For 3 years infertility, bilateral fallopian tubes accumulate water, trichomonas vaginitis, resolving primary infections, good pregnancy

Gender women, age 31 years old, 156cm tall, weighing 70.5 kg

1. Main problems: Once, I have flowed for a subsequent infertility for 3 years. Western medicine diagnosis is bilateral fluid water accumulation, trichomonas vaginitis, and primary infection.Trichomonas vaginitis reconciliation has been treated before radiography. It has no water, and it has been taken once.

Menstruation is as follows:

2. There is no obvious discomfort before menstruation. The menstrual cycle is normal.

3, dysmenorrhea, there are a small amount of blood clotter in the 3-4 days of menstruation, the blood clot dysmenorrhea is slow, and the menstrual blood flows poorly.

4. There are about 2 bottles of leucorrhea. The color is a bit yellow, a bit thick, like pus, odorless, has a slightly more leucorrhea during ovulation, and before and after menstruation. These leucorrhea is generally tofu -like, sometimes a little fishy.Leucorrhea will increase when tired.

The usual situation is as follows:

5, the diet is basically normal, the mouth is dry, drink less water.

6, the stool does not take shape, the abdominal distension, sometimes there is a bit of endlessness, the amount of defecation is small, and the fart is painful.

7, afraid of cold, cold abdomen and waist, cold feet, especially when menstruation, especially obvious.At the same time, I was afraid of heat. I felt hot all my skin. I felt that I couldn’t stand it a little bit.

8. The forehead sweats day and night, sweats a lot, sweat is a bit cold, and it is easy to form water droplets.Poor sleep, dreamy, difficult to fall asleep.

9, backache, the sciatic is often painful, twisting the waist pain, the waist is not stressed when bending down, the back is easy to be acidic, and it cannot be straight.Fine.

Summary points after consultation: obesity, dysmenorrhea, blood clots, leucorrhea, thin stool, fear of cold, fever, sweating, poor sleep, pain in the back of the back, weakness.

Dialectics is the deficiency of the spleen and kidney.Fang Fang uses Evodia 6 grams of ginger and 10 grams of sliced Guizhi 10 grams of cumin 6 grams of Angelica 10 grams of Chuanxiong 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of Machangi, 15 grams of Pinellia 10 grams of codona, 10 gramsCorolin 15 grams of red dates 6 large open at 掰 15 Sheng Buple Huhu 10 3 Pay

Ask the doctor of Xinge: Drink it twice in one medicine, drink it a day, warm it.(Specific medicine and medication methods are explained separately).Diet and vegetarian, eat less meat egg milk, spicy barbecue, cold food.Usually combined with cultivation.

Drinking medicine for more than 3 months is pregnant, and he has produced a child.

According to the analysis of Dr. Xinge: The performance of the spleen and kidney yang deficiency in this case is particularly obvious.The sun is as important. If there is no sun, we all know that there will be a gloomy image of the earth, and in the human body, the yang will not be enough, and the metabolic function of the water will also appear.The pile of sputum and dampness is blocked. The patient’s examination of the double -sided fallopian tube effusion is the most intuitive manifestation of water and wet accumulation obstruction. In this kind of cold and humid environment, various bacterial viruses that adapt to this environment will breed. Western medicine examinationTrichomonas vaginitis, mycoplasma infection, is the result of the problem of this human environment.

The seeds do not have a suitable temperature, and it is not easy to germinate growth. In the human body, the uterus environment is cold and humid, and it is also not suitable for the growth and development of the fetus.The condition of the patients in this case simply see the fallopian tube effusion, and then the water is treated with the effusion, but the problem of the dampness of the viscera function is not solved.The manifestation continues to form effusion obstruction in the fallopian tube, and it is still infertile.There are many conditions that need to be available, not limited to a certain aspect, or a phenomenon.We must attach importance to the function of the human body, and we must know that the human body is a whole, and we must treat and condition the whole.

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