Fujian Ningde: How to "swim" back to the people’s dining table

Big yellow croaker is a unique economic fish in my country’s coast. The Guanjing Ocean Sea in Ningde, Fujian Province is an important bay spawning field in the Bay Bay.

From the excessive fishing in the 1960s and 1970s, the rhubarb population was in danger. By 2021, the output of Ningde’s big yellow croakers accounted for 80%of the country’s total breeding. For decades, under the unremitting efforts of government departments, scientific research institutions and fishermen,, Big yellow croaker, "swimming" back to the people’s dining table.

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"The bait must not be less, which is equivalent to throwing 600,000 yuan into the sea every day!" On a fishing platoon in Sanyu, Sanyu, Ningde, Fujian, Yvid, Chairman of Sandu Aoya Food Co., Ltd. introduced to reporters on large -scale breedingAt that time, I am proud.

At tens of kilometers away, the Jin Sheng aquatic company, the workers were proficient in the "three goes" (remove the gills, belly, and scales) for the big yellow croaker, and the prefabricated vegetable workshop was busy.You Xinling, executive deputy general manager of the company, said happily: "This kind of big yellow croaker used for fried can sell more than 20 million pieces on the Internet a year!"

Big yellow croaker is also called yellow flower fish and cucumber fish. It is a unique economic fish in my country.The Guanjing Ocean Sea in Ningde City is surrounded by mountains and mountains, and the sea is as deep as well. It is an important egg spawning field in the Bay Bay.However, in the 1960s and 1970s, due to excessive fishing, the wild big yellow croaker was sharply reduced, and the population was at stake.

For decades, the story of the big yellow croaker has changed new.According to the statistics of the Ningde Municipal Government, last year, the city’s big yellow croaker output was 191,000 tons, accounting for 80%of the country’s total breeding, with an output value of 6.918 billion yuan.On the table of Chinese people, eight large yellow croakers are from Ningde.How did the big yellow croaker "swim" back to the people’s dining table?

Scientific breeding

Protecting variety resources is the basis for developing industries

Revival a kind of economic fish, first of all, requires enough fish fry.Weng Huasong, the director of the R & D Department of Fafa Aquatic Products Company, pointed to a picture introduction: During the tide of May and June of each year, the fish group went through the feet of his parents to breed in his own birthplace.Foraging.After the autumn, when the warm current of near the shore gradually faded, the fish group traveled south along the ocean flow, and the sea of overwintering was traveling.

"The stone -headed fish represented by the big yellow croaker is more sensitive to the sound. When the sound of the knocking sound, the ears will resonate." Weng Huasong said that around the 1960s, the local fishermen adopted a "knock" method and kept tapping and tied.On the bamboo board on the boat, drive the fish to fish for fishing. "In addition to the overwintering field, the resources of the big yellow croakers are almost exhausted during that time."

As a result, a group of scientific researchers provoked the burden of manual rehabilitation and tried to pull the big yellow croaker back from the "endangered list".Liu Jiafu, the webmaster of the Ningde area, was led by the webmaster of the aquatic production technology promotion station. In 1987, a small amount of fish seedlings were cultivated. However, due to lack of funds, breeding work was facing the risk of abolition.At the end of 1988, after the Ningde Land Committee understood the situation, he strongly supported the work of breeding precious sea fish to breeding cages and organizing scientific research.In July 1991, the success of the breeding of big yellow croakers in batches, and then the research results gradually promoted to more farmers.

At the original breeding farm of Fafa Aquatic Company, Weng Huasong carefully observed the planting fish in the large circle pond.Fish are specifically captured and selected from the wild, a total of thousands."The fish caught in the wild started to eat fresh food such as small miscellaneous fish, oysters, etc., and then gradually used to eating granular bait. It takes at least a few months to adapt.(Fish with reproductive ability), that is, 800 grams of females and more than 600 grams of male fish, will start laying and breeding. "

After many unremitting efforts, the recovery of the breeding group of the yellow croakers has started in a good start, and a large number of artificially breeding big yellow croaker fry is put into the sea.Data show that since 2020, Ningde City has accumulated a total of 1.254 billion units of fry fry. On June 6 this year alone, there are more than 3.3 million big yellow fish fish seedlings jumped into the sea from the town of Sanyu.

In addition to restoring the number of populations, people have new ideas in terms of breeding and upgrading.Ke Qiaozhen, a postdoctoral of Fafa Aquatic Products, pointed to a new set of devices to tell reporters that big yellow croakers like to swim backwater. This device can use pumps to control the water flow and imitate the outside sea environment.Monitor the ability and behavior of large quantities of fish seedlings, and select good seedlings that are suitable for growing in deep sea and have strong resistance to pathogenic function.

"Ningde’s practice shows that protecting the quality of germplasm is the foundation of the development of the industry." Weng Huasong, who is also a key laboratory of big yellow croaker breeding countries.

