Frequent back pain during pregnancy, these three situations may be the cause of back pain.

Many pregnant mothers will have this same experience when giving birth: low back pain.A low back pain also made countless pregnant mothers feel so hard to have a baby.Indeed, in addition to suffering from various complications caused by pregnancy during pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to sleep well all day.As the belly gradually becomes larger, even walking seems to be unaccustomed, and the weight and pressure of the whole belly have given the waist.I have to say that the pregnant mother during pregnancy is really suffering from the suffering that ordinary people are unimaginable. The back pain during pregnancy during pregnancy may wish to try these tips.

1. When you stand

Many Baoma feels when she is standing when she stands the most obvious, and the weight of the upper body is actually handed over to the waist to bear it, especially the belly is so large, so there will be a lot of inconvenience when standing.Therefore, when the pregnant mother is standing, try to raise her head as much as possible. The stomach can properly move forward, and the legs should not stand straight. You can slightly bend your legs.In the choice of shoes, try to choose more loose, the soles are relatively soft, and pregnant women’s shoes specifically prepared for pregnant women, at this time, minimize the number of high -heeled shoes.

2. When sitting

Pregnant mothers need to sit down and rest during pregnancy, but if the posture of sitting is wrong, it is easy to have back pain.So how can it be a correct sitting position?When the pregnant mother is sitting, the waist can be properly straight. Put a cushion behind the back. You can choose a chair and try to sit backwards to enable your back to touch the chair to share the pressure from the upper body.I do n’t have to choose a soft chair when I sit, it is easy to let the pregnant mother doze off. If you fall asleep on the chair, it is quite scary.You can put your feet on a relatively short stool to promote blood flow and prevent edema.

3. When sleeping

Because the pregnant mother spent most of the time, how to lie down is also very helpful to alleviate the back pain of the pregnant mother.Generally speaking, pregnant mothers will choose to sleep on the left side during pregnancy, and their legs are slightly bent when they sleep to reduce the burden on the waist.If necessary, you can help buy some bedding supplies that assist pregnant mothers to sleep to help pregnant mothers alleviate the pressure on the waist.

In addition, pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy can also relieve the pain of the waist through the appropriate amount of exercise, but we must avoid too intense exercise methods. Pay attention to the small range of movement and avoid too tired.Anyway, as long as you can help the pregnant mother to relieve the pressure of low back pain, some minor movements can be tried.

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