Fun explanation: How big is the baby in different gestational weeks?

From the moment the quasi -mother began to get pregnant, the baby in the belly began to grow rapidly. From the fact that when the pregnancy was found, it was like the size of sesame particles, to the size of mung beans, and then to the size of peanuts …At that time, there are already watermelon!

4 weeks of pregnancy 丨 Size like sesame seeds

For the 4 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is still a lower embryo. In fact, the fertilized egg has just completed the bed, and the amniotic cavity is formed, and the volume is very small.

6 weeks of pregnancy 丨 Size like mung beans

At 6 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s head, breathing, digestion, nerve and other systems began to differentiate. The fetal sacs were clearly visible at the B -ultrasound, and the fetal buds and fetal hearts could be seen.The expectant mothers at this stage began to become "lazy", and some early pregnancy reactions began to show.

8 weeks of pregnancy 丨 Size like peanuts

By 8 weeks of pregnancy, the teeth and palate of the baby’s baby’s teeth and palate began to develop, and the ears were growing, and there were a small amount of pheasant objects between the fingers and toes, and the arms and legs were long.Early pregnancy reactions are also more serious, and the diet is mainly light and easy to digest.

12 weeks of pregnancy 丨 The size looks like strawberries

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, the growth rate of the baby’s head slowly slowed down.Fingers and toes are completely separated, some bones begin to become hard, and vocal cords begin to form.The first formal inspection began in 12 weeks. With the arrival of 12 weeks, the premature pregnancy response of expectant mothers gradually reduced to disappearance.

16 weeks pregnant 丨 size like orange

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby will keep snoring. His reproductive organs have been formed. Through B -ultrasound, the sex of the baby’s baby can be distinguished, and the stomach of the expectant mother also begins to stand up. Generally, the baby who moves early.At this time, you can feel the slight fetal movement.

20 weeks of pregnancy 丨 The size is like avocado

About 20 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s eyebrows and eyelids have matured.The vision is very active, the eyeballs are beginning to rotate, and the taste buds are formed.The expectant mother’s uterus is gradually increasing, and she needs to pay attention to a balanced diet, appropriate exercise and sufficient sleep.

24 weeks of pregnancy 丨 The size is like a large mango

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s auditory system is basically developed, and you can hear the sound of expectant mothers, heartbeat and loud and dads can talk to their babies more, tell stories, sing and interact with their baby, perform prenatal education, and pay attention to avoid the impact of some noise on the baby.

30 weeks of pregnancy 丨 size like pumpkin

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s brain and nervous system has developed to a certain extent, and the development of bones, muscles and lungs has become increasingly perfect.From the outside, the stomach of the expectant mother is getting bigger and bigger, and the expectant mother can no longer see her toes.

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