For ten years in love, my girlfriend is pregnant forced to marry. I have no money or want to get married: some proposal, you can’t wait


I have seen the spitting of a boy on the Internet, which is roughly as follows:

I am 30 years old and have a girlfriend who has been in love for ten years.She was pregnant and wanted to marry me and gave birth to the child.

I don’t want this child. She said that she broke up when she was killed, and I had to agree to leave the child.

She asked my house to prepare for marriage. I told my parents with her repeated urging, but my grandma was hospitalized again. There was no money at home. I still had 50,000 foreign debt.

After knowing the situation in my family, she was dissatisfied, so she had to do nothing, but she asked to prepare 100,000 yuan as a child’s raising funds.

I feel that the pressure is very strong, and she still wants her to kill her children. She still disagrees, and uses my WeChat to send her pregnancy photos to the circle of friends. For relatives’ inquiries, her mother is angry with a headache.

I was particularly guilty and felt sorry for my parents.

But let her kill her child, is it necessary for her to force me so much?

It’s not that I don’t want this child, but I can’t get money.

The boy asked: I just don’t want to get married, and I have no money to get married. Why is it scum?

At the age of 30, I did n’t say any deposit, and I owe foreign debt.This does not have much to do with slag.

However, he did not get married for ten years, faced with the problem, dislocated blindly, and took his family as a shield.

I do n’t want a child, and I do n’t want to break up. "But", the words are lighter. In his eyes, it may be simpler than healing a cold in his eyes.

Some people are very rational.


Where a relationship eventually moves, it is often the result of the common role of two people.

Blindly condemning a person’s meaninglessness. For ten years of love, you must go to get married through pregnancy. I especially want to send eight words to this girlfriend:

Mourning is unfortunate, and anger is not arguing

"Fighting" is not "fighting", but "fighting".

Some things cannot fight, such as love, such as marriage.

He doesn’t care about you, your body, your health, and your health are not important. There must be no love in the middle.

As for marriage, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, he has no plan to get married for the time being, as is his family.

But if you want to break up, he doesn’t want to, maybe you think he loves you and doesn’t want to break up. The truth may be: get used to, or the young and poor men can’t find a girlfriend at all.

People must fight for anger. It is not necessary to "do not steam the buns", but not to be full, let alone step by step.

People must master their own lives.

In this world, everyone must be the one who loves themselves the most.

You don’t care about yourself, maybe no one cares about you.

Don’t get married, don’t give yourself a chance to get pregnant, unless you don’t care about being a single mother.

When a man loves you for ten years and does not mention marry you, you should understand that he doesn’t want to marry you.

Marriage is not a necessity of life, but not everyone can be so free.

If you feel that you have to get married as a mother, stay away from the one who can’t give you marriage early.

Many women want to get married in long -term love, but men do not propose, they wait, so that they may have to be forced to marry through pregnancy.

But some proposal, you may never wait.


Perseverance in proposal, which seems to be the common point of women all over the world.

The most influential Nigerian writer of the American literary world, Kimamanda Enstez Adich, wrote in "Dear Angivilla":

Marriage is such an important step in your life, but you can’t control it, it depends on whether men speak to you.

It’s really strange.

I know that many women feel that they first say that getting married first will seem "not self -respect", "as if asking each other to marry yourself", which means degrading themselves.

Regarding some women explained that "I hope that a man to propose a proposal just proves that women have controlled power, because only women agreed that marriage can be established." Qimamanda said:

The truth is — real power is in the hands of people who speak first.

You can say that it is or not, someone must ask you.

If the other party keeps talking, do you have to wait forever?

When a man does not or has not continued the needs of offspring for the time being, long -term love cohabitation is equivalent to marriage, and even superior to marriage, it is difficult for him to have the willingness to get married.

Women who want to get married and have been prepared for marriage psychology, why not take the initiative to talk about getting married.

If the other party does not agree to get married and is unwilling to break up with you, it may be as in the meaning of marriage:

Saying "I love you don’t need that piece of paper" basically said, "My love for you has not reached the level of marriage."

So if you go or stay, you should be grasped by yourself, not by others waiting for your important change in your life.


Many women have been in love for a while. It may be a few years later that they find that the other party does not love themselves, or feel that two people are not suitable, but at this time, few people can decisively break up.

Because I can’t bear the time and feelings I have invested.

If you invest in costs, you want to recover. This is human nature, but not all investment has returned.

Economist Xue Zhaofeng said: The cost of sinking is not cost, because these expenses have occurred and cannot be recycled.

The cost is the biggest price that has been given up, and if there is nothing to give up, there will be no cost.

Under normal circumstances, the blind period of love does not exceed half a year.After this period of love, I can still love each other very much, and it is worth getting along with each other.

If you believe in: In love for the purpose of getting married, it is a wave of love, and the other party does not want to get married, or the idea of never marrying you, do you still have to go on long -distance love?

The so -called "timely stop loss" means that knowing that the cost of the investment can no longer be collected, it is necessary to stop the investment. From the moment of stopping, it has been earned, and at least it will no longer lose money.

This is also the case for falling in love. Leaving a person who doesn’t love you and giving up a relationship without a future is to stop the loss in time.

Waiting for someone who loves to propose to themselves is a romantic memory, but being able to take the initiative to talk about marriage or end a relationship, it is a great thing in life.

Love means affectionate giving, but love, also look forward to harvesting sincerity.

May you love or be loved.

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