an emergency contraceptive pill Yuting after sex.The main component of Yuting is Zuo Nuo Pogoone. It is a high -efficiency progesterone. Each tablet contains 1.5 mg of left germone.It has the effect of contraception.After Xiao Zhang was in the same room with her husband, thinking that he was in the middle of menstrual period, he was a bit dangerous, so he ate it quickly.However, if the patient has ovulated before taking the medicine, the effect of this contraceptive pill is less than one link.Moreover, Xiao Zhang is a medicine taken after sex, that is to say, there will still be a large number of sperm has entered the uterine cavity through the cervix and finds eggs in the falling tube.Play a role.In the end, there is another link that can prevent pregnancy from emergency contraceptives, that is, large doses of progesterone changes the characteristics of the endometrium, which is not conducive to the planting of the gestational sac.However, the planting of the pregnancy sac on other parts, the emergency contraceptive pill Yuting is powerless.

Extra pregnancy is related to many factors such as the peristalsis function of the fallopian tube and various inflammatory factors. Whether it is directly related to oral emergency contraceptives cannot be determined, but the clinical is taking emergency contraceptives.Many.Yesterday, Deng Yueyue encountered two similar cases for a long time. Fortunately, there was a minimally invasive surgery. After treatment, the patient was able to go home with peace of mind to celebrate the New Year."Although the instructions clearly say that within 72 hours of non -protective sexual life can be used as emergency contraception, and orally, the Bill index that has no clear evaluation of contraceptive effectiveness in the instructions." Deng Yueyue said.Clinically, there are not a few who are taking Yuting or pregnancy. If it is an intrauterine pregnancy, the guide still believes that it does not affect the normal development of the child generation and does not cause the risk of the child generation.In other words, the child can be required for routinely checking the normal development of the embryo.Deng Yueyue said that a large -dose of high -efficiency high -efficiency progesterone is a great interference for the regular work of the ovaries. It causes menstrual disorders and irregularity, and it can cause ovarian dysfunction and even premature aging.Some women’s pictures are convenient. There are not a few who take Yuting contraceptives many times a year, and they really hurt their bodies.

At the same time, Deng Yueyue reminded that contraceptives are essential for women’s reproductive health. There are many ways to contraception. Choosing the right can also prevent and alleviate various gynecological diseases. Women must control the initiative of contraception in their own hands.If you do n’t have an idea, you can hang a family planning or gynecological expert clinic for the hospital. Consultation and choice. Do n’t take emergency contraceptives as the main means of contraception.Netizens Comment@不 网: There are still many girls who do not know the harm of emergency contraceptives.@2020 I can: contraception is not just a matter of the woman, the man should also have this consciousness!@:: The extraterrestrial pregnancy is really dangerous!Fortunately, I found it early!

Safety awareness cannot be ignored!

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