Folkful story: Men and wives have a headache for a room. Taoist priests: This life is difficult

During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a Li member in Xiezhou City, Hedong. There were hundreds of acres of good fields in the countryside, and there were more than a dozen shops in the city.

Although Li Yuanwai is a well -known wealthy household in Xiezhou City, he is rich but not obscene. He often pays money to pave the way for the local people to repair the bridge.

Li Yuan’s wife Zhao is also a lady of everyone, and has a deep relationship with Li Yuan. She has never quarreled for more than ten years or even blushed.

The only thing to regret Li Yuanwai was that his wife Zhao had married the Li family for more than ten years. After giving birth to his son Li Rende, he was not pregnant.

Zhao’s book was reasonable and had repeatedly persuaded the members to accept it, but was rejected by Li Member.Li Yuan said that when he married you, he told you that he only loved you in this life, and he will never accept it.Zhao had to give up.

Because there is only one son, although the Li family has been taught for generations, but in Li Rende, Li Yuanwai and Zhao are still used to it.Especially Zhao’s, he is even more spoiled to his son Li Rende. Li Rende does whatever you want to eat, you can buy whatever you want, and you want whatever you want.

Li Rende has liked eating fish since he was a child, and he couldn’t leave the fish every day. If he did not have fish, he would not eat, even if he was hungry, he gurgically gurgled.Therefore, Li staff can have nothing at home, but the fish cannot be available.

Li Rende also has a problem. He never eats the dead fish bought, but he must watch the fish just removed from the water, and then the fish is now killed.Therefore, Li Yuanwai bought a large glass fish tank for his son Li Rende, which had a lot of fish inside.

In addition, Li Rende also has a hobby, that is, the fish that eats every day must be selected by him in the fish tank.Once, he went out to play and played all the time. When he came back, he couldn’t wait, so he asked Zhao.Zhao said, you can choose one.As a result, when he returned, he found that the fish had been done, and he became furious. Not only did he refuse to eat, but he also drove away the chef.Zhao had to say goodbye to him, saying that she asked the chef to do this, but in the end, the chef was deducted from one month’s salary.

For Li Rende, eating fish is a kind of enjoyment, and it is also a kind of happiness to choose to eat.Each time he chosen fish, he uses various ways.

For example, he loses a fish in the fish tank. See which fish eats the fish first, he eats which fish.He called this method of choosing fish.

For example, he made a mark outside the glass fish tank, and then dozens of numbers, to one, which fish travels here, and you eat which fish.He called this method of choosing fish.

For another example, he put his hand directly into the fish pond and grab it.He referred to this method of choosing fish as "straight grabbing method".

In order to meet the needs of his son’s selection of fish, Zhao instructed the housekeeper to raise a variety of fish in the fish tank for his son to choose.

In a blink of an eye, Li Rende is sixteen years old, but the habit of eating fish has not changed.

One day in spring, Li Rende returned from the outside and went to the fish pond to choose the fish he wanted to eat.

This time, he used the "mark method" to choose fish.He asked the girl to make a sign on the fish tank, and then started the number: ten, nine, eight … three, two, one.

But seeing a obese yellow carp was swimming here, Li Rende said that the yellow carp was caught and killed.

A girl stretched her hand into the fish tank to catch the yellow carp. However, after catching it for a long time, she didn’t catch it.The other girl stretched in again, but she still didn’t catch it for a long time.

Li Rende was a little angry, saying that even the fish couldn’t catch it, let me come, so he lifted his sleeve and put his hand into the fish tank to catch the yellow carp, but after catching it for a long time, he didn’t catch it.If you don’t grasp and eat you, I will not last surnamed Li.

So, he called the housekeeper and asked the housekeeper to catch it.The housekeeper looked at the yellow carp, and said to Li Rende, Master, I think this is a yellow carp that is about to lay eggs, or wait for her to finish the eggs before eating it.

As soon as Li Rende heard it, he laughed and said that the steward is crazy. Is this just a yellow carp?Do you think it is human?Is it a woman who is pregnant and is about to have children?Less nonsense with me, catch it!

There was no way, the housekeeper had to catch the yellow carp, however, but he didn’t catch it for a long time.

This time it completely angered Li Rende. He told the housekeeper that letting go all the water in the fish tank, and then grabbed the yellow carp and slaughtered it.

The housekeeper could only listen to him, put all the water in the fish tank, and then grabbed the yellow carp to the kitchen.

Li Rende came to the kitchen and looked at the yellow carp in the basin on the case, "Yellow carp, yellow carp, do you run, don’t you run?If you can still run now, Li Rende will never eat fish again.

Who knew that Li Rende’s words had just fallen, and suddenly a big snake was hanging from the beam of the room.

The two girls screamed in frightened, and Li Rende was frightened …

Li Yuan and Zhao heard that his son was stunned by snakes. He hurried over and got his son on the bed, and immediately asked the doctor to give his son a pulse.

The doctor said that it was not hindered, but he was faint and fainted for a while. After a while, he woke up. I prescribed a medicine and took a medicine and took it.

