Hangzhou women diarrhea, and as a result, uremia was found!Actually related to a negligence during pregnancy 10 years ago

Ms. Zhao in the west of the city is 32 years old and married at the age of 24. She has a lovely son. She should have been a very happy family.But in a diarrhea, she didn’t expect to be uremia.

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Ms. Zhao, who works in a mall, is not very busy with her work. She usually pays more attention to physical maintenance.Ten years ago, because of pregnancy, she had giving pregnancy hypertension and has been taking medicine so far.

But one day ago, she suddenly started her stomach pain, pulled water, and pulled 7-8 times a day, and she was nausea and vomiting 4-5 times. She thought she had eaten something unclean, and ran to HangzhouXixi Hospital for treatment.

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Dr. Cui Gongzhen, who was admitted to, found that Ms. Zhao was not a simple intestinal disease. Her blood potassium exceeded the standard, which was a very abnormal indicator.

Because blood potassium metabolizes through the kidneys, if the blood potassium is high, it is likely to be due to the kidney problem.As a result, Dr. Cui checked Ms. Zhao’s liver and kidney function.I found out that Ms. Zhao’s creatinine 1327 μmol/L (normal women: 44-97 μmol/L), urea 32.4 mmol/L (normal situation: 3.2-7.0 mmol/L), detailed diagnosis of chronic kidney disease after the medical history 5, That is, chronic renal failure, must be treated immediately.

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As a result, Ms. Zhao was sent to the ward and immediately took hemodialysis, and her condition began to improve slowly.

Li Huili, chief physician of the hospital, told reporters that chronic renal failure refers to clinical syndrome composed of a series of symptoms and metabolic disorders caused by the loss of kidney dysfunction caused by various kidney diseases.The end of the chronic renal failure is the uremia that people often say.

After careful analysis of the patient’s condition, Director Li excluded factors such as genetic and immune system diseases, and finally considered related to pregnancy.Ms. Zhao found that she had high urine protein 10 years ago and was accompanied by hypertension. At that time, Ms. Zhao only valued hypertension and ignored the abnormal urine protein.It is a pity that after 10 years, acute renal dysfunction has gradually developed into chronic renal failure.

Uremia is moving towards younger, so young friends, don’t use their youth as a healthy capital.Director Li reminds everyone that if the face is yellow or white, the ankle and the swelling of the eyelids, the bad appetite, the disorder of the taste, the nausea and vomiting, the prone to fatigue, the fatigue, and the reduction of the urine amountRelated examination.Almost all kidney diseases can be manifested through the abnormal urine routine, so urine tests should be timely.

Director Li said that in addition to regular examinations, he should not urinate, drink plenty of water, eat light diet, reduce salt intake, avoid abuse of drugs, take a large number of painkillers for a long time, and do not smoke or drink less.

Picture source: Visual China

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