Guangdong’s "hottest" is about to be killed!These diseases are "hot" out

The hottest time of the year is coming!

A few days ago

Guangdong Disease Control Reminder Reminder

Guangdong will officially enter this year this year

Last 40 days

July 11th-July 20th is the beginning, for a total of 10 days;

From July 21st to August 9th, it will be midfish, for a total of 20 days;

August 10th-August 19th is the end for 10 days.

Disease control experts said

When people are in a high temperature environment for a long time

It is easy to cause health issues such as heat stroke and heat irritation

If you do not deal with it in time, it will even endanger life

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Three types of people should pay attention to the high temperature environment

According to the regulations of the meteorological department in my country, the maximum temperature of the daily maximum temperature or more than 35 degrees Celsius is high temperature weather.The high temperature weather process for more than 3 consecutive days is called high temperature heat waves.

Guangdong disease control reminds that when people are in high temperature environment for a long time, it is easy to cause heat rash, heat edema, heat syncope, thermal cramps, thermal failure, and heat irritation.

In addition, high -temperature heat waves will also exacerbate the development of circulation, respiratory, urinary, and nervous system diseases, causing coronary heart disease and stroke medium heart, cerebral vascular disease attacks, and may also cause acute renal dysfunction, which will cause renal failure in severe cases.

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When people are in a dry heat and dust environment, they may cause and aggravate asthma, while the damp heat environment promotes the reproduction and spread of respiratory disease diseases.

High temperature can even cause mental and behavioral disorders, causing a series of mental illness such as cognitive impairment, anxiety and depression, and adverse effects on the skin and eyes.

Guangdong Centers for Disease Control and Control

The following three types should pay attention to the high temperature environment

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The first is sensitive people, such as children, pregnant women, and elderly people.

The above -mentioned people should try to avoid high temperature as much as possible. Children should stay in a cool place as outdoors when they are playing outdoors. Pregnant women and elderly people try to stay indoors as much as possible; ensure sufficient moisture and supplement electrolytes.Drink water; properly supplement drinks containing electrolytes to avoid drinking drinks with too much sugar content.

When the guardian takes children out, try to observe the child’s physical condition in the cool environment as much as possible; pregnant women try to avoid going out alone. When there is a heat stroke symptoms, they should seek help and care for others in time.

Second, people with chronic basic diseases, such as hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes, etc.

Chronic patients should replenish water in time, take the initiative, multiple times, and appropriate amounts of water. Do not feel thirsty to drink water; reduce exercise and do not perform severe activities to make the body fully rest; appropriately supplement the electrolyteThe electrolyte, if the low -salt diet is undergoing a low -salt diet, you should consult a doctor.

The third is to engage in outdoor operators, such as construction workers, sanitation workers, courier, etc.

When outdoor operation, replenish water and electrolytes. In medium-intensity operations, you should drink 1 cup of water (200ml-300ml) every 15 to 20 minutes; keep it cool, you should wear reflective clothes and cooling vests placed ice packs, etc., replace in time in time to replace it in timeClothes soaked by sweat; reasonably arrange outdoor operation time, and arrange high -temperature exposure to the cooler time of the day as much as possible. Outdoor operators should rest regularly.

In addition, pay attention to preventing occupational chiral strokes, reducing labor intensity, and slowing the speed of labor. If the symptoms of heat stroke threatened symptoms should be immediately moved to a cool place to rest and drink water to cool down in moderation.Professional health checkups are recommended to conduct regular medical examinations before and during the duty.

Try to avoid drinking coffee and strong tea during outdoor activities

For ordinary people, how to prevent heat stroke?

Disease control experts suggest that you can adopt heatstroke prevention tricks depending on the situation

When the weather is particularly hot:

It is recommended to wear light, loose and breathable clothing to reduce heat absorption, convenient for sweating and heat dissipation.

Avoid activities such as strenuous exercise or long -term hiking or hiking, high temperature, sweating and fatigue will increase the body’s load.

Outdoor activities should be arranged in the morning or afternoon.

When outdoor activities, water should be replenished in time to prevent dehydration.It should be noted that drinking drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee and strong tea, as well as alcoholic beverages, so as not to increase the speed of water loss through the urinary system.

Fans or air conditioners should be used to keep the environment ventilation and cool.

Outdoor workers try to avoid working in the hot time period.If you must work in a hot environment, set up shading tools as much as possible at the place of work. After starting work, adjust the work steps step by step, and rest in a shade in a timely manner.

When ultraviolet rays are particularly strong:

Reduce sunlight to directly illuminate the skin or eyes. It is recommended to wear a sun hat or an umbrella.

Wear loose clothes with long sleeves.

Apply sunscreen with a sunscreen coefficient of 15 or more, and apply it again after swimming and sweating.

When using mosquito drives containing avoidances, you should apply sunscreen first, and then apply mosquito repellent.

Guangdong Disease Control Special Reminder

If dizziness, headache, nausea, shortness of breath

Symptoms such as unclear

Should rest immediately and seek medical treatment as soon as possible

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