Frequent urination, old night … maybe there is a problem with the bladder!The doctor suggests you can do this

Aunt Wang (pseudonym) in her 50s is very distressed. She has not slept well for several months.

The reason is difficult to open.In recent months, she has frequent urination and urgency, and often has to run to the toilet frequently. She always gets up at night, and even occasionally has urine pants … it really seriously affects life.

She came to the Urology Clinic at the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and Dr. Rhodeyi, who was admitted to, told her that this was suffering from the cause of the bladder.

Is the bladder excessive movement?

Generally speaking, normal adults urinate about 4 to 6 times during the day, and 0 to 2 times at night.

Urine is too frequent, too urgent, or too much night at night, it may be caused by drinking too much water. This is a normal phenomenon. By reducing drinking water, it can be relieved.

However, if the water does not drink much, but always wants to go to the toilet, it is to be careful, it may be caused by physiological causes, such as overlap activity.According to Dr. Luo ——

The cause of the cause of the bladder (OAB) is unclear. It is usually related to the excessive activity of the urine muscle. It is a kind of urination caused by the cause of over -urination muscles of the bladder.

Patients may need to go to the toilet frequently during the day and night, which brings great inconvenience to people’s daily life.

These typical symptoms are usually experienced in over -activity symptoms:

1. Strong urine that is difficult to control;

2. I often need to go to the bathroom, far exceeding the normal number of times (8 times);

3. There are many night urine times, starting at night.

Dr. Luo also mentioned that patients with excessive bladder mobility may also have urgent urinary incontinence, that is, urgently want to urinate and accompany the symptoms of uncontrollable urine outflow.At this time, there may be a condition that you can urinate before you go to the toilet …

According to literature statistics, among Chinese people over the age of 40, the prevalence of over 40 years of dysfunction is 11.3%.There are also female patients with stress incontinence and urgent urinary incontinence at the same time.(Source: Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine)

Women are more susceptible to trouble

Excessive bladder activity is more common in women.Statistics show that the overall prevalence of female bladder surgery in my country is 4%to 6%.

According to Dr. Luo, the bladder surgery also becomes more common with age.

However, even if age growth increases the risk of overlap activity, this risk of women is still higher than men, because in addition to age, weight and other factors, it is closely related to the level of female estrogen.

Obesity, menopausal women, women who are pregnant, and have giving birth to women are more risk of risk of illness.

In addition, these situations may also induce over -activity of bladder–

1. Those who like to urinate for a long time.Due to poor bowel habits, such people have compressed the bladder, affecting the blood supply and normal physiological functions of the bladder, reducing the mucosal defense ability, thereby inducing the cause of the bladder excessive movement.

Long -term urination can also lead to an increased urine output in the bladder after urination, and even urinary retention, further aggravating urinary tract infection, and will induce excessive dysfunction.

2. Diseases.Some diseases such as diabetes, or taking certain drugs may induce cause of bladder.

This can help prevent and adjust

The so -called disease focuses on prevention!In particular, this kind of disease that is easy to be unexpected and embarrassed and seriously affects the quality of life.

Dr. Luo introduced that the bladder can interfere and adjust through some of its own behavior patterns.for example–

1. Loss.Obesity is really the source of all evil!Manage your own weight, you can really avoid many problems;

2. Develop good living habits, quit smoking and alcohol, healthy diet, less spicy food;

3. Control the drinking water in an appropriate amount. After all, the amount of drinking water is closely related to the number of urination;

4. It is best to reduce the intake of caffeine and carbonated drinks. The best drink is boiled water.

Patients with excessive bladder can also do targeted training appropriately. Below is the "bladder training" method recommended by Teacher Luo. You can follow it ~

1. Delay urination.For patients with overlap activity, every time I want to go to the toilet, it is actually good.If there is a sense of urine, as long as there is no strong urgency, you can delay urination and gradually make the urine volume of 300 ml each time. Keep it up and see the effect …

2. Time urination.Timed urination training can help improve the control of the time, place and frequency of urination, and can effectively reduce urinary incontinence caused by poor bladder control.

If you just adjust your own adjustment, Xiaokang Mei suggested that you consult a doctor as soon as possible and seek the help of a doctor.Drug treatment or surgery, doctors will give the doctor’s advice according to your actual situation.

In daily life, you can also persist in these behavior models, which is beneficial to health.

Xiaokang Girls here recommend a "fart -shrinking movement" – "Kegel (Kegel) movement", which is a kind of tightening exercise specifically for the anus and vaginal pot muscle groups, and insist on practicing.A lot of benefits ~

Method: After emptying the bladder, you can choose to lie on the back position, shrink the muscles (upward, inside), keep it for 3-5 seconds, and then relax for 3-5 seconds. Breathe the whole process, 10 groups each time, 2-3 times a day.(Standing, sitting, lying, taking any posture can be available)

Be sure to persist, and you will see the effect at least 3 months.For mothers with difficulty training, you can use vaginal dumbbells for training to help improve the effect.


There is no small matter for health, you must pay attention to everything ~

Do you pay attention to your own urination times?

Part of the source: Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

Edit: chestnut picture source: 123rf

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