Four years ago, what happened to South Korea, who was resisted by Chinese people and was forced to withdraw from the Chinese market?

On August 12, South Korean headquarters Yin Xiyue announced the amnesty order, and one of them was concerned.

He is the head of Lotte Group, Xin Dongbin, one of the clients of Zhang Ziyan, who shocked South Korea 11 years ago.

In 2009, South Korean artist Zhang Ziyan committed suicide at home because of unbearable sleeping services. She exposed 31 people who had abused personnel in the last words. Xin Dongbin was attentive.

He was exposed with Xin Dongbin, as well as his father Singer Hao.

At the age of 87, Singh Hao and 54 -year -old Xin Dongbin had played with Zhang Ziyan, who were 24 -year -old with non -human means.

Zhang Ziyan wrote in the last words that she would not let go of this group of beasts when she became a ghost.

In the 13 years after Zhang Ziyan’s death, 600,000 people invited her to ask her and asked the South Korean authorities to investigate her cause, but they ended without disease.

Just because the chaebol behind it covered the sky, there was no bottom line.Not to mention the three -run female star, that is, their own wife and children, that is, they throw themselves.

The Lotte chaebol has no lower limit chaos, starting from the founder Singhho.

In 1921, Singh Hao was born in a small Korean village with more than 70 people and is an authentic Korean.

At that time, the Japanese land was all unwilling Japanese. They madly plundered Korean resources and set Japanese as Korean Mandarin to try to assimilate the Korean people.

In this environment, Singer was dazzling, and deeply realized the important impact of class and identity on life, and was full of longing for Japan.

In 1942, Xingghao, 21, took 83 yuan to a ship to Japan.

While studying at the Department of Chemistry of Waseda University, he worked in various zero -time tuition.

At the age of 22, Singer Hao completed a major event. He married the Korean Lu Shunhua’s wife and gave birth to her daughter Xin Yingzi soon. Although her life was hard, the wife was very virtuous and her life was pretty happy.

However, Singer Hao is an ambitious person, and he is indeed good at inspecting words, and soon he was watched by the pawnshop owner he worked.

At that time, the Pacific War had erupted, and the military oil was in severe shortage. Huoguangshi proposed to open a oil plant together, and lent it to Singh Hao 50,000 yen as the start -up funds.

Singhho, who got the money, opened it without stopping.Unexpectedly, as soon as the factory was built, a plane left a heavy object, and the factory was completely destroyed.

Sing Geho glared at the sky fiercely, but he did not give up.

In 1945, the war ended, and with the support of Huoguang’s, Singer Hao found four or five workers and started a business of soap and hair wax.

This time, he used all the money owed to the light of spending money for more than a year.

At that time, Japan had been defeated, and a large number of U.S. military settled in Japan. The appearance of American soldiers with high chewing chewing gum attracted many people.

Sing Gehao knew that the opportunity came.

In 1947, he invited a pharmacist to buy a noodle cutting machine for cutting gum, shook his body, and directly changed the soap factory into a gum factory.

In this way, Lotte Group’s first company officially debuted, and chewing gum is very popular, and young Singhho became the general manager.

However, he always had a knot in his heart, which made his success. There was always a shortage of regrets.

Singhho is a Korean. In the eyes of the Japanese, this is the second -class citizen who is looking down on.

Although Singer Hao is already small and famous, there is no resource of the upper layer, and his ambition is difficult to perform.

Finally, one day, Singer Hao, who was long -sleeved and danced, recognized a woman with a fair background.

Her name is Chongguang Chuizi, formerly known as Zhussen Chuko, and is the niece of the Japanese Minister of Finance, Chong Guangki,. Because he was given to Chong Guangkui, he was renamed "Chongguang Chuizi".

Chongguangkui was the enemy of the Chinese people. He had served as the Minister of Japan in China in the war of invasion of China and committed helling crimes. After the war, he was designated as a Grade A war criminals by the Far East International Military Court and was held in Tokyo Chaoyu Prison.

Relying on the American shelter and a deep family background, Chongguang Kwai was released in prison for one year, and he also served as the Japanese deputy prime minister and foreign minister.

For Singer Hao, this is a good opportunity to change his identity.

So, he quickly divorced his wife and turned into the embrace of Chong Guangchu. He declared that his ex -wife was a good person, but he was not helpless to choose himself. He could only separate.

In 1950, Singh Hao, who declared his true love, married Chong Guangchuo.

In order to be a decent Japanese son -in -law, he also gave himself a Japanese name: Chongguangwuxiong, and officially entered the Chongguang family.

Since then, Singh has changed her body and entered the upper society in Japan, and she no longer has to look at people’s faces.

Five years after marriage, the two had two sons: Lord Xin Dong (Japanese name Chongguanghiro) and Xin Dongbin (Japanese name Chongguang Zhaofu).

With the resources of the Chongguang family, Singh Hao’s gum company, like his himself, changed the gun gun and climbed on the pole.

In just 10 years, the company’s assets have been 100 times, developing from a gum company to a huge Lotte Group, and the industry has expanded to many fields such as candy, hotels, chemistry, and real estate.

The huge success of the business community has made Singhho’s foundation deeper and deeper in the Japanese political and business circles.

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