Fight for 3 tires for love!The 55 -year -old Yi Neng was pregnant and became pregnant. The fetus in the abdomen was a boy and went to the United States to protect the fetus.

For a long time, Yi Nengjing has been a very controversial female artist. From her debut to now, Yi Nengjing has experienced a lot. Each time, it can set off a wave of waves. It belongs to his own hot search constitution.

Especially what her son Harry did was to push Yi Nengjing to the cusp. Netizens accused her of her behavior, thinking that Yi Nengjing did not teach his son well, and was an incompetent mother.

Whether it is worthy of the mother’s title, this is not impossible to point out Jiangshan, but it is undeniable that Yi Nengjing is a not easy character …

At the age of 55, because of her sudden bloated body, she was guessed by the media to be pregnant with 3 babies, and she was completely fighting!

According to the media, Yi Nengjing did not dare to have a big move when he was attending the event. When he appeared, someone moved his stools up, and then she had been sitting there and did not leave the seat throughout the process.

In addition, Yi Nengjing’s condition was also very bad that day. His face looked swollen, and his face was pregnant. The clothes also chose a loose style;

When the activity was in progress, Yi Nengjing still touched his abdomen from time to time, for fear that some accidents would happen.

Regarding the details of this child, the media also disclosed more inside story. It is reported that Yi Nengjing has been pregnant in May, and it is a boy. After some time, he will go to the United States for delivery.

To put it in the eyes and eyes, it really looks like a real thing, but is it true that it has not yet received any response from any parties, but from the perspective of Yineng Jing’s past day, it is most likely true.

As we all know, Yi Nengjing had a marriage once. At the age of 18, she met 26 -year -old Yu Chengqing. The two fell in love with a public relationship and got married in 2000.

Two years after marriage, Yi Nengjing successfully gave birth to his son Yu Enli. In the 9 years, she has always maintained a loving husband and wife relationship with her husband, but eventually failed;

In 2009, Yi Nengjing’s brokerage company issued a divorce statement, which officially declared marriage failure.

The failure of the first relationship brought infinite pain to Yi Nengjing. She spent 5 years and came out. Afterwards, she joined the relationship with Qin Hao. The young 10 -year -old boyfriend also became Yi Nengjing’s.The second husband.

Because of the relationship between siblings, the two of them are often reported to the red light, because the mother -in -law is too old to abandon the daughter -in -law, or the two people’s three views, etc. In short, there will be news of divorce every time.

But this is not the case. Qin Hao deeply loves Yi Nengjing in his heart, and he has not abandoned her age. Except for the other party, there is really no other shortcomings.

It is also amazing. Yi Nengjing is very good. The husband who marrys is very pragmatic, and it is completely incompatible with romance. Qin Hao is the best example. He does not know how to make surprises. Even Valentine’s Day is an important festival.Also directly pay the payment;

One year after marrying Qin Hao, Yi Nengjing gave birth to a daughter as "Xiaomi". It is said that the sadness of the outsiders could not be appreciated at all.

At that time, Yi Nengjing was 48 years old, far exceeding the age of an elderly mother, and it was almost impossible to conceive naturally. However, Yi Nengjing, who was unwilling to lose in his life, was willing to give up easily.

In 2014, some media photographed Yi Nengjing’s face pale, sitting on the steps and almost fainted in one butt. Later, I learned that she had just finished adhesion at that

Because her body is too bad, my friends next to Yineng always ridiculed her, and felt that her face couldn’t see it at all. In this case, she was pregnant, which is almost impossible;

What’s more, there have been adverse reactions. In order to get pregnant smoothly, Yi Nengjing repeatedly edemaed the body, which caused the body to repeat edema. Even the doctor advised her to give up.

Since you can’t conceive naturally, you can accept test tube babies. From the process of injections and medicine to egg retrieval, every step is very difficult, but Yi Nengjing has come over;

In the end, she was still pregnant and gave birth to a girl in 2016.

It sounds a bit cowardly with the danger of life to give birth to a child, but it is just a manifestation of love each other. Otherwise, who would be willing to suffer so much and have nothing to do with his own life?

With the crystallization of love, it is not enough for Yi Nengjing. Qin Hao is the only child in the family. She thinks that she is responsible for passing the ancestors, so she sought her husband and mother -in -law many times, hoping to have 3 babies.

Regarding this proposal, the two are naturally opposed, and not to mention whether there are conditions for raising, the stars must not have to worry about these, but Yi Nengjing is not young, and there must be a great danger of having a child.

Now there are good news. It seems that in the aspect of giving birth to a baby, Yi Nengjing has done a lot of ideological work, and it is determined that it is a boy. As long as the child is born safely, he can fulfill the dream of his children.

When it comes to going abroad, Yi Nengjing has arrived in the United States some time ago. After staying there for a while, I flew to the UK to visit my son. It can be seen that it should be prepared.It’s around.

At the age of 55, you still have to fight for 3 babies. What do you think of this?

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