Frequent sleeping is the disaster caused by these foods

If you have often been sleepy recently, not just at work, you often fall asleep even when you don’t work, then do you know what the reason is?A big reason is related to our daily diet. The skills of food cannot be underestimated!So which foods make you lethargic?Let’s take a look together.

First, it will lead to drowsy food

1. Because of eating sweets

The high sugar content of sweets will cause your body to secrete insulin, and it will also release the brain to release too much thriradine and make you feel sleepy.So avoid desserts or pudding after lunch.

2. Because of eating white rice

White rice has a high blood glucose index, which can quickly make people fall asleep.In addition, when people eat white rice, they also eat meat and other foods, which will lead to drowsiness.

3. Because of eating white bread

Eating white bread can make you lethargic.White bread has a high blood sugar index and low fiber, so they will soon decompose, and you do not get any energy.

4. Because of eating red meat

High fat content of red meat, such as burgers and steaks, can make you feel lethargic.In addition, your body needs a lot of energy to break down red meat, so all the strength of the body will be used here.

2. Other causes of physical fatigue

1. Because of certain diseases

If you have some potential diseases, you may also cause you to feel tired, such as anemia, intestinal irritability and arthritis.Therefore, if your tired symptoms are too serious, it is best to consult a doctor.

2. Because taking medicine

Some drugs also cause symptoms of drowsiness, such as hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol drugs.If you have these drugs, it is best to understand the side effects of the possibility in advance.

3. Due to hormonal fluctuations

Sometimes when hormones fluctuate, it also causes symptoms of fatigue, such as pregnancy, physiological period, menopausal.So if you are experiencing these stages, don’t be surprised.

4. Because of lack of sleep

Insufficient sleep is one of the main causes of physical fatigue.When the body’s system and organs cannot get sufficient rest, they will pass the tired message to the brain, telling you that you should rest.

5. Because of lack of nutrition

When your body lacks certain nutrients, such as iron, vitamin D, B, can also prone to fatigue symptoms.So you should add enough nutrition to prevent fatigue.

6. Too great mental stress

If your pressure is too great, it will not only affect your psychology, but also affect your physical condition.You may be muscle tight and bite your teeth, which will consume your physical strength and energy and make you feel tired.

Third, the reasons for being drowsy

1. Heart disease

Fatigue and fatigue are common symptoms of heart disease.Heart disease can make the blood circulation poorly. The metabolic waste (mainly lactic acid) can accumulate in the tissue, stimulating the nerve endings, which makes people feel fatigue.Fatigue can be light or light, light and unwilling, heavy can hinder work.But heart disease fatigue is not special, and it is difficult to distinguish with fatigue caused by other diseases.In addition, in addition to fatigue, there will be symptoms such as shortness of breath.

2. Hypertension

Clinical symptoms such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, fatigue or insomnia caused by hypertension are very common.Patients with hypertension should master the above symptoms. The above symptoms indicate that the blood pressure fluctuates and needs to be vigilant.

3. Each hemorrhage

Middle -aged men -Dan Dan has unknown drowsiness and lethargy, and it must pay attention to it, and it is likely to be a threatened sign of ischemic stroke.The accelerated pace of modern life has increased the incidence of cerebrovascular disease in middle -aged people. At this time, if the cerebral blood vessels are dangerous, there will be problems with the blood supply to the brain, and the symptoms of sleepy and fatigue will occur.In addition, there will be a precursor of numb fingers, unknown falls, and changes in mental state.

4. Diabetes

In fact, the possibility of drowsiness during the day is twice the possibility of drowsiness during the day. Because it is a metabolic disease, this disease has a variety of manifestations and lacks specificity.Long -term fatigue and drowsiness during the day may also be that diabetes is happening.

5. Severe hypoxia of the brain

The brain is the center of dominance of the human body, and the oxygen consumption of the brain accounts for 25%of the total oxygen consumption of the whole body!Do not take ischemia and hypoxia for a while, only a few seconds of hypoxia will cause dizziness, darkness in front of the eyes, Venus, and even syncope and endanger life!Many office spaces are often located in the building, and the air is not circulating, which can easily lead to chronic hypoxia of the brain.Long -term hypoxia in the brain can cause symptoms of sleepy, fatigue, and drowsiness.

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