Five misunderstandings should be noted in cupping

Cupping has the effect of regulating the body, which can alleviate the fatigue of the body, and can treat a variety of chronic diseases. Everyone should pay attention to the correct way. After cupping, you should not take a bath immediately. Try to keep your body warm.The problem of inflammatory infection, minimize skin friction after cupping, what misunderstandings should be paid to cupping?

Five misunderstandings to pay attention to cupping

1. Take a bath after cupping: Some people like to take a bath immediately after cupping. They think it will be very comfortable. In fact, it is a very wrong method. After cupping, the skin is relatively fragile. Immediately bathing will cause damage to the skin and easily cause skin inflammation.

2. The longer the extraction time, the better: the longer the cupping is, the better. Many people think that the longer the cupping time, the better, the long cupping time will cause damage to the skin, and it can easily cause skin blisters.It can also cause skin infection.

3. Repeat repeatedly: If the cupping is not effective, it will be pulled twice. The same position is repeatedly cupping, which will cause serious damage to the skin. When cupping, you should change to a few more positions so that the treatment effect can be increased.

4. Draw when you are uncomfortable: Some people feel that they will cupping if they are uncomfortable. It is very bad for cupping when the body is uncomfortable. Frequent cupping will affect human health, so it is not recommended to cupping frequently.

5. The darker the meat color after cupping, the better: under normal circumstances, the skin’s skin has a certain osmotic pressure. The power of cupping is less damage to the skin blood vessels, but if the cupping time is too long, the skin capillaries will rupture.

Three major precautions during cupping:

1. Try to choose a full muscle in cupping, and pay attention to regulatory regulation. It is important to choose the appropriate cupping site. For improper positions, it is not suitable for cupping. Pay attention to the correct choice when cupping. The appropriate acupoint can promote metabolism.It has the effect of passing the scriptures.

2. Cupping should choose a tank of the right size according to the area size. When operating, it must be quickly tightened. The adsorption is stronger. For those with severe damage to the skin, it is not suitable for cupping.It is not advisable to cupping, and it is not suitable for cupping if you are hungry or full.

3. For people with ulcers with the skin, it is not advisable to cupping, high -heat convulsions should not be cupping. Women during pregnancy cannot cupping. Cupping should choose the appropriate time period. Women are best cupping five days after menstruation. Cupping can eliminate human fatigue fatigue.But people with damage to the skin, cupping will aggravate skin damage.

The time to stay during cupping should not be too long, otherwise it will cause skin blisters. If the skin has blisters, pay attention to the proper treatment. Try to do skin disinfection work to avoid inflammatory infection.Disinfection with iodophor, pay attention to take a bath immediately after cupping.

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