For 6 weeks of a woman in Beijing, why did her boyfriend take her fetal medicine? The reason behind it is sighing


In Beijing on June 30, a woman was pregnant unexpectedly without taking measures. In order to strengthen the nutrition every day during the pregnancy of about six weeks, she did not expect that when the woman found that her boyfriend had a baby in brown sugar waterWhen the medicine is medicine, I will not calm down instantly!

It can be seen from the video that the woman was crying and crying.

She said that she was pregnant for more than six weeks, and her boyfriend didn’t want the children in the stomach.

But she really wants that without a good communication, her boyfriend mixed with fetal medicine in brown sugar water.

She consulted the doctor and prescribed the medicine to protect the fetus, but it was unclear if it could be kept.

This incident caused heated discussion among netizens.

Some netizens suggested letting women leave her boyfriend quickly. This man has no feelings at all. As for the children in the belly, it is better not to be good.

There are also sharp -eyed netizens who are selling a fetus in the window opened by the woman. They feel that the woman sells tires to make money when they win sympathy.

The woman did not respond to the questioning and comments of many netizens.

I think there is no such thing.

The woman’s B -ultrasound can not explain the problem. It is wise to not respond to it, otherwise it will get darker and darker.

Either such a thing happened, the woman had not yet come out of sad mood, and not responding to people’s common sense.

Then, we can get a lot of information from the women’s cry.

Let’s analyze the situation of the two around this information.

Obviously, the relationship between the two had a problem.

The feelings of the first two should be very good before this matter, and it is impossible to live together if it is not good.

But at the moment the man gave the woman with medicine for the woman, it started,

The relationship between the two had problems because the child in the woman’s belly was still born. At this time, the relationship between the two began to crack.

Xiaobian wants to say that without making full ideas, it is not recommended to live together. A young and vigorous sentence or one thing is prone to gap, which is not conducive to future marriage relationships.

They are all the calamities of cohabitation.

My boyfriend may not be ready yet, and feels that he is still a child psychologically conflicting.

However, women don’t think so. She feels that since she is born, it is the crystallization of their love.

In addition, men may be afraid of being known by adults at home, and their impact is not good.

But since the woman’s hearts are together, it is a family, and it will be more sweet with the life of a child.

The reason for masculinism

Since communication can not play a role,

Then do n’t tell women and wait for things to deal with it.

What the man thinks is a bit simple,

I don’t know how much will it affect the girlfriend’s body, and it will even cause psychological shadows.

Looking for acquaintances.

It is learned from a doctor’s comment from a doctor of the comment area that Mi Fuzone is a prescription medicine and does not takeaway.

The man must have dared to put it in his girlfriend bowl after understanding the acquaintances. If you don’t understand, he will not do it.

Therefore, the woman’s boyfriend’s heart is deep.

I checked it on the Internet, and many doctors don’t recommend taking fetal medicine and brown sugar water together.

It is best to drink brown sugar water for more than 6 hours after taking the fetal medicine.

Whether it is from the relationship between the two or communication.

Women’s boyfriend’s approach is wrong, and she should not put fetal medicine in her girlfriend’s bowl.

No wonder the woman was so angry and ran to the Internet to cry.

She also ruined the risk of her life under great pressure.

Such a noisy person who was seen by the two people was really not good if he saw it.

You think, who wants to see his child live together without getting married, and make trouble.

Don’t you know my point of view is right?Welcome everyone to comment.

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