Clear Action

Use the sea and the concept of the sea to use the concept of the sea to deeply root the people’s hearts

Good seedlings should be well -raised.In order to clear the sea, Ningde also carried out a sea innovation.

A total of 1,046 kilometers of coastlines under the jurisdiction of Ningde City, Fuan, Xiapu, and Fuding.A few years ago, the aquaculture of various categories set off a wave.The extensive breeding and disorderly expansion produced a large amount of sea drift garbage, the water quality deteriorated, and the marine ecological environment severely deteriorated.

Must be strong!The Ningde Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government began to comprehensively carry out comprehensive sea surface rectification and transformation and upgrading of the aquaculture in July 2018.So far, 1.427 million old fishing rows are cleared, retreating and upgrading the old fishing row, cleaning up 106,000 tons of sea drift garbage and 5.38 million foam floating balls.

Ningde’s rectification of marine breeding chaos has achieved remarkable results, and Ruan Yan, director of the Ningde Marine and Fishery Bureau’s rectification office, feels deeply.

"The previous law enforcement was mainly promoted by a single department and could not form a joint force. In the face of some illegal farmers, the strength was insufficient." Ruan Yan said, this time, the city’s "one line" in the city was promoted to "one piece" into "one piece" into a "one piece" into "one piece" into "one piece" into "one piece" into "one piece" into "one piece" into a "one picture" into "one piece."Net" coordinated advancement.For example, the personnel of all towns and villages in Jiaocheng District have adopted the method of "pulling the net, full coverage, and daily clearing".

Two years later, the coastal appearance has changed fundamentally, and the new order of maritime breeding has been established.Chen Hongqing, head of the Fisheries Section of the Marine and Fisheries Bureau of Ningde City, introduced that before, the right to use the sea area was unclear, "whoever possesses."After the "Qinghai", the city’s waters are re -divided into banned areas, breeding areas, and restricted areas. Strictly managed by grid, solving the problem of "where can be raised, what can be raised, how much, how to raise". So farThe city issued more than 10,000 breeding certificates, which clearly stated the latitude and latitude and area of accuracy.

The upgrading and transformation of breeding facilities also began in full swing."We adopt the method of reconstruction of the masses and government subsidies to guide the webbage ‘small reform and big reform’. 3450 deep -water large cages have been built, and the layout is more scientific and reasonable.Waterflow exchange is smooth. "Huang Shaoyuan, an investigator of the Marine and Fisheries Bureau of Ningde City, introduced that there are 440,000 ecological cages in the city. To this end, the provincial, city, and county levels have invested more than 4.5 billion yuan.

Before the transformation, a bite of the old -fashioned cage is 4 meters deep and 4 meters in length and width.Now the new type of is 12 meters deep, 26 meters in length and width. There are deep seawater under the box, and the fish inhabits live water."I originally had 600 small cages, and all of them were replaced. They all used new environmental protection plastic fishing rows. The income in one year was nearly doubled." Said Huang Zongrong, a farmer in Qixing Village, Xiapu County.

"Maritime breeding reforms have been broken, but then everyone found that after the reform, its own interests are more guaranteed, the benefits of planning breeding are more, and the conflict is gone. Now, the concept of using the sea and the sea of the sea according to law is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.Huang Shaoyuan said.

"Qinghai" is even more powerful, and development has surprises.Although the overall breeding area is reduced, the output and quality of aquatic products such as big yellow croakers have both improved.Not only that, the Chinese white dolphin, which is extremely picky in the ecological environment, has recently appeared frequently in the waters of the East Fujian after more than 20 years of disappearance.

Smart breeding

Scientific and technological means to operate "Maritime Ranch"

In the Baiji Bay Sea of Santu, the reporter saw the deep water anti -wind wave plastic breeding platform constructed by Santuao Food Co., Ltd..84 large cages, each acre of each acre, 9 red top houses are dotted around, and the boardwalk is connected to form a beautiful "sea ranch" picture.

Song Xianguo, the person in charge of the breeding base of the 26 -year -old breeding base, said: "In the past, the channel was used to use a foam floating ball to set up a bamboo rod and wooden board.I want to pick up the shoulder, and now we can transport the pipeline. On the row, we take care of the fish group while blowing the air conditioner and making tea. 5G mobile phone signals are connected to the smart monitoring rod, and the fishing row can be inspected in the living room. "

"The electricity came from the shore?"

"No, it is very troublesome and dangerous. Now there are photovoltaic boards and wind turbines on the fishing row. When there is wind, the wind is used, and the light can be stored when there is light, and the electricity can be stored."

The reporter stood on the red roof to observe. I saw 4 landscape wind turbines standing on the power generation room, plus solar photovoltaic devices, and connected to the energy storage cabinet and electrical appliances together.There is also a seawater desalination system on the roof, which uses the principle of light heat distillation to provide living water.

