Guo Biting’s insistence, the giants he chose, gritted his teeth, also have to go through the road

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Remember the century wedding of the entire network?

On September 11, 2019, the Prince of the Hong Kong Circle married Zuo and the mainland actress Guo Biting in a low -key marriage in Italy.

The wedding was closed throughout the whole process, and it was operated by Xiangtai, and only some friends were invited.

At that time, Guo Biting was almost the target of countless people. It is difficult to know that the giants are difficult to enter.

Xiang Tai has never concealed his love for Guo Biting.

In the show, she generously said that even if Guo Biting could not be her daughter -in -law, she had to recognize her daughter.

After being engaged with Xiang Zuo, Guo Biting liked small animals and threw tens of millions of them. She bought a large manor for her in Hong Kong, who was gold.

However, just two years later, everyone could not be envious of Guo Biting.

On October 15, 2021, Xiang Zuo took a beautiful photo of his wife on the social platform and sprinkled dog food.

But in the words, the child is always unable to go around.

Later Xiang Tai praised this dynamic and said:

There are encouragement and rewards for having children, even if they are not pregnant, they will book Chanel and jewelry for Guo Biting in advance.

As if marrying Guo Biting from home to enter the door, just to have children.

Is this really the case?

And the life of marrying a wealthy man is really what Guo Biting wants?


In 1984, Guo Biting was born in a middle class in Taipei. Grandpa was American.

The owner of his father’s 30 years of breakfast shop has now become the Deputy President of Petroleum in Taiwan.

The young father Guo had thick eyebrows, and his nose was tall. Guo Biting won the starting line from his appearance and family.

But at this time, no one could think of it, this well -off family will be associated with the home of the golden jade.

Guo Biting is the eldest daughter of the family, and there are two younger sisters below.

Similar to today’s Ouyang family, the three sisters are Guo Biting the most beautiful.

The young girl who was smooth and smooth thought that she could do whatever she wanted in her life, but who would not be able to pass the parent’s level.

Who was young when he was young?

Guo Biting, who was new to school, was curious about everything around him.

It’s a pity that the Guo family wants is a lady.

As soon as Guo Biting was the right wing of the football team, the Guo family rejected the "not elegant".

Guo Biting just became obsessed with painting, and his parents jumped out again, cutting off her daughter’s thoughts under the banner of "painting and influence studies".

For a long time, a strong family education forced Guo Biting, which was originally cheerful and lively into a taciturn cold beauty.

In 2000, when the time was shining, the pure and touching Guo Biting entered high school, and this school attracted the followers of the successor.

The popular Guo Biting gradually got rid of the shadow of childhood, and a lot of friends were strong, and her classmates were willing to be her secretary, and the pursuit who arranged confession registered one by one.

What is the significance of registration?

At the time of 100 people, Guo Biting promised to be with them -to be friends, friends, and friends.

And the bottom of all the revenue of this absurdity is not only her admirer, but also the parents who have broken the heart for her.

My daughter is so beautiful, how can I easily cheat this group of hairy kids.

But the girl was still young, maybe she was abducted. Under some considerations, Guo Guo and Guo Ma adopted a method of cutting from the source.

In order to eliminate her daughter’s early love, Guo Biting, who was losingly, was sent to a private women’s university by her parents early.

However, things must be reversed, and this goes to another extreme -Guo Biting, who has little contact with boys, almost suffered from fear men.

But the unique appearance guided Guo Biting in the meditation.

With the support of her friends, she went to Ximending to participate in a beautiful girl draft, playing hotly with a boy who loves motorcycles.

Soon, he left his parents who did not love early, and talked about love in a lot. This was also Guo Biting’s first "rebellion".

It is worth mentioning that the boy who first love was Chen Bailin, the later "Great Ren Brother".

However, after all, it is a green first love. Without the wind, the two ranges are scattered.

In 2003, 19 -year -old Guo Biting starred in the MV heroine of well -known musicians such as Eason Chan, Sun Yanzi, and Mayday.

When she was selected in the campus, she was voted as "the Top Ten Campus Goddess of Taiwan" and was called "cottage Lin Zhiling".

At this time, Lin Zhiling was red and purple, and Rong Guan was "Taiwan’s No. 1 Beauty".

Farewell to the strict control of his parents, Guo Biting was mixed in the entertainment industry from the beginning. It was really lucky.

But fate is always ups and downs.

Guo Biting, who was almost unobstructed along the way, soon expired.

Guo Biting’s beauty filter gradually dimmed. From 2003 to 2008, his feelings and careers were equally waved.

In 2008, 24 -year -old Guo Biting managed to wait until her chance to come -Yida Advertising, but it was a worse experience.

After the advertising fire, Guo Biting received many contracts.

This is a good thing, but what is unexpected is that these scripts have almost all intimate dramas, and even require semi -naked appearances.

This scares Guo Biting, who is well taught.

You should know that she has been in a vacuum state that is almost in contact with the opposite sex since she was a child, and she is close to the strange male. Isn’t this night?

Giving up means that everything is zero.

