Hahaha, this boy’s pregnancy show, I can see me

"Male Mom", online term, usually refers to men with maternal glory on their bodies.

They are not like the traditional male doctrine men, but they have many women’s characteristics: soft, sensitive, and strong.

Some time ago, the iOS updated system added the male mother Emoji, which is a male image with a stiff belly.▼

Make a man pregnant, it sounds like heaven and night, but now it is true in Japanese dramas.

When the male mother literature enters the reality- "The pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro".▼

As a Japanese drama produced by Net flight, once it is launched, it has received a lot of one -star difference on IMDB (Internet Film Database):

"Make a man pregnant? It’s disgusting."

"Guan Guan.com flew, and the child didn’t allow this show!"

Compared to the general disgusting of the outer net, the evaluation of this drama on Douban is quite friendly and objective.▼

When I first saw this drama, my sister’s response was the same as most viewers: So weird?Take a look.

It was funny at first, and the more I looked back, the more I couldn’t laugh.

Today, we are immersed in this day and night: What will happen when a man starts to become pregnant?

When a man starts to get pregnant

The story setting of the TV series is a world where a man is also pregnant.

Because there are few cases, even if everyone knows that this is the case, it is still a small probability event that is ignored.▼

The actor Yoshiyama Kentaro is an ordinary big straight man who never believes in his pregnancy.▼

In his thirties, he is engaged in the advertising industry, a typical white -collar worker.

Because of his cleverness and capable, Kentaro Kentaro is very important for leadership and is often committed to the heavy responsibility. It is described in the future to describe it in the future.

In terms of emotion, although Mushan Kentaro is not a big scumbag, he is also a Neptune of Guangsha.com.

He dated different girls every day and spent the night.

Some girls were reluctant to chase him, and he quickly dealt with cold treatment.▼

His career is small, his feelings are even more aggressive, and life seems to be so smooth.

But suddenly he woke up a day, and he felt the urge to vomit strongly.

At the beginning, he attributed the reason to the hangover, which must be caused by the hangover.

But later, there were more and more strange things.

His long beard is getting faster and faster;

A lot of sweat will be used to move casually;

I always feel nauseous during the meeting.▼

Kentaro Kentaro ran to the hospital to see the body, for fear that he was infected with any disease.

As a result, the doctor asked him to do a further examination, and he started applying gel on his belly.

"Hey, I won’t you …" ▼

"Yes, you, I’m pregnant."

"And, it’s 10 weeks." ▼

Congratulations to Miyama Kentaro, who likes to mention the title of male mother.

Before he could experience the "joy" of being a mother, he was scared to escape.

Yishan pretended to be working normally without any normal work.

Even one day, after a meeting, I watched the baby’s image with my colleagues, and "lost lactation" on the spot.▼

No, you must abandon!

Kentaro Kentaro returned to the hospital to apply for an abortion consent, but it also required the signature of a partner.

As a Neptune, he didn’t know who had a relationship with him at all.

I still checked by the calendar, and the night I spent 10 weeks ago, so I knew that her child’s mother was the Ya Ji.▼

Kentaro Kentaro signed the Aya, but the opponent’s reaction was:

"Could it be my child?" ▼

Why does it sound so familiar?This is not what scumbags have made the girl’s belly.

Because of the pregnancy of Kota Kentaro, he even fell into a wonderful situation like gender tone.

Asia on considering the scarcity of men’s pregnancy, Ya Ji did not want to have children, and persuaded Musama Kentaro not to abandon.▼

"You can have children without having to produce."

This sounds selfish, but isn’t this what men are having?

The response of Yushan was like a young daughter -in -law who began to complain about the irresponsibility of the other party.▼

Because he became a male mother, one of the bed companions who had been pursuing him before, he also refused to go away.

Dating male dads, but date with the male mother?It’s not necessary.▼

Fortunately, Kentaro Miyama decided to give birth to a male mother who was not afraid of it.

The life of a male mother?

No, just part of ordinary pregnant women

Instead of describing the spectacle of a man’s pregnancy, this play is better to show what women will experience through the encounter of Kentaro Kentaro, Yoshiyama.

There are machines that simulate production of pain in China. How painful is the pain in men who experience childbirth through current.

But childbirth is just a part of pregnancy.

In addition, there are great changes in the body during pregnancy, postpartum breastfeeding, and unfair treatment of the workplace.

This is the perspective of our perspective of Kentaro, Miyama.

For example, the workplace is gradually lost due to pregnancy.