This incident was very exciting to Li Rende. Since then, he will never eat fish anymore, and he will vomit nausea when he sees the fish.

When Li Rende’s body recovered, Li Yuanwai told his wife Zhao’s that Rende was already sixteen, and he should marry him a daughter -in -law.The lady also nodded and said it was.

The Li family is a well -known rich household in Xiezhou City. Many girls want to marry the Li family as their daughter -in -law, so soon, the matchmakers from all walks of life came with the girl.After several rounds of screening, in the end, a woman named Zhou Lian was selected by Li Rende.

The Li family lifted Zhou Lian into Li Mansion and married Li Rende.

In the cave house, Li Rende looked at Zhou Lian, who was as beautiful as immortal, and was already impatient. However, when he was about to round the room, he suddenly had a headache.

Zhou Lian was also scared. She quickly dressed and called her father -in -law and said that Rende didn’t know what happened.

Li Yuan and Zhao came over in a hurry. Seeing his son’s face pale and sweating on his head, he called the doctor overnight.

The doctor said after the veins, strange, stable pulse, and it is not a big deal.He asked Rende how about it now?Rende said that it doesn’t hurt now, and it doesn’t hurt at all.Li Yuanwai looked at his son’s face and had restored rosy.The doctor said, for two days, to see if there is any headache symptoms, there is no need to take medicine now.After speaking, leave.

However, the next night, Li Rende had to do a room with his wife, and his head suddenly hurt again, just like yesterday’s cave room night.Zhou Lian was going to call Li Yuanwai and his wife again. Li Rende said, when you see it, if you don’t hurt, you don’t need to call them.

On the evening of the third day, Li Rendegang, who had not been with his wife’s round room, was about to walk with his wife, and his head suddenly hurt again …

Li Rende was very strange. Why did you always have a headache when he was about to do a house?After that, he tried several times with Zhou Lian, and he was still the same, but he was embarrassed to tell his parents that he had to endure himself.

Since then, Li Rende has never had a headache with Zhou Lian, and he has no headache. Therefore, Li Yuanwai and his wife did not care.

However, Li Rende and Zhou Lian became pro -pro -for three months, and Zhou Lian’s belly had not seen movement.Li Yuan was a little anxious, so he asked his son what was going on?Li Rende said, I do n’t know, maybe it ’s not time, and take a few months.

However, after another three months, Zhou Lian’s stomach still had no movement.Li Yuanwai asked his son to take Zhou Lian.

After taking Zhou Lian, Li Yuan found another one for his son.

However, in the cave room, Li Rende still could not have a headache with the bride Sun Rong Rong’s husband and wife.Sun Rongrong asked Li Rende what was going on?Li Rende said he didn’t know.

After three months of marriage, Li Yuan saw that his daughter -in -law had no stomach, and he was worried that his son would marry a woman who would not have a child, so he reminded his son to quickly let his wife get pregnant. Li Rende did not speak.

Half a year later, Sun Rongrong was still not pregnant.

After the rest of Sun Rongrong, Li Yuan had to marry his son again, and Li Rende said that he didn’t want his wife.

Li Yuan said, why not?Don’t daughter -in -law how to have children?How do you have a son?Isn’t that a son who has a son?No, must.

Li Rende said, Dad, I said no, don’t force me anymore, and I can’t give birth to my daughter -in -law …

Li Yuan said that his son, who could not have a child before, was because the two daughters -in -law would not be born, and just marry one. Our family is not without silver …

Zhao also said, son, listening to your father, and marrying a son who can definitely have a son.

Li Rende said, dad, mother, is not a problem for girls, but I ca n’t do a room with others, and a group of rooms will have a headache.

Li Yuan said, why not say it earlier?I thought it would never hurt anymore after the headache. It turned out to be painful.It depends on the doctor, you child.

Therefore, Li member asked the best doctor in the city to see the doctor, but after reading it, the doctor said that it seems that the body is not a big deal. Is it too nervous before the house?I prescribed a few medicines for him to eat. If that’s the same, please be clever.

As the doctor said, Li Yuan married his son another girl, but the cave room night was still the same, dare not touch the bride, and he had a headache when he touched it.

Li Rende was completely relieved to a woman. To the girl, "Let’s go, I’m not a complete man anymore. Follow me, you may keep a widow for a lifetime.

The girl said, worshiping the church, becoming a dear, I am your person, how do I let me go?

Li Rende said, I and you, and then give you a silver as a compensation … the girl agreed.

Therefore, Li Rende said to his parents, that’s it, I can’t delay the girls, I and her and Li.Li Yuan was helpless and had to promise his son and girl.

Li Yuan and his wife did not give up, inquired in many places to see a doctor for his son.

On this day, a monk came to Li Yuan’s abroad. When he saw Li Yuan’s frown, he asked Li Yuanwai to worry about it?Li Yuanwai talked about his son’s affairs to the monk.

The monk said that there is a green dragon view on the Zhongjo Mountain in 20 miles away. It is said that the Taoist Chief is good at watching various incurable diseases. You may wish to take your son to see it.

