Great case detection: a tragedy caused by bullying an honest person

There is an old saying that it is good, don’t mess with old people, because you don’t know when the devil deep in his heart is released?Today, I will tell you this tragedy caused by bullying honest people all year round.

The story takes place on April 4, 2001, Linzheng Village, Dayan Township, Hanyuan County, Sichuan Province.That night, the young girl’s fiance Xiao Li came to her.When he opened the door, he was scared directly, and he saw a bloody body lying on the door.Xiao Li realized that the situation was not good, and he turned to the Public Security Bureau to report the case.

Soon, the police rushed to the scene of the crime.After the police opened the door, the bloody scene was more bloody.In this house, six corpses appear.First of all, the mother -in -law was lying in the yard. The forensic doctor had twelve knife injuries in his body, and not far away from the corpse, he saw a kitchen knife that was chopped.Later, on the first floor, the police saw the corpse of Laozhangren and his eldest daughter Zhou Chengshu.Forensic doctors found a total of twenty -four knife injuries on Laozhang people. Even the head was cut a little bit of skin, and her eldest daughter was cut off.In the house, the police also found that there was a knife used for grass.According to forensic analysis, this knife should be the weapon that kills Laozhang and his eldest daughter.The police followed the blood on the second floor, and Zhou Chengfen, the second daughter of the old man, lay on the bed.Zhou Chengfen’s legs and waist were cut several knives.The most unbearable thing is that the murderer even chopped Zhou Chengfen’s mouth.

From this point of view, the murderer was venting her liver.Subsequently, the police came to another room and found the body of a five or six -year -old child. The cause of the child’s death was to run through the head by a hidden knife. At this time, he was inserted on his head.However, at this time, the bad news came again. When the forensic doctors who explained on the spot turned Zhou Chengfen’s body, they found that there was another baby body under the corpse.Facing the scene of such a tyrannical crime, even an old forensic doctor with many years of criminal investigation experience, after watching this scene, can not help but feel cold on the back.How will this be a deep hatred of hatred, and it makes the murderer to do such a person and god of anger?

There were seven people in the Zhou family. Except for the son -in -law, Li Deve, all six of them were killed.From the sixty -year -old old man to a few months of babies, they were miserable.At this time, Li Dewen became the number one suspect.Subsequently, the police immediately launched an investigation.According to the villagers, the Zhou family was the richest man in the village, and Li Deve was a son -in -law who came to the door. Because he was in the reference, the Zhou family looked down on him.Not only did the work in the ground, let him do all of him alone, and there are places that Li Dewen did a little wrong, and the family of the Zhou family would scold him.It can be said that Li Dewen was humble in Zhou Jiaxian like a animal.According to the above statement of the villagers, it is obvious that Li Dewen has become a suspect of the Zhou family’s family destroyed tragedy.

The police set off the, faced with the society and issued a reward announcement. Finally, according to the clues provided by the two enthusiastic citizens, the police believed that Li Dewen’s fleeing direction may be in Gansu because he had worked there before, and he was more familiar with the environment over there.EssenceAs a result, the police sent a large number of police forces to the mining area of Gansu.However, the police underestimated Li Dewen’s anti -investigation awareness. Although they ran many mining areas in Gansu, they never found Li Dewen.A few months have passed, and the pressure of the police has become increasing.

In the end, the police decided to raise the bounty of wanted criminals, hoping to attract brave people to provide clues.Sure enough, they quickly received a call from a villager, and he claimed that he saw a person who looked like Li Dewen in Azhai, Yutian Town, Ganlu County.After getting the news, the police immediately rushed to Azhai, but a Dongfeng truck passed by.Li Dewen was on the truck, but unfortunately the police did not find him.When the police arrived in Azhai, they found the reporter at the time, and found that Li Dewen had escaped Azhai.Police realized that the train that had just passed with them was likely to be taken by Li Dewen, so they immediately got on the bus to turn around and chase.After an hour of chase, the police finally intercepted the trucks that Li Dewen took.Subsequently, the police surrounded the truck and arrested Li Dewen to the case.