Guo Biting, who knew the balance, showed her amazing courage at this time, and she "obediently" did it.

At the same time, her self was awakening, and she was looking for her. This was her second "rebellion".

There was no place to break the iron shoes, and Guo Biting, 28, met her Bole -Guo Jingming.

At that time, the two who were "trying to see" didn’t know, but this cooperation shot four amazing movies in the box office one after another.

In 2012, Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment circles were impacted by the Mainland. In order to seek the way, many Hong Kong and Taiwan actors turned to the Mainland.

It also includes Guo Biting.

In order to find the live version of "Nanxiang", Guo Jingming was full of joy, and he officially turned on with Yang Mi, Guo Caijie, Guo Biting and other people.

Subsequently, Halla’s banknotes entered the pocket of the businessman author, and "Little Times" also created the era of Guo Jingming.

Nanxiang was on fire, and Guo Biting was also hot.

The beauty of the gentle ladies’ hanging has been spread abroad all the way, and even South Korea, who is supreme, praised her as a rare pure natural goddess.

But blessing and disaster, fame and beauty are double -edged swords.

In the mixed entertainment circle, she also had time to enjoy the redness, and soon tasted the anti -baying of your circle.


Her beauty made the audience forget it, and it attracted a crazy bee butterfly.

In the first half of his life, Guo Biting, who was in his career, avoided these romantic traps, and almost met one.

In 2014, when Guo Biting, 30, cooperated with Li Minhao, 27 -year -old Li Minhao, was in love with "Love in the front line".

Unfortunately, this exotic love and siblings and siblings soon came to an end because of the ambiguous distance with the man.

In 2015, Guo Biting cooperated with Li Chen to scramble, but the later plot, obviously Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were more affectionate.

Love is not looking forward to it, it is better to concentrate on running yourself.

What Guo Biting didn’t expect was that reality was so cruel.

At this time, the 30 -year -old Guo Biting was in his career.

Unfortunately, after Nanxiang, her acting skills were not recognized, and the only "Nanxiang" was also considered to be acting.

No scourge.

In 2015, Li Yifeng forwarded the related Weibo of Guo Biting’s out of the closet.

Wang Luodan also praised Guo Biting’s information.

The online gossip about Guo Biting and Zeng Yicou is overwhelming.

In 2016, in order to break the rumors, Guo Biting, 32, and 38 -year -old Feng Shaofeng, came out in love. They stayed in Feng’s mansion in Feng in the Spring Festival and did not go out for three days.

Everyone thought it was stable this time.

However, Feng Shaofeng, who was merciless, was not a good fate. The next drama he was affectionate with Zhao Liying.

After that, Guo Biting reported to dinner with Wang Sicong again, but it was not too much.

Guo Biting, who has seen the red wine in the entertainment industry, is no longer young.

Perhaps her life was too bad. She was eager to return to her past asylum. This desire also created her life step by step.


In 2017, 33 -year -old Guo Biting met Xiang Zuo, 33 in Paris Fashion Week.

Fate is always wonderful, Guo Biting fell into Xiang Zuo’s arms.

At this time, Guo Biting did not know that she would have a close connection with the prince in front of her.

Xiang Zuo did not realize that the female star who enthusiastically helped would become his future wife …

But the encounters of Paris Fashion Week were only a little bit of dragonflies. In the world of the two, there was no too much communication.

The two people who are destined to meet will always meet again.

In 2018, Jiangsu Satellite TV launched a parent -child program "The Most Beautiful Time", and among the five teams of parent -child guests, Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting were listed.

Guo Biting’s gentle and independent personality made Xiang Tai a great favor to her. Guo Biting also admired this legendary woman who was young.

The two really talked.

In the next few shows, although Guo Biting did not agree directly, Xiang Da was already calling Guo Biting as his daughter -in -law.

Under Xiangtai Shunshui, he was in touch with Guo Biting through the show.

At that time, he had dated the hot and unrestrained Ying Caier, and he had a lot of models who attached power …

In Wanhua’s bush, he is now looking forward to his heart, and Guo Biting’s simple freshness undoubtedly goes straight.

On the other hand, Guo Biting looked at the acting career without water, while watching the richness of her wealth and loved her, the Xiang Zuo family, eager to make a decision for her in the harbor, this man, she married.

In January 2019, the relationship between the two was public.

In March 2019, he was engaged from Zuo and Guo Biting, and it was only two months since the public of the relationship to the success of the proposal.

Even in the variety show, Lunu was scared to cry Guo Biting, and began the Cold War, and he failed to slow down the speed of the palace of the marriage between the two.

In September 2019, the two held a mighty wedding in Italy.

The newlywed Yaner entered a state of pregnancy.

On October 1, 2020, their child was born first.

It took less than two years to complete the two major events of "getting married and having children".

As soon as you enter the giants, it looks like the sea.

Many people who eat melon groups can’t help questioning. Guo Biting, who is in the vortex, is really as happy as superficial?

But the reality is that it is really as happy on the surface, or is happier than on the surface.


