Gynecological inflammation affects pregnancy?Do these 5 points away from gynecological inflammation

When women suffer from gynecological inflammation, do not have sexual life recently. If you want to "same room" at this time, please wear condoms.The impact of gynecological inflammation on women is still not small. There is also such a statement that women suffer from gynecological inflammation will also affect fertility. Will gynecological inflammation affect women’s fertility?Let’s take a look at it together.

How does gynecological inflammation affect women’s pregnancy?

1. vaginitis

After vaginal infection, leucorrhea will increase, and color changes and odor.Because these tricles or mold consume the glycogen in vaginal cells, they will change the pH value of the vagina and make them more acidic.Changes in the pH value will affect the movement of sperm and hinder the continuous rise of sperm.Some bacteria can condense sperm together, which affects women’s fertility.

2. Annexal inflammation

Because women are in sexual maturity, there are generally only one mature follicles per month, and ovulation usually occurs in the middle of menstruation.It happens about 14 days before the next menstruation.In other words, the hair follicles on both sides cannot work at the same time.Although if the attachment on one side is normal, it is possible to get pregnant, but the probability of successful pregnancy is half lower than that of the attachment on both sides.

3. Pelvic inflammatory disease

The scope of women’s pelvic cavity includes an endometrium, uterine muscle layer, fallopian tube, ovarian, uterine tissue, pelvic peritoneal and other tissue parts.Inflammation that occurs in one or several places in this range is collectively referred to as pelvic inflammatory disease.Long -term inflammation damage can cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus and peripheral veins.The pelvic inflammation causes the lumen to narrow or block, making it difficult to pass the egg, sperm or fertilized eggs, leading to infertility.

4. Cervicitis

Chronic and more common pathogens include P. of the way, splin bacteria, chlamydia, etc. Most patients with cervical erosion are difficult to treat due to the presence of chlamydia.After suffering from cervicitis, the increase in viscous purulent leucorrhea in the cervical canal is not conducive to the sperm penetrating the cervical canal, which leads to infertility.

5. Donatitis

When inflammation of the fallopian tube, the mucous membrane is inflamed and congested, the cilia motion function is damaged or the cilia is damaged, which affects the transportation and pregnancy; the fallopian tube inflammation, adhesion causes the fallopian tube obstruction or accumulation, the sperm and the egg cannot be combined with each other, leading to infertility;The adhesion can cause the fallopian tube to be atresia or affect the tubal peristalsis and egg retrieval, and the chance of pregnancy is also reduced.

Do these points away from gynecological inflammation!

1. Frequent shifts

Change clean underwear every day. Of course, the cleaning of the underwear is also important.It is recommended to wash it with your hands alone, so that you can clean it and eliminate cross -infections of various bacteria.

2. Correct contraception

Estrogen in contraceptives can promote the invasion of mold. If moldy vaginitis occurs repeatedly, try not to use drug contraception.Knotomy is the safest and best way to feminine.

3. Pay attention to menstrual health care

Pay attention to the health of menstruation, miscarriage, and puzzle, use disinfection sanitary products, prohibit sexual life and P pots, don’t be too tired.

4. Pay attention to hygiene

Try to avoid using public towels, bath towels, and toilets in hotels and baths with poor sanitary conditions to avoid cross -infections from some diseases due to disinfection.

5. Adjust your diet

The diet should be light to avoid spicy stimulation to avoid humidity and heat or consumption of yin.Pay attention to diet and nutrition, enhance physical fitness to drive away evil spirits.

When inflammation came to the door, some women chose to take medicine by themselves, which made inflammation more and more serious.Even if you want to take medicine, you must take it under the advice of the doctor.In daily life, we must also strive to improve their own resistance and make inflammation no longer recur.

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