Guangdong: Single mother accidentally conceived her third child, and went to the ground to faint alone. The son advised her not to do it.


It should be considered the most important time in a woman’s life. People need to take care of people during pregnancy, and someone needs to be accompanied by people to prevent unnecessary accidents.

For this reason, many women want to be accompanied by husbands during pregnancy, bringing enough security to themselves, so that they will have confidence to give birth to baby and not leave themselves without any concerns.

But not everyone is so good, and not everyone has such conditions. Some husbands and wives are for life. Only men go out to make money, and their wives give their parents to help take care of them.

There is a list in Guangdong, the mother is more sad. She took her two children to check for the inspection alone, and suddenly felt that her body had more pain until the faint passed.

The child was uncomfortable to see her mother. She cried while crying in the corridor. The medical staff hurried to check her to check her body. It was not a big deal that she was sitting on a stool to rest.

Seeing the mother a little better, the child soothed her mother in distress and lay in her arms and said, "Mom, the baby in the stomach is not needed?"

Seeing her son distressed herself, the woman’s face showed a gratifying smile. After the birth inspection, she took her two children back home alone.

The woman sent her personal experience to the Internet. Netizens have discussed this. Some netizens said that since they are single mothers, how do they get pregnant?It will inevitably make people think of it.

Facing the doubts of netizens, the woman also said the reason. She divorced her husband, but the two of them divorced home.

Although it is not a husband and wife in name, there is still a relationship between the two during this period, and they blame themselves not to pay attention. I never thought of the last day of the holiday.

Many people feel incredible about women’s practices. The husband and wife have divorced. What do they live together? Even if they live together, why not have a relationship with the relationship between husband and wife?

Women thought about life, not only did not attract netizens, but the result was not discussion. The woman could only explain the situation again and said the reason for the divorce to stay at home.

When the woman said that when I divorced my husband, Erbao was only a few months, she was breastfeeding, and she couldn’t leave her mother. Later, after thinking about it, my family suggested that I divorce without leaving home.

After the divorce, the ex -husband also performed well. It was completely different from the marriage. I was very moved to say that she was pretty good. There was nothing bad to live together. The child would not lose her mother.

But this time it was a purely accident. The ex -husband would not let it be when he learned of it. I hope that I will give birth to the child, and I will agree to it.

On the day of the checkup, there was just a business to talk about the ex -husband. I thought that it was not long before pregnancy, and the body was not inconvenient. I took two children to the birth checkup, but I did not expect that I had abdominal pain.

Seeing the description of the woman in the case, it is not difficult to find the reason. Although it has been divorced, he still can’t let go of that home, otherwise it will not cause pregnancy again.

As for fainting in the hospital, it can only be regarded as an accident. If she can go to the hospital a day later, it may not happen.

Her original intention was to send a video to life, but she did not expect that so many people were questioned. They had to clarify, telling the original committee, showing that her private life did not have no inspection.

In fact, in this situation, the two people remarried early was the best policy. They continued to drag down, and the situation was not good for her. After divorce, she was pregnant and may also attract the neighborhood neighbors and let themselves fall into endless troubles.

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