Gourd melon again!Exposure female netizens and Wang Yibo had a relationship and became pregnant. The man abandoned his mother and daughter afterwards

On March 16th, a big melon was exposed in the entertainment industry. A female netizen nicknamed "Han Han QVQ" publicly developed the news that he wanted to expose the star Wang Yibo in the entertainment industry. The man and himself had a physical relationship. At present, he is pregnantEssence

It is reported that the source of the news is the comment area of the Internet celebrity Li En. Because Li En said before some things about Dumei, many girls think that Li En is an Internet celebrity who can help girls.interactive.

And this time after the female network celebrity Li En released some dynamics on his account, the comment area ran a female net red named "Han Han". This female netizen asked Li En for help., I want to expose the star Wang Yibo in the entertainment industry.

According to female netizens, Wang Yibo had a relationship with herself before, and then female netizens became pregnant, but after pregnancy, female netizens did not enjoy the joy of being a mother, because after the man sleeps with himself, he actually abandoned herself.Regardless of the life of female netizens, even threatening female netizens, so female netizens have to ask Li En, hoping that she can help herself.

Looking at the account of this "Han Han", although there are not many fans, almost all the developments are about Wang Yibo. The earliest one was on January 16th.The photo said that he must be happy in the future and named the star Wang Yibo. It is worth mentioning that the positioning of female netizens is in a villa in Jing’an, Shanghai. If you understand and speculate in the literal meaning, it should be a girlGo to Shanghai to find Wang Yibo and have a relationship.

Then I came in a blink of an eye on March 1st. The female netizen had no previous happiness and happiness, and began to say that she wanted to break the news, but she had no traffic and wanted to find sisters to help.

At this time, the female netizens had not found Li En yet, but found the topic of Du Meizhu, but it was a pity that because there was no influence, no one saw the news of female netizens.

Finally, in March 16th, female netizens found Li En successfully attracted everyone’s attention. This "Han Han" said that she knew that she was illegal to make rumors, but she hoped that the bad guy Wang Yibo was punished. Thank you Li En.

In the screenshot below, Li En and her dialogue. Li En asked her how to prove the relationship with Wang Yibo, and she was pregnant with Wang Yibo’s child in her stomach. The female netizen said that she could talk offline with Li En.It is also very confused.

It can be seen that female netizens are very confident in the news of her, and they also plan to contact Li En in private. If the two girls really meet, I guess it is likely that a big melon will be revealed.

Speaking of celebrities Wang Yibo, I think many people are already very familiar with. They used to be a draft artist. They love to ride motorcycles in life. It is said that singing and dancing are particularly powerful, but these years have begun to switch to as actors, and Xiao Zhan’s.A costume drama is very out of circulation, and then the TV series cooperated with Zhao Liying. The most recent work is a movie that cooperates with Liang Chaowei. It is a very traffic and strength.

It’s just that the camera is bright and beautiful, and how the private life behind the camera is difficult to say. I personally say that Wang Yibo is very good. I think he is a very introverted child, but the old saying is good.The "big eyebrows and eyes" of the "big eyebrows" over the years have flipped through the car. Except for drug use, it is a rampant, so I am not unusual in the entertainment industry.

In terms of personal emotions, I hope that Wang Yibo will be rumored. It is not easy for Lehua to produce a big star. If Wang Yibo turns over, not only will the company suffer great losses, but there is also a favorite star in the entertainment industry.

But from the perspective of reason, I still believe in the words of the female netizens. After all, from the selfie photos she took, she was a very beautiful girl. Wang Yibo liked her to be completely reasonable, and she dared to talk to Li En in private.How can she dare to do so if you order something.

Therefore, let’s wait and see whether Wang Yibo issued a rumor statement or an apology statement, which is a big deal.

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