Han Geng Lu Jingshan was pregnant and had a creativity when he was pregnant.

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On May 8th, Mother’s Day, Han Geng took a photo taken by himself and his wife Lu Jingshan on the social platform, and officially announced that his wife Lu Jingshan was pregnant!

In the photo, Han Geng stood in front of his wife’s photo.

And Lu Jingshan stood in front of her husband’s photo and also revealed her pregnancy belly, and she seemed to have entered the middle of pregnancy!On Mother’s Day, they announced their pregnancy.”庚”

Lu Jingshan was born in 1985. He is 37 years old this year.

And we found that many female stars in the entertainment industry are busy in their careers when they are young. When they are pregnant, they have to have children, and they have entered the ranks of elderly maternal women. What should I pay attention to when the elderly maternal pregnancy should I pay attention to?

Keywords 1: Comprehensive production inspection

When preparing for pregnancy, the couple will do a detailed examination to understand their physical conditions.Because the human body is actually like a machine, it is prone to various problems after using it for a long time.

If pregnant mothers have some small problems, adjust them in time before getting pregnant to avoid discovering big problems during pregnancy.

For example, if the blood glucose is high, you must adjust it and get pregnant, or if you have problems with heart function, listen to the doctor’s arrangement!

After more than 35 years old, generally do amniotic fluid puncture or non -invasive DNA to understand whether the fetus may be malformed. Moms should not be checked for saving money, because the older the age of fetal deformity, the higher the probability of fetal deformity.

In the middle and late pregnancy, it is necessary to actively check the birth, and prevent the baby’s problems in time and find it in time.

For example, blood pressure and blood sugar rises, and the older the mother, the more prone to diabetes during pregnancy.

Keywords 2: strictly control the diet

There are more and more mothers with higher blood sugar during pregnancy. One of the reasons is that more and more mothers who are pregnant are more and more. The older the mother, the weaker the blood sugar control ability, and the easier it is to cause blood sugar to rise during pregnancy.

Senior pregnant mothers avoid ingesting foods containing refined sugar during pregnancy, such as various cakes and biscuits with white sugar.

When you go to the supermarket to buy things, look at the ingredients table. If you find that white sugar, brown sugar, glucose, corn syrup, fructose syrup and other words are written on the ingredient table.

You can’t just eat rice, but also rough grain, such as black rice, red rice, oats, buckwheat, breakfast, can eat some sweet potatoes, taro, corn and other coarse grains.

Try to eat greasy foods, such as animal skin fat, animal oil should not be eaten as much as possible.

Keyword three: control weight

In addition to preventing blood sugar, we must also control weight.

Control weight. In addition to taking less high -sugar foods in your diet, you should also consume less foods with high calories and high fat content, and eat more high -nutritional foods, such as milk, beef, steak, etc.Foods with high protein and low fat.

Do not increase weight as much as possible in the early pregnancy, and the increase in weight in the middle and late pregnancy must also be controlled at about half a catty per week.

Controlling weight, in addition to diet, you should also pay attention to more exercise. It is recommended that mothers can learn yoga during pregnancy.

Yoga during pregnancy can not only control weight, the most important thing is that it can alleviate back pain during pregnancy, but also helps stretching ligaments and helps to give birth.

Keywords 4: Maintain a balanced mentality

For the older mother, it is easy to appear some data during the checkup. Many mothers will have various anxiety, and the mothers are the best prenatal education when they are pregnant, so they must calm down.

Eat well, sleep well, and feel good to make the fetus grow healthily.

The elderly mother wants the baby to grow well, and the mother must be more attentive.

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