When searching Li Dewen’s body, the police found a pack of explosives.Li Dewen later said that he originally intended to be caught when he was caught.Facing the police’s inquiries, Li Dewen admitted not to the crimes he committed, and even said he had no regrets.But the most difficult to calm his heart was to kill his daughter wrongly.

According to Li Dewen’s narrative, on the day of the incident, he was helping his own father to grow trees.After the work was busy, it was dark before he returned to the Zhou family.He was very hungry because of his exhaustion all day, so he went to the kitchen to find something to eat.However, Zhou Chengfen, the eldest daughter of the Zhou family, suddenly rushed over and yelled at him.Li Dewen knew that he was in the Zhou family, and his status was very low, and he was treated like a livestock.Of course, he did not dare to quarrel with his aunt, thinking that she would be after scolding.But the aunt was more and more excessive.Li Dewen couldn’t bear it, refuted a few words, and the two sides began to quarrel.

When Laozhang heard this dispute, he picked up a sickle and chopped it towards Li Dewen.But this move inspired Li Dewen’s many years of anger.He grabbed the fire stick next to him, picked the sickle of the old man, and knocked on his head hard.Laozhang people were unconscious on the spot. The mother -in -law heard the movement, accusing Li Dewen of scolding him.Li Dewen completely lost his mind, lost the fire stick in his hand, picked up the kitchen knife in the kitchen, quickly grabbed his mother -in -law, cut her, until the kitchen knife became blunt.Then, he picked up the big knife on the ground, chased his aunt, turned his hand and settled her waist.At this moment, the fainted Laozhang people woke up.He saw the scene in front of him, scared his legs softly, kneeling and begging for mercy, but it was too late.Generally speaking, Laozhangren was the most excessive to him, so Li Dewen held the big knife tightly and cut him twenty -four knives until he died.

Then he went to the second floor, and Zhou Chengshu saw that Li Dewen walked up angrily.At this time, Zhou Chengshu did not know what happened downstairs. He pointed at Li Dewen and scolded. Li Devn fought a cruel attack on Zhou Chengshu.EssenceFaced with the fact that he had missed his daughter, Li Dewen felt very regretful and cried.However, his wife was still stubbornly insulted Li Dewen and anger his more angry emotions.Under anger, Li Dewen turned to Zhou Chengfen’s mouth and cut it continuously.Zhou Chengfen’s mouth was miserable, and this scene also awakened the five -year -old nephew next door.He decided to cut the grass and remove the roots, picked up the hidden knife at hand, and slashed directly on the nephew’s head.This series of tragedies made everyone present shudder.

After listening to Li Dewen’s statement, the police felt deeply afraid.In order to reveal the truth behind the family contradictions, the police sent people to investigate the opinions of the residents near the Zhou family.They discovered that Zhou was Li Dewen’s father -in -law. He often bullied his son -in -law on weekdays, not only the abuse of words, but even hit him.It turned out that Li Dewen had left home three times because he was treated violently by his father -in -law.For the last time, Li Dewen’s father took him to kneel in front of his father -in -law and wrote a guarantee. Then he reluctantly asked Li Dewen to return to the Zhou family.The only choice for him to abandon him.

When the police asked Li Deve as why he did not consider divorce, Li Devey explained that he was unwilling to leave the Zhou family because of his poor family and returned to his hometown with only one room.However, in fact, Li Dewen also cares about the property of his father -in -law’s family.When the police searched the Zhou family, they found more than 60,000 deposits.At that time, this was a considerable wealth.Perhaps because of the huge gap between the rich and the poor, Li Dewen swallowed his voice, and the Zhou family became worse.As the ancients said, even the Buddha had anger, not to mention a strong young man.If a person is irritated to the limit, the consequences are unpredictable.

At the end of the story, the wounded tragedy sounded the alarm to the entire society, reminding everyone not to worry about honesty.When the heart is deeply suppressed and oppressed, an honest person may also become extremely dangerous.

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