Girls are 2 months pregnant, and their boyfriends are derailed while comforting.


After finishing the busy high school studies, after experiencing thousands of troops in the college entrance examination, he finally entered the university.The university is relatively free, and the first love of many people starts from university.However, during college, would two people really come together when they graduated?

University romance

On November 17, a female college student sent a message on the social platform: She was 59 days pregnant, her boyfriend Dou Moumou not only did not marry her, but also asked her to kill her.The boyfriend said loved her, but she was pregnant but asked her to kill her children alone.During the pregnancy, at least seven or eight women on the platform talked about the derailment, and her boyfriend was also a college student at the 2019 level of the Department of Biological Engineering, Wuhan Central and South Ethnic University. She graduated in June 2023 next year.Excellent, on behalf of the school, he went to Chongqing University to exchange students for one year.He was recommended by the school in September this year, but he felt that the college entrance examination was not admitted to a prestigious school. He was dissatisfied with the Central and South National University. He always said that this school is a junk school.After the two went abroad to get married together.

Travel accidental pregnancy

The social media (Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, and circle of friends), which are usually used by the two, are all couple avatars. The boyfriend is now in a senior in Beijing Brain Science and Brain Research Center.One or twice, her boyfriend usually share with her what happened. The two were accidentally pregnant during the trip to Beijing and Qinhuangdao this year.Marrying her and letting her kill her own. He was unwilling to return to Wuhan to deal with miscarriage.

Central South National University

On the 11th of last month, she tried her best to relieve her health code and came to Beijing to face Beijing with her boyfriend. She was checked before preparing for abortion.For more than two months of pregnancy, the reaction of pregnancy was unable to restrain. On November 15th, her boyfriend hugged her to fall asleep. There were too many girls with her boyfriend’s mobile phone, and she couldn’t see it at all.Seeing that she was angry, ran out of her feet and locked herself in the storage room, and retained the screenshot of the evidence on the phone.At more than 5 o’clock, her boyfriend woke up. After monitoring, she found that her boyfriend began to knock on the door madly after she was in the storage room, because she locked the door of the storage room and couldn’t get in, and then her boyfriend began to cry and apologize.I said sorry for him to take on everything and let her come out and say.She turned on her phone to record and said that she had to call the police, and her boyfriend calmed down the two people to communicate.Her emotions collapsed and wanted to commit suicide. Beijing’s intern teacher may stop his internship qualification and let him return to school.The school teacher contacted his parents, but he evaded the message and could not face the message without answering the phone.

How can this boyfriend be like this?

The boyfriend comforted her intimately, "Wife, you rest early to your baby." On the other side, he chatted with many other girls in his back and claimed to be single.Thinking of every lonely night vomiting response during pregnancy, she was dealt with by herself for more than two months. She was particularly angry.She hopes that Central South University for Nationality University and Beijing internship units can reasonably handle her boyfriend Dou Moumou. If he can forgive this behavior, she feels that this society is too sick.I would rather jump off the roof of the Central South University University with a big belly.On December 8th, the School of Biological Engineering, Central South China University of Ethnology, issued a white paper and red chapters notice: Dou Moumou’s behavior violated the student management regulations and harmed the image of the university’s college students.The errors were conducted in an in -depth review, and the school gave serious warning.

Study so well, look at it, you are going to graduate, a serious warning

When they first fell in love, girls were prone to heat up.Many girls will suffer after pregnancy, and they still have to protect them. After all, their bodies are their own.For boys, they must face it correctly. The wrong place is courageous to take responsibility, otherwise it will affect their academic career in the end.In college, he is in love and runs each after graduation.Many college students have a good relationship during the school, and they have separated as soon as they graduate.When you are in love, you still have to open your eyes to see the character, and try not to make a joke with your body.

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