Gynecologist, gold medal month, different perspectives to answer the 7 major pregnancy taboos for you

Woman, when you know that you are pregnant, especially the first child, you must be super nervous!And during pregnancy, there have always been many legendary taboos, such as: you can’t say it for three months, or you will not be able to move your baby or pregnant women, otherwise you will move your tire …

During pregnancy, there are various pregnancy taboos. Should we believe it?Today, we invited Gold Medal Moon Sister Li and Dr. Chen, a specialist of obstetrics and gynecologists to analyze the taboos of the eight major pregnancy from the traditional and medical perspective to see what they said!

1. Can’t you say in the first three months of pregnancy?

Sister Li: Can’t say!Many traditional sayings make sense and should be followed as much as possible.The first three months of pregnancy should not be said, because the baby is not yet stable, the baby will be shocked, it is best to announce the good news!

Dr. Chen: In fact, it is not necessary, but this statement also has a certain medical basis, because the abortion opportunity of the first three months of pregnancy is the highest. If you talk about it in advance, and unfortunately encounter an abortion, you will be afraid of embarrassment, so many people wait 12 12It was only announced after Zhou, and psychologically felt that the fetus was stable. In fact, there were three thousandths of chances of miscarriage in 12 weeks.But from the perspective of a doctor, it does not mean that pregnancy announced in six or seven weeks.

2. Do not nail when you are pregnant, use scissors?

Sister Li: There is no problem with scissors at work, but don’t use it by your own bed, it is easy to hurt pregnant women.In addition, you must not be nail, you will scare your baby and make your baby have defects.The paint is also taboos. I have encountered a believer couple. I ignored my advice and still made a lot of decoration. As a result, their babies became green from the neck to the back after they were born!So don’t make decoration during pregnancy!

Dr. Chen: Traditional Chinese refers to nails will cause the baby’s body to be defective, and there will be rabbit lips with scissors. It is more weird, but I think it is superstitious, it doesn’t matter, but it is easy to hurt pregnant women.Keep your home naked and use paint -free paint. The pregnant woman can only move in after the taste is dispersed.

3. Do not move?

Sister Li: Pregnant women should rest more, especially when the baby is not yet stable, moving and moving the fetus.Traditionally, it should not move the house. After the baby is born, it should be moved, but now many people ignore it and have no taboos.However, it is better to believe in it, and it is unbelievable. If you really want to move the house, let the husband and family be fully responsible, or let the family go through the procedures for new homes during pregnancy, and wait for the baby to move in after the baby is born.

Dr. Chen: In fact, as long as pregnant women do not move heavy objects, they can climb up.Foreigners have a larger house every born, so I think that it is no problem to do it as long as it is not for pregnant women.

4. Can’t participate in any wedding activities such as weddings?

Sister Li: Of course, I can’t get a happy event!Now many post -80s and post -90s are ignored, and even sisters who have played a friend’s wedding for pregnancy, but it should not be traditionally. Try not to go to the wedding.

5. Can’t I do for pregnancy?

Dr. Chen: Wrong!Studies in foreign countries have also pointed out that pregnancy can be used for houses, and houses can be used in the early days to late.

6. Do not dye hair, nail polish and cosmetics?

Dr. Chen: It is okay to apply hair with hair color, but many people will float their heads and make the hair shallow. In these cases, the potions used will be absorbed by the scalp.Try to avoid.In terms of nail polish, nails are a stratum corneum, and most of the colors will not be absorbed to the human body through the nails.To the placenta, there is a chance to affect the baby.There are many pigments in cosmetics and skin care products. Although the brand claims to be refined by plants and organic matter, some Japanese makeup brands have been exposed to heavy metals in the product.Remove makeup as soon as possible.

7. Shouldn’t you look at your teeth during pregnancy?

Dr. Chen: If necessary, you can look at the teeth. For example, it is not harmful to find a dentist to check the teeth on a regular basis, or the tooth is inflamed and the tooth decay can be seen. Once a fever is harmful, it will be harmful to the baby.When the tooth meat has bacteria, which causes bacteria to enter the high fever, the bacteria will affect the baby. The above situation must see the dentist.As for routine wash, if the teeth are healthy, it is best to delay, because during the washing process, once the tooth is inflamed and there is bacteria, there is a chance to make bacteria blood and affect the baby.

For the taboos during pregnancy, we still need to pay attention to it. After all, this is related to the health of this baby, but it is too ridiculous, you can still not care!

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