Kentaro Kentaro was assigned important projects by leaders, until all aspects of physical fitness could not keep up with the leadership, even their own IDEA could not continue to follow up.▼

Fortunately, Kentaro Kentaro used his pregnant husband’s scarcity and self -marketing, becoming a new model of clothing brands, but his career ushered in a peak.▼

However, it is not so optimistic in real life. There are not a few women who choose to conceal after pregnancy, or they have been in a hurry to work before they work, and they are in a hurry to work, for fear that pregnancy will become a stumbling block on their career.

As a professional woman, Ya Ji is not in the list of her life at all, because once she is pregnant, she means that her work needs to be stagnant for several years, and she has been eliminated by her workplace in the past few years.

She returned to her hometown from Tokyo, even if she works well, it is just:

"My sister is married, you are not married yet."

"You are too late if you are young."

The cruelty is almost a single -choice question, but it is the dilemma that every woman will face.

In addition to the workplace, various problems facing pregnant women in daily life are also reflected in the play.

For example, pregnancy vomiting, overflowing milk, and the greater and bigger stomach cannot sleep. How to breastfeed in public places, etc., all experienced the audience.

Kentaro Kentaro wanted to buy pregnancy supplies, but found that the style of those products was always childish. It was obviously used by adults, but it seemed to be designed for children. Such doubts caused large -scale discussions on the Internet.▼

Yes, it is pregnant women who are obviously suffering. Why do everything take children?

However, the strange implication that had always existed, because it was Miyama Kentaro, the man, this man was really discussed by the public, and it was also ironic.▼

Speaking of the workplace, society, you should talk about the family.

The predicament that pregnant women are most facing in the family are the widowed parenting.

When Kentaro Kentaro was not pregnant, the company had a colleague who had children in the family. Often, because the children needed to take care of the children, they went home early when everyone dinner.▼

It was originally the manifestation of the Gu family’s good man, but after leaving, it was discussed by other colleagues: Is it too masculine? Seeing that children should do big men to do it, the family status is not enough.▼

It seems that raising a child is naturally a woman to do it.

Even the men of the Guanzhao family are marginalized. Under such atmosphere, puppet parenting abound.

However, it also happened to the male mother of Kentaro Kenham. In order to have a better job opportunity, Ya Ji chose to go to Singapore, and her parenting turned into online parenting.▼

Many audiences say that they do n’t like the personal choice of Ya Ji and leave their families in order to work, but Ya Ji is just a virtual film and television image.

The gender is a pair of tones, but the husband who shakes the shopkeeper at home in the name of work is real.

If one day, women are no longer bound by marriage, childbirth, and raising baby, then it should be pleasant.

Mother mother is great?

But it’s all common things for women

Even if these problems shown in the play, compared to the real life of pregnant women, it is only one percent.

There are always men who do not have back pain to stand on pregnancy, and sneer at the sacrifice of women for pregnancy and children:

"But there is a child, which generation of women is not like this? And pregnant and having children, these are women’s duty, what are the good things?"

But what if one day happened to men?

If one day is like Kentaro Kentaro, when he wakes up, he finds that he has become a male mother.

However, Xianhuai is nothing. After all, when you walk on the street, you often see the big belly man who "in June", which will only make people feel that they eat themselves.

The explicit or implicit discrimination shown in the play is carried out through the perspective of Kentaro Kentaro, but it has always been the daily life of each generation of women every day.

After the successful production of Kentaro Kentaro (by the way, answer doubts for the curious friends, in the play, male production is a cesarean section), starts the social animal model, and the life experience of Meizi resumes itself:

Production does not mean interruption. On the contrary, this experience will also reflect the work.▼

Just as he was immersed in his good thoughts, the female colleague who passed a word woke him up at a word: "Our women are usually like this!" ▼

The man was pregnant once, and the production of hands and feet ended, he thought he was great, but don’t forget that these so -called "I am great" experience, putting it on women is just a common thing under society definition.

Maybe we can never wait for the day when the male will get pregnant, but through this drama, the body is for pregnant women and a woman, and it is always compared to the words "female fist" with the words "female fist".It is much better.

We often say that feminism is equal rights.

This kind of equal right may not be used to get pregnant with men, or women to work hard.

Not what a woman does, what a man wants to do, nor does it be a man, what a woman wants to do.

We can’t fill the gap between physiological differences, but in the face of the differences, can’t we pursue equality?

Whether you are more rejoicing, less prejudice, a little more considerate, less engraved, and using understanding and love to build a bridge between gaps will make each of us more comfortable.

I hope that in the future, whether you are a man who wants to have a child or a woman who does not want to have children, it can be completely respected and understood.

I hope that future is not far away.

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