Girl, what should I do if I am not married and pregnant?

What should I do if I am not married and pregnant?I want to talk about my views about unmarried.

A girl and boyfriend were together for a year, and suddenly became pregnant, but before they got married. When I found that I was pregnant, they proposed to get married and the other party agreed, but because of the dispute between the color gift, the man felt that the man could not afford it, and the woman’s parents could not afford it, and the parents of the woman’s parents could not afford it.He always insisted, refused to give up, causing the boys to retreat. Then the two of them began to quarrel. The woman felt that the man was irresponsible, and the man felt that he couldn’t afford the gift.

After negotiation between the two sides, the man promised to give the woman tens of thousands of losses and asked the other party to get a fetus. The parents of the woman also agreed to get the fetus, but because the girl was soft -hearted, she was unwilling to give up the child in the belly.It came down, and he had lived the life of a single mother since then.

After breaking up, the woman has been looking for a object, but it is difficult to find the right one.

I believe that many people have seen a lot of people who have been pregnant first, either enter the marriage hall in advance, or end with a breakup or fetal told.As a result, once a problem occurs, it leads to a breakup, then this is the most harmful to girls, whether it is physical or psychological.

1. Unexpected pregnancy

The young people in their twenties have not been fully rational on sexuality, and it is easy to impulsive. Most of the accidental pregnancy is not protecting themselves during sexual life. When discovering, the two parties need to negotiate what to do.People choose to get the fetus, and some people choose to get married. If you feel that the timing of marriage is coming, then you may wish to prepare. If you feel that the time is immature, then give up this child, not only for your consideration, but also for your child. After allThe child is innocent.

2. Forcing yourself or the other party to enter the marriage

There are also girls who see that her boyfriend is not married and wants to use the child to force the other party to get into the marriage with the other party as soon as possible.There are also because their parents disagree, but both sides are very satisfied. They still decided to adopt the way to get married in Fengzi.No matter which one is risky, you may wish to think about it and decide, and make it mature, and leave the road for yourself, otherwise it fails, and the injured will always be girls.

In fact, I do not agree with unmarried pregnancy, no matter what kind of reason.After all, the risk is too great. If you are not ready, it is not recommended to adventure, especially girls. If you fail, you will not be good for your body. If you do n’t give birth, you will be a single mother.Find it, and it is difficult to live with children, and it is also a big burden to raise children by their own income.

When the child grows up, it also has a great impact on the child. The child is a single parent from a birth, which not only affects the formation of personality, but also inevitably lacks material in terms of material. It is also unfair to the child.

I hope girls will protect themselves and don’t take risks easily.

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