Four problems commonly used in dogs, especially the second

Raising dogs is a happy and hard work. After the dog is pregnant, the owner needs to be more careful, but many parents are the first time to take care of pregnancy.Answer a few questions about everyone

Question 1: Is the dog who is pregnant and recuperate?

Answer: Dog production is actually like people. Dogs need to produce cubs in a quiet environment; if it is a noisy environment, the dog will have emotional excitement or a low mood.This is not good for pet dogs during pregnancy. At this time, dogs should be the gentle mentality at this time.Some pet dogs are produced for the first time, relying on their own instincts; while pet owners are you who must not care, you must be prepared.

Question 2: Do dogs need to replenish blood during pregnancy?

Answer: Dogs should eat more iron -rich foods during pregnancy, such as pork liver and lean meat. If you eat dog food alone, nutrition is not comprehensive.Dogs ‘malnutrition during pregnancy can cause giant red blood cell anemia and white blood cells. It can give dogs drinking dogs for dogs during pregnancy, which can not only alleviate dogs’ anemia during pregnancy, but also enhance dog resistance.

Question 3: Do dogs walk for dogs during pregnancy?

Answer: If you find that your dog’s dog is pregnant, then you should adjust it. You should not continue to walk the dog. At first, the dog may not be able to adapt, but we must also insist on doing it because we do it because we do it because we do it because we do it because we do it because we do it because we do it because we do it because weThinking for the dog’s belly, walking the dog is easy to danger!

Question 4: What should I pay attention to when dogs are pregnant?

Answer: After the dog is pregnant, the pet owner will become careful, thinking that he wants to give the dog sufficient nutrition.Therefore, I usually eat less meals for dogs. In order to make the dog numb to be nutritious, it is open to eat.But this is very bad for the dog, and if it is serious, the dog will have a miscarriage.Therefore, the pet owner should control the amount of food of the dog and increase the nutritional meal appropriately; there is no need to let the dog eat more. At this time, let the dog’s nutritional balance is the right reason.

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