From pregnancy to giving birth to baby, the person who came here summarized the 10 advice of 10 fetal protection. These things were attentive.

"Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2016)" suggested that expectant mothers who prepare for pregnancy need to adjust their weight, take an appropriate amount of iron -rich foods and iodized salt, especially remember to supplement folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy.

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From pregnancy to giving birth to a baby, we will be pregnant in October, and the road is long and long. There are many things that you need to pay attention to on the way, especially in the early pregnancy of unstable embryo, the matter should be more careful.

You must pay attention to this and be careful, and be too tired, is it too tired?In fact, it ’s not. As the person who came, I summarized 10 advice for mothers. Do these things well during pregnancy, and you can also harvest healthy babies.

The 1 to 3 months during pregnancy is the early pregnancy of embryos and unstable pregnancy. During this time, expectant mothers often experience gastrointestinal discomfort and physical fatigue.

Stay away from high temperature

Early pregnancy embryos are very sensitive to high temperature. Moms try to avoid long -term high -temperature environment, such as hot springs and steamed sauna.

Usually take a bath and clean, and it is not recommended to take a bath for pregnant mothers to avoid infection and affect the baby’s health.It is recommended to rinse the shower for about 15 minutes. Do not be too high in water temperature. Choose a comfortable water temperature.

Pay attention to rest

In the early pregnancy, due to the influence of hormone secretion, expectant mothers often feel tired. Even if they sleep at night, they are still sleepy when they go to work. This is normal. Moms should pay attention to rest, avoid staying up late to work overtime or too much pressure.

Light diet

The survey shows that about 75%of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have different degrees of pregnancy reactions, of which 50%have obvious vomiting, 0.3%~ 1%of pregnancy drama vomiting.

Studies believe that pregnancy vomiting may be related to the changes in HCG. Moms can eat lightly in the early stages of pregnancy. A small amount of sour foods such as orange juice and lemonade can be relieved, away from the "heavy flavor" food of heavy oil and salt, and too greasy food.

The 4-6 months of pregnancy is the middle pregnancy of the fetus with relatively stable fetal development. At this stage, the expectant mother’s appetite has improved and can participate in outdoor activities appropriately.

Enough calcium

According to the suggestion of "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines (2016)", prospective moms in the early pregnancy need to supplement 800mg/day, and the calcium supplementation is 1000 ~ 1200mg/day in the middle and late pregnancy.

April pregnancy is the critical period of fetal skeletal development. Pregnant mothers should eat more high calcium foods, such as milk, dairy products, soy products, lean meat, seafood, etc.

Moderate exercise

Specific mothers in the middle of pregnancy are recommended to maintain outdoor sports at no less than one hour per day. Proper activity is beneficial to the development of the fetus. The recommended exercise methods are jogging, pregnant women yoga, and walking.

Check -on -time inspection

Several birth checks in the second trimester are particularly important, that is, Tang’s screening from 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, large deformed examinations from 20 to 24 weeks, and a glucose test of 24 to 28 weeks.Moms can call or make an appointment time in advance to avoid queuing for too long.

From the third trimester of pregnancy in July to September, the baby’s long meat period. Moms have stabilized vouchers.

Nutritional reasonable

It is recommended that daily energy intake is not higher than 2100kcal, daily intake of 200 ~ 300g of staple food grains, 400 ~ 500g of vegetables, 200 ~ 300g of fruits, 50g of eggs, 150g of meat, 400 ~ 550ml of milk, and 25 ~ 35g of nuts.

Monitor tire movement

Fetal movement is more accurate and timely detection methods than fetal heart monitoring. Moms choose 2 to 3 hours a day, and the average fetal movement of the test is 3 to 5 times per hour.

Stable mood

The closer to the due date, the more easily the mothers are in anxiety. This is a normal performance. Moms can go outdoors to take a walk outdoors, disperse their hearts, and talk more about the prospective father. Don’t be in your heart.

The time during pregnancy is long. Moms spend their long nights with longing and worrying. While looking forward to the baby’s birth, they are worried about the safety of the baby.

The last suggestion of the island to the mothers is to maintain a good mentality, because the emotions of expectant mothers are often irritable and angry during pregnancy, and this is not conducive to the baby’s development.

I have a friend. When I was in the third trimester, I still couldn’t control her temper. I always quarreled with my husband. As a result, the child was almost prepared prematurely.

During pregnancy, reading books every day, enriching the knowledge of pregnancy, exercise appropriately, and enjoy the sunlight of the sun, these are helpful for emotional regulation.

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