Four major reasons for the abortion of pregnant women, expectant mothers must pay more attention to

The most worried about a woman after pregnancy is that the fetus did not persist until childbirth, so she left. This is something that every pregnant woman is unwilling to see -abortion.Many expectant mothers have paid attention to their lives, but they still have not kept their children.

In fact, there are many reasons for abortion during pregnancy. There are many unknown reasons. If you have unknown bleeding in the vagina, you should pay more attention to abdominal pain and seek medical treatment in time.

What is abortion?

In fact, abortion refers to any abnormalities in pregnant women or fetuses, resulting in having to terminate pregnancy, and the termination of pregnancy becomes abortion before 20 weeks of pregnancy.After 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus leaves the mother’s body, collectively referred to as premature birth.

What are the common types of abortion in pregnant women?

1. Breakal abortion

Generally, within 2 months after changing pregnancy, pregnant women have vaginal bleeding, but the fetal heartbeat is normal, but there are less stable symptoms. This becomes a threatened abortion, and pregnancy can continue.

2. Endless abortion

If the symptoms of threatened abortion are getting more and more severe, it has begun to be in crisis to the health of the baby’s life, the pregnancy cannot continue, and the fetus has only some remaining in the uterus. At this time, it becomes incomplete abortion.

3. Complete abortion

Pregnant women have severe bleeding, the fetus has completely separated from the mother, and there is no residue in the mother’s body. This is completely aborted.

4. Necessary abortion

Is this difficult to understand? How can there be this necessary abortion?It was because of some reason after pregnancy, pregnant women had to terminate pregnancy.For example, ectopic pregnancy, uterine infection, fetal abnormalities, etc.

5. Habitual abortion

Pregnant women have many abortion, generally referring to more than 3 abortion experiences.At this time, a pregnant woman should check whether it is the physical fitness of both husband and wife, or do chromosomal screening to discharge genetic disease factors.

What are the common reasons for pregnant women’s abortion?

1. There is no clear reason

In fact, there is no reason for abortion, which is also the most common, accounting for about 75%of the total number of abortion.Pregnant women did not have any abnormal conditions, nor did they touch any contraindications. In the early stages of pregnancy, lower body bleeding, abdominal colic and other symptoms.

2. Ovarian function is abnormal

Many people have abortion caused by lack of lutein. In fact, this is because of abnormal ovarian function. Such pregnant women will have bleeding early. Pregnant women can protect the fetus at the doctor to add progesterone.

3. Fetal itself

The process of fetal gestation is also a surviving process. Due to the poor development of some fetuses, the mother will be screened. It is not suitable for embryos. Preparation for the next pregnancy will occur at this time.

4. Strong exercise

Many careless mothers are not very sensitive to their physical response, and I still know nothing about themselves after a few weeks.Some ladies who love fitness are full of high -intensity anaerobic exercise and load training, which is likely to cause abortion.

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