Li member Li thanked the monk and gave the monk to fifty two silver.After the monk left, Li Yuan immediately set up a carriage and went to Qinglong Guan with his son.

When I arrived at Qinglong Guan, when I saw Qinglong Dao Dao, Li Meiwai told the Dao to tell his son’s affairs, and let Dao Ye see what his son was?

The Dao looked at Li Rende, and then said that you caught a yellow carp for slaughter three years ago?

Li Rende said in surprise, yes, I like to eat fish. On that day, I chose fish in the fish tank and finally chose the yellow carp, but I ca n’t catch it, so I caught the yellow carp in the dried fish tank …

The captain asked again, did the yellow carp last swallowed by a snake?

Li Rende said, yes, after catching the yellow carp, he was placed in a basin on the kitchen case and was ready to slaughter and made a stew soup. Suddenly, the snake hanging from the beam was swallowed.

Dao Dao said, you probably do n’t know, the yellow carp you caught at that time was giving birth to thousands of children, and she was a yellow carp who was just going to be a mother. You slaughtered her, she would not care.But when you slaughtered her, it is also equivalent to killing millions of children who are about to give birth in her belly, so she can’t forgive you. In this life, you don’t want to marry your daughter -in -law again, because you can’t be a husband when you marry your daughter -in -law, let alone give birth.child……

Li Yuan said anxiously, can there be no way to remedy the master?

Dao said, no, at least I didn’t, the owner, please return it.

As soon as Li heard it, he immediately turned black and fell to the ground all at once.The Taoist chief hurriedly rescued.

After a while, Li Yuan woke up, and Li Rende helped his father on the carriage home.

One year later, due to the depression of the day, Li Yuan and Zhao died one after another.Li Rende buried his parents and gave all the fields in the countryside to the households. The shops in the city left only one room for themselves, and the house only left a small yard for themselves.Give welfare home.

Since then, Li Rende has lived in a small shop and lived a life -threatening life.

He set up a altar for the yellow carp in a room, with yellow carp like fish food on the contest.

Every night, Li Rende is coming here to regret it, pray for yellow carp over and over again …

One night a year later, Li Rende came to the Huangcai contestant to pray for the yellow carp again, and suddenly found that the yellow carp puppet was alive. He opened his mouth and said to him, Li Rende, you were also a kind child, but because of the because ofOnly when the parents were used to the coquettishness, they became arrogant and ignored life, but you later woke up, and did a lot of good deeds. He also set up a festival for me.No death.The snake was a friend of mine and came to save me.It sent me into my home Yellow River again.I have completed the final practice there.

Therefore, I have forgiven you and pray for the deity to lift the blockade of your yang veins. You can already do things like ordinary men.At noon tomorrow, you go to the southeast corner of the market to wait for someone. There will be a girl named Huang Yingniang to find you, and it will marry you …

Li Rende blinked and looked at it again, but the festival was still the yellow carp puppet.

Is Huangca entrusted me to dream?I’m really the same as ordinary men?Can I really marry a wife and have children?

Looking at the puppet and yellow carp on the altar, although he didn’t believe it, he may be his own illusion, but at noon, he went to the southeast corner of the market to wait.

When I came to the southeast corner of the market, I waited for about a time, and I saw a girl walking from a distance. She was about fifteen or six years old. She was handsome and beautiful.

The girl came to Li Rende and asked, are you Li Rende?

Li Rende said, exactly, are you called Huang Yingniang?

The girl said, yes.Will you marry me?

Li Rende said, you are so beautiful, of course, I am willing, but I do n’t know you, how do you know me, and you still have to marry me?

Huang Yingniang said that I am a householder of your family. I rented ten acres of land. I have not had much left except for rent every year, because my family has a lot of people and many children.If you encounter the disaster year, you will not eat enough after the rent is paid, and you can’t even afford it.This time, you gave all the land to my house. You need not pay it anymore. My parents are very grateful to know that you have not married a wife, and let me marry you …

Li Rende then understood what was going on. It seems that good people really have a good report, and it was really life before.So he said that I would marry you.

Three days later, Li Rende and Huang Yingniang met.All the children and welfare homes in the countryside and many people in Xiezhou City came to celebrate.

In the cave room night, the couple were lingering, like lacquer like glue, and Li Rende had no headache again.

On the second day, Li Rende brought Ying Niang to the grave to his parents. He said, dad, mother, and son’s illness. Now he has married his daughter -in -law. I took your daughter -in -law to burn the paper for you.

One year later, Huang Yingniang gave birth to a son and named Li Diseen.

Because Li Rende has done good deeds, his name has spread throughout Xiezhou City, so the business business he operated is getting better and better.Three years later, from a shop to ten shops.Ten years later, his shop developed to fifty, almost all over the city of Jiezhou, becoming a well -known rich household in Xiezhou City.

After having money, he continued to do good deeds, paved the way for the local people to build a bridge, support the poor to help the poor, set up a school, and let the poor families from studying for free, becoming the local enlightened gentleman.Ying Niang gave birth to another two men. She taught her husband at home, and all four children became large.

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