Funwen: Can you get pregnant again after pregnancy?The woman was pregnant again after 3 weeks of pregnancy, and gave birth to the dragon and phoenix tire

Can I still get pregnant again after pregnancy?You read it wrong. This is a very rare phenomenon of heavy pregnancy. Medical is called "different periods of pregnancy", which refers to the ovulation of another cycle when pregnant women are already pregnant in the body.The eggs that were discharged into the embryo were just fired.

Today we will share the story of an elderly woman in foreign countries. She was pregnant again after three weeks of pregnancy, and finally gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix tires!

I used to hear the old man and say that having children should be early!Originally, I thought that the old man only said because he wanted to see the next generation earlier, but later discovered that it is not easy to want a child when you are older.Especially women, after 30 years of age, sometimes I want to get pregnant.

In 2020, Rebecca Roberts from the United Kingdom was 39 years old. She and her husband had struggled with infertility for more than a year.Fortunately, this day she finally got the positive results in the pregnancy test. The couple were very happy, and couldn’t even believe it was true.It wasn’t until the first time they went to the ultrasonic inspection that they saw their children on the ultrasonic scanning screen, and they were convinced that they really had children.

But during the 12th week of the ultrasound examination, the doctor responsible for the examination discovered surprising things: there were two babies in the belly of Libeca -one of them was far lower than the other.When the doctor told her that her belly was a twin, she was shocked.

Her pregnancy was diagnosed as "different period of pregnancy", that is, a severe pregnancy, which is a rare case, that is, women who are already pregnant have another child.Rebecca’s obstetrician David Walker said that he had never seen this during his 25 -year obstetrician career. He did several scans to have the diagnosis of this situation.

After several regular examinations, the doctor found that the growth rate of the second fetus has been behind for three weeks, which also allows the doctor to determine that what happened to Libea is rare pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, changes in hormones and body during pregnancy prevents re -conception.But this is not the case of Rebecca.David said: "She did not stop ovulation, but she released another egg in three or four around the first egg. This egg was miraculously fertilized and implanted in her uterus."

Considering the rareness of this situation, coupled with the age of Rebecca and the common risks related to twins, doctors have to analyze and evaluate the risks facing early."When twins are pregnant, any problems that may occur during pregnancy are common. However, because the fetus difference is three weeks, you don’t want to damage the development of the small fetus because of premature delivery, so you must pay close attention and choose the best birth time."David said.

When Roberka was more than 33 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor found that the umbilical cord function of a smaller fetus was abnormal, which began to affect the growth of the baby.Doctors think it is time to give birth. Although strictly speaking, the two children’s due date is different, through caesarean section surgery, Robica gave birth to two children safely on September 17.

And what makes the Rebecca family happier is that they turned out to be a pair of dragons and phoenixes, and Georuoia was born ahead, weighing 2.4 kg. Two minutes later, his sister Rosali came at 1.1 kg.

The family’s initial intimacy was very short because both babies were sent to the neonatal intensive care unit.Noah lived in the hospital for more than three weeks, and Rosali lived for 95 days.After that, they finally returned to home with their parents.

Under the careful care of parents, the twins are growing healthily. Rosali is still much smaller than her brother, but she is slowly chasing her brother.Although their development is very different, their twin relationships are beyond doubt.

"When we discharged them on the cushion on the game, they would look at each other, reach out to touch each other, and talk to each other. Looking at them, they will feel that everything is so beautiful!"

—The END-

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