Greenland school flowers are pregnant, and the wave of divorce has risen. Does this era not believe in love?

Recently, the people who eat melon should eat very well, not to mention that in the entertainment industry, such as "Zhou Yangqing’s self -exposure and Luo Zhixiang’s inertia, you can’t be pardoned".The hidden rules of the high -end workplace are also derailed Zhang Diyi, the "Prince", and Jiang Fan, who was derailed, and the president’s wife had just passed.Now the "Greenland School Flower Zhang Yuting" has been reported by his husband to derail the green space executive Chen Jun incident. It is really Guagua. The rhythm of life that had stagnated the epidemic was full of gossip and stories echoing by his mouth.Back to my life, the divorce appointment is "difficult to find". It takes a month to queue up and divorce. Can’t help asking that the new crown not only causes physical damage, but also destroys loyalty to love and marriage?Is your marriage pain now?

I used to be slow, the letter was far away, and I only loved one person throughout my life.The love of acacia during love looks profound and romantic.After the marriage, they joined hands with "life and life, saying with Zicheng. Persistent hand, growing old with Zi".When the wrong time meets the restraint of love, "returning to the monarch and the pearl of tears, and when you have no time to meet each other." There are poems in beautiful love.

Now the distance is no longer a problem. Communication can be available anytime, anywhere. In the day, you can meet too many people, but love has become extravagant. Was the desire of human nature defeated yesterday’s persistence, or the marriage and love have become fast meals.There are many more changes in the fast pace.

Whether Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang, Jiang Fan and Zhang Dayi, the school flower Zhang Yuting and the green land executive Chen Jun all smelled the naked "interest exchange" and "hidden rules" taste.Do you bother to taste the process of business slowly, just want to get what you want quickly.

Why is marriage so vulnerable now?

Most of the marriage has not possessed the foundation of happiness

At a certain age, my peers around them are married, and their parents have begun to urge all kinds of urging. When they meet almost the same people, they will get married. This is a compromise of many people on marriage.From the beginning, holding the mentality of life, then you can’t expect marriage to resonate with the soul. If you meet a suitable person, it is a lucky thing.If you do n’t feel happy, you must be prepared when you decide to get married.After all, there are too many chickens and dogs that you face after getting married.

The so -called pair of parents, a lifetime, is a lifestyle of their time, and everyone’s pursuit of life or lifestyle pursuit of lifestyle is different.Bar.

The marriage itself cannot bring happiness.

Marriage is a way of lifestyle and state of two people in the family. No one said that marriage can get happiness, so this is too utilitarian. After all, the combination of each marriage is different. Marriage can allow the resources of both parties to share resources, Live family life with more effective resources and raise children.Whether you can live well next time, many times you are individuals.Just like the older generation of marriage, there is a problem with the older generation.Sometimes it is not an aggrieved life.

Marriage is not necessarily the best choice for happiness, nor is it the belonging of love, nor is it the worst choice

Marriage will make people get a lot of convenience and get economic affordability, but there are many more constraints, lose a lot of freedom, go home on time, take care of children, give up the opportunity to choose other partners. Of courseCondition partner.However, marriage does not mean the end of temptation. The temptation has always been there. There are also many stories that have appeared on the outside, so there are many stories, such as the derailment executive of the school flower, Jiang Fan derailed Zhang Diyi and so on.

The news of the high divorce rate, derailment, and primary three are often just emergency in marriage, and quickly detonate existing problems. There are many chronic diseases in the marriage, but it may be terminally ill.Deeply destroy the marriage relationship, cold violence, do not actively communicate, ignore the other party, do not do housework, do not love hygiene, and inconsistent lifestyle, even if it is cleaning a pair of socks, the founder Li Guoqing told his wife Yu Yu in pain, Yu YuDon’t wash his socks, how deep this is, how much small habits that are not pleasing to him for him. These small things that seem to be dripping will slowly wear out the expectations of marriage.Essence

When you are in love when you are young, you can get married together. After all, the TV series and script are written like this. Marriage is a continuation of love.But now many people understand marriage, and they believe that marriage is the grave of love. When the marriage no longer carries love, it becomes an investment.Come.

After all, in the fast -paced rhythm, there are many more important things that need to face it. Children, career, material, house, and many times, the person you love may be just the carrying of all this needs.

Therefore, to face marriage cautiously, it requires two adults to create with mature minds, rational minds, gentle gestures, and self -discipline habits.

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