Sea transformation and upgrading, some villages just help farmers to demolish the old and build new, but the results are still scattered.Ninghai Village, Baishi Town, chose to recover the entire sea surface and uniformly planned and rectified.The two committees of the village organized the establishment of a company to use loans and subsidies to transform fishing rows, and then rent it to farmers.

Gong Xianliang, secretary of the thin village party branch, is a hard -working family. He moved the office to the continuous fishing row."In the past, we were a group of Xiaohai. The villagers would raise heavy yellow croakers very early, but not rich. Now the water quality is good, the breeding income is higher. 90%of the farmers in the village have bought a house in the city.The assets of more than 40 million yuan. The villagers pay the medical insurance, and the village gives half of it. "Gong Xianliang said.

Wang Yu, a farmer, drove a speedboat to take a reporter to see his fishing row. He leased 576 ports from the village.Pharaoh, who has been a village doctor, is the earliest in the village to raise big yellow croakers, and has accumulated rich experience.He said that the water temperature is higher than 27 degrees Celsius, and the incidence of fish is high, and intervention must be found in time.Moreover, it is best to sell fish in November and December, when the fish was the most fat.

Another farmer Lin Zongqing took over the stubble: "Raising a box of good fish is technology and experience. The government is controlling the density, we are also grasping it. The fish grows up in time.It will be dirty, and a mixed nourishment will be much cleaner. "

In the fishing row, new things are constantly.In response to the difficulty of consulting fish disease, Ningde established a city -level "Sea Green Breeding Technical Service Platform" (fishing general hospital). The county and rural areas have fishing hospitals and service stations, respectively, forming a fish disease prevention and control network.

Entering the fishing hospital in the "Maritime Community" in Baiji Bay, I saw that a farmer in the consultation room brought fish to the consultation. The inspector in the laboratory observed with a microscope.EssenceHuang Guangliang, a senior engineer, told reporters: "We are from the headquarters. They are usually mainly maritime visits.

Industrial value -added

The integration of three industries drives high -quality development

In the Sandu Australian fishing arrangement, Lao Zheng, a food company salesman, said to reporters: "The logistics is very convenient. We salvage fish at night and can be sent to Fuzhou in the early morning of the next day.

In addition to selling fresh fish, big yellow croakers are all treasures, fish, caviar, fish ravioli, and fish bones, each with its own use.After the webbage was changed, the strip of the fish became beautiful, and the meat was more tight, capturing the taste buds of more people.Use fish brain stones as medicinal materials, use fish scales to extract biopharmaceutical ingredients … People constantly discover more value of big yellow croakers, develop new products, and deep processing brings considerable value -added.

In recent years, Ningde has continuously improved the big yellow croaker industry chain. From seedling, breeding, processing to cold chain transportation, brand marketing, it has made an output value industry.The city has 6 leading companies in agricultural industrialization and 28 provincial agricultural industrialization leaders.Fish raised in deep water, after inspection and certification of the Municipal Fisheries Association, can uniformly sell the "deep water" brand marketing.The big yellow croaker also "swim" the Internet.Some fishermen have opened up live broadcasts, new media and other channels to expand sales, and brands such as Jiaocheng "Sandu Port" and Xiapu "rushing to the sea" and other brands have emerged.

Right now, online shopping prefabricated dishes are red fire, and companies have timely development of series of dishes.Jinsheng Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. operates aquaculture from farming, deep processing to sales, with an annual output value exceeding 1 billion yuan and exports to reach 120 million US dollars.The reporter saw in the workshop that the workers were busy making prefabricated dishes such as fish crickets, chopped pepper yellow croakers, sour soup yellow croakers, piercing yellow croakers, and fragrant yellow croakers.Cai Haiying, the company’s export department manager, introduced that processing products have the largest amount of export in South Korea and Japan; frozen fish is optimistic in the northern market. One of them is stored in a super -commercial gift box with annual sales of 30,000 to 40 million yuan.

The sound of Tao was surging, and the fish was cheerful.Today, the fishermen of Sandu O, in addition to fishing and selling fish, can also "sell sea views", Fuan’s lower white stone, seven stars in Xiapu, Qiuzhu in Jiaocheng, and Anren of Fuding are beautiful. People are in fishing.The beautiful sea homestays are covered on the top, embarking on the new development path of fishery and travel integration.The style of the "Water Village Fishing Village" of Sandu Australia attracts tourists nearly 300,000 during a National Day holiday alone in 2021.

When the reporter left the Baiji Bay fishing row, Yvider walked a long boardwalk to the berths and sent off.From the raising of 50 signs of humble network boxes to more than 8,000 ecological cages, he demonstrated that more than 2,000 surrounding fishermen surrounded by raising large yellow croakers increase their income.In the distance is his hometown Erdu Village. He has been plowing waves in this area for decades, and he has a red feelings for the soil and water."With a good ecology, the quality is improved quickly! We must protect the ocean with intention and operate this sea. There are both the government promoted and the conscious actions of our farmers.Essence(Reporter Lian Jintian)

Source: People’s Daily

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