For the first time, I want to be killed, the doctor said 5 reasons, and the pregnant woman went home decisively

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Anna found that she was pregnant by accident, so she counted her husband severely.Because she is in a rising period of career, she does not want to delay her work because of having children.So after marriage, she would make an appointment with her husband not to children, and then consider it after 5 years.She thought again and again, and finally decided to get it off, so she found a friend in the obstetrics and gynecology the next day as a flow of people.But after going, the friend advised her not to kill it, and then told her some reasons.After listening, Anna felt that her friend said that she said, and went home decisively and raised her children well.What are the reasons what the friend said?Let’s take a look together.

1. It may be difficult to get pregnant in the future

Women should know that abortion will hurt the body with great damage, especially the wounds of the uterus, and the uterine wall will be thin.In addition, women’s bodies will also suffer from qi and blood loss, and fertility has decreased compared to previous.Some women did abortion after the first pregnancy, but afterwards, they couldn’t conceive.Although there are many women’s abortion, two or three times or more, they will still be pregnant again, but we cannot do experiments by ourselves. For ourselves and children, if not, it is best not to be killed for the first time.

2. Being pregnant again may have a miscarriage

Studies have shown that if women have a miscarriage after their first pregnancy, the probability of abortion and premature birth after pregnancy is also higher.Therefore, pregnant women should protect their first child. This is responsible for themselves and responsible for the child.

3. Don’t have children for a short time after fetal fetus

There was a woman around Taoma who was shortly after the first child was killed. She wanted to make up for the debt in her heart. She soon became pregnant with a second child.However, after the first tire was killed, her body had not recovered, and the second child was not formed in the end.This is very damaged to her body, and the trauma in her heart is even greater.

4. Diseases of gynecological diseases

During abortion surgery, its main process is to extend the instrument into the uterus, then remove the embryo, and finally scrape the uterus.This process not only causes damage to the uterus, but also causes infection.After surgery, women are prone to some gynecological diseases.Therefore, after abortion, women also have to sit in a "small confinement", so that the body can recover better and reduce the probability that it is difficult to get pregnant again.

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5. Leave the psychological shadow

No matter what reason is to kill the child, it is a life and the first child of a woman.He has ended his life before he was born. Most women still have guilt in their hearts. It is difficult to come out of this sad mood for a while, and some women even depressed because of this.

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