Five months of pregnancy, I was kicked out of the house by my father -in -law@Dou+Assistant

My father -in -law drove me out.

I was kicked out by my father -in -law during pregnancy.Today, this story will definitely stay in my five -month pregnancy. My husband and I were forced out of the house with my father with the boss.

In fact, I was thinking that every girl had a life after getting married. I didn’t want to lift up with you every day. In that case, it was better to spend a person.A few years before the marriage, my husband and I lived happily. My parents who closed their mouths had no children at the time, nor was it a formal marriage.But when you have a child, you will understand that your family contradictions will really start to live together.

He really has a ditch, and there will be many opinions.What happened a few years before marriage when I was not unified. Generally, I just pretended to be pretended to hear. I also thought that I shouldn’t care about it.You will find that for a long time in the future, they will pinch you as soft persimmons.

Just when I was five months pregnant, I moved out and stayed and rented a house.I still remember that the summer was particularly hot at that time. With a high temperature of 40 degrees, I found a house by the road with a five -month belly.In fact, there are many contradictions between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law in life. I think these are normal, but there should be not many contradictions with father -in -law.But this happened to me.

My boss is a girl, because he usually loves food, but she also loves greedy.So as a mother, I always loved him and kept him from eating too much.And my girl seems to have never been full, and she has always had to eat.I took a banana for my father -in -law as soon as I ate it. I said that my father didn’t let him eat, and then my father -in -law asked my daughter to eat.I asked the girl to come over and put it on the table at the time, guess my father -in -law did.

He even threw the banana in front of me, and when I was angry, I pulled the girl and left.Because I take care of the face of my family, I am afraid that outsiders jokes us.So this matter was buried in my heart for so long.Today I also had a great courage.

Then I said here, I think I might be the elder how he is an elder to me, and I don’t speak.After I went out, I even heard my father -in -law saying that he wanted my husband to hit me.This also made me too chilling. He was going to hit me with a five -month -old belly.So at the time, I told my husband and I went directly to live outside.After so long, I think about the mood at that time. I am still so sad.

I thought about why I treat me so seriously?There are three reasons.

· 1. It is because I bully them to understand me.

· 2. I feel that our marriage is stable and children will not divorce.

· 3. Because no one can support me for me, I will be looked down on. Fortunately, my husband maintains me.

Otherwise, I really didn’t know how to continue to live down.

I hope my story will be inspired by you.The next video will continue to share my real story.

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