For hypothyroidism, these points need to be done in diet

A hypothyroidism is a disease in which the patient’s metabolic reduction is presented too little.The main performance is lethargy, fatigue, weight gain, decreased memory, and so on.

Features of patients with hypothyroidism


Generally, patients are generally afraid of cold, rough skin, and anemia; loss of appetite, weight gain (due to water retention in the tissue); abdominal distension, constipation; fatigue, weakness, drowsiness and other common symptoms.


Female patients have more menstrual and menstrual disorders, decreased sexual desire, no ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy will be reduced, which is easy to cause abortion.Male patients have low sexual desire, impotence and sperm reduction.

After thyroid surgery, after the treatment of hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis, and hypothyroidism.After hypothyroidism, in addition to conventional thyroid hormones, diet treatment is also very important.

For the performance above the hypothyroidism, you need to do these points in your diet:


Affordable quantity

Iodine is a raw material for synthetic thyroid hormones. When hypothyroidism occurs, iodized salt can be supplemented in an appropriate amount, which helps the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

However, iodine supplementation cannot be excessive. Due to a large amount of iodine supplementation, it can add hypothyroidism.

For example, hypothyroidism caused by hydrone thyroiditis should not eat high iodine foods such as kelp, seaweed, shrimp skin.

If hyperthyroidism is treated with iodine 131, if hypothyroidism occurs, but Trab is still high, and it is not easy to over -excessive iodine, because hyperthyroidism can be induced again.


Guarantee protein supply

Patients with hypothyroidism generally have slow digestion, affected the secretion of digestion fluid, and enzyme vitality decreases. Generally, albumin decreases, it is necessary to provide sufficient protein, such as eggs, milk, etc. to improve the condition.


Control high cholesterol food

Although the synthesis of plasma cholesterol is not fast during hypothyroidism, it is discharged slowly, so its blood concentration is increased. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the intake of fat, especially patients with primary hypothyroidism, and should control high cholesterol food intake such as viscera in the animal.


Improve anemia

Insufficient thyroxine can affect the reduction of osteopropycoplasma hematopoietic function, which can also be reduced. It is also related to the lack of monthly passage, iron absorption disorders, vitamin B12, and folic acid deficiency.Supply folic acid, vitamin B12, etc.


Weight control

Patients with hypothyroidism have more weight gain due to edema. Therefore, through adjusting their diet, the patient’s weight gradually becomes normal standards to avoid eating salted food, such as salted fish, bacon, pickles and other foods containing more salt.Essence

Expert reminder

Daily diet can only play auxiliary effect, and treatment is the prerequisite.

Only under the condition of scientific and effective treatment and the assistance of the diet can the healing cycle of hypothyroidism be greatly shortened!Therefore, patients with hypothyroidism must go to a specialist hospital for examination and targeted treatment in time ~ Do not use medicine or let it go!

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