There are many types of wealthy daughter -in -law: there are international supermodels that do not pay attention to my in -laws, and Liu Tao who still needs to return to pay off the debt …

Guo Biting was absolutely lucky. She got all the love of her in -laws.

As early as the two -person variety shows, the savvy Xiang Tai met with beautiful Guo Biting at a glance.

Guo Biting has similarities with the young Xiang Xiang, and under Taiai House and Wu, there is almost no contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.

You must know that marriage is not a play in the background of Xiangjia. It is by no means a child’s play. It is so fast that in place, it also indirectly affirms Guo Biting’s character.

Seeing that he was used to the horizon, Guo Biting, who was kind and docile, became more and more pity.

In the variety show, he taught her to cook, saying that whether she was a daughter or a daughter -in -law, she had to learn to cook, but until Guo Biting really married to his home, Xiang Tai did not mention half a point.

And the wealthy family has a request for the word Guo Biting on the word Guo Biting.

Guo Biting’s father was worried that his daughter was bullied by the door, and from the beginning, he would not limit his daughter -in -law’s expenses.

And Guo Biting is not only Xiang Zuo, Xiang Tai, but also low -key Xiang Huaqiang.

Xiang Huaqiang, the father -in -law, often spent a lot of money to Guo Biting.

Regularly transfer the pocket money to Guo Biting every month, and the pocket money it will only give up in one month is as high as six or seven digits.

Not only the money, he also told Zuo to buy gifts to his daughter -in -law.

It really makes ordinary people feel the words of the giants.

Mrs. Kuo’s life is only one place that is criticized, which is the birth.

Except for the decision of Guo Biting, other children’s decision, but this is not a problem, but this is actually due to the leftover problems.

Xiangjia has a great cause, but the older generation only has two sons of Xiang Zuo and Xiang You, and the Hong Kong circle is quite traditional.

Xiang You’s jail is an unbearable Adou, and the pressure of inheriting the family business naturally falls on Xiang Zuo.

Guo Biting’s first child was a girl, and having a child was constantly on the agenda.

This is the wish of the old couple, and it is also a problem that I have to face the family.

Xi Mengyao married the gambler’s house to get the man in one fell swoop, and there was no news that she would have a child later.

Guo Biting participated in variety shows with Xiang Zuo, and from time to time, he would go around the topic of having children.

When Xiang Zuo was asked how to promote the harmony of the family, he also said "two babies" without thinking.

The 11 -month -old young daughter has been able to walk initially. When Guo Biting went shopping, she often went to her family to accompany her.

Guo Biting, who loves one of the love, was also photographed by the reporter slightly convex, suspected to be pregnant with a second child.

Xiang Zuo’s expectation of the next little life seems to be a good thing.

However, others thought that Guo Biting was overwhelmed, but the goddess herself said "I like children very much."

This is the "rebellion" that she does not follow the common sense, and is an opposition to the outside voice.

Guo Biting’s father also bluntly stated that "daughter has opinions" and "not a baby machine."

It may be more than not only to marry, and the matter of pregnancy and child can only be said: If people drink water, they know cold and warm.

The big troubles in the eyes of passers -by, but the little luck of the couple.


The relationship between Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting was not favored by everyone at the beginning.

But after the time of time, those gossip gradually transformed into a blessing to the two.

In fact, in essence, both of them were very low -key people. On the day Guo Biting produced, Xiang Zuo insisted on coming to his wife’s ward to accompany his birth and cut his daughter’s umbilical cord.

In the later variety shows, the two of them watched their respects before, and they were asleep as a small couple who were like a honey love period.

Guo Biting is not just the beauty in the eyes of the audience. Under her beautiful and moving appearance, she is full of opinions and empathy.

At the age of 20, she successively picked up the stray cats and dogs outside.

Until now, she has more than 100 cats and dogs that have been wandering.

In addition to these common animals, it also includes not limited to hedgehogs, rabbits, ducks, etc., and the painful daughter -in -law, Xiang Tai, also supports Guo Biting’s protection of animals. The family has become a large -scale zoo.

In the year of the wedding, Guo Biting also participated in the activities of animal organizations one after another, calling on the audience to actively sterilize for cats and dogs, and fundamentally eliminated small animals that are homeless.

After marriage, she participated in the student aid fund and precise poverty alleviation, and provided the help that the poor children who could not read the book and went to remote areas to support it.

In a sense, Guo Biting plays the same role as Guo Jingjing.

Whether it is a wealthy daughter -in -law, or a gentle and considerate wife and mother … Guo Biting shows ease.

In addition to these identities, her love and kindness also made people touch her true and casual.

Perhaps it is the rare qualities in the world that make it different from her.

Hugging and loved the family, Guo Biting’s state is nothing more than a life choice.

She remembered every detail of her daughter.

Guo Biting’s decision all follow the inner arrangements.

Gentle and confused, her 37 -year -old she lived and comfortable. This time, her well -being and rebellion have been unified by unprecedentedly.

It is true that the career -oriented women’s ability is excellent and can open up their own days, but women who take care of their family are not another kind of winner in life.

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