Fetal hypoxia how to do

The fetus also needs oxygen in the mother’s belly. If the expectant mother does not pay attention, it is likely to cause your fetus baby to cause hypoxia, which is very dangerous.When the fetus is hypoxic, the expectant mother also responds, so it must be paid attention.


1. Maternal factors, insufficient oxygen content of maternal blood is an important cause.Such as maternal sufferings with hypertrophy, severe anemia, carbon monoxide poisoning, shock and acute infection fever caused by various reasons.

2. Placenta and umbilical cord factors, umbilical cord blood transportation is blocked, such as the umbilical cord is too long, too short, umbilical cord winding, knotting, twisting, and low placenta function.Some pregnant mothers have a low function of pregnancy due to the low placenta function.

3. Fetal factors, fetal suffering from severe congenital cardiovascular disease, intracranial hemorrhage, fetal malformations, etc.Fetal distress occurs mainly in the process of delivery and can also occur in the late pregnancy.


1. Insufficient oxygen content of the mother’s blood: The oxygen required by the fetus comes from the mother, and the placental velvet clearance is exchanged.When the following factors occur, hypoxia will occur.

2. Blood oxygen transportation and exchange obstacles between maternal fetuses

3. Fetal factors: severe cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, fetal malformations, maternal blood type inconsistency, fetal intrauterine infection, intracranial hemorrhage, and road brain injury.

treatment method:

1. Oxygen absorption.Once pregnant women find that the fetus has hypoxia, they should immediately seek medical treatment to supplement oxygen.Oxygen inhalation can increase the blood oxygen concentration of pregnant women, and use placental blood flow to bring oxygen to the fetus, interrupt the fetal hypoxia process, improve the fetal growth and development environment, extend the time of the fetus in the child’s growth to ensure the smooth development of the fetus.

2. Keep the position of the left side.By improving the posture of pregnant women to improve the symptoms of hypoxia in the fetus. Generally, the left side position is usually increased, and the blood supply to the uterus and placenta can also increase the oxygen content in the mother blood through absorbing oxygen, thereby improving clinical symptoms.

3. Acute treatment.The first exposure of Gongkou Kaibi is 3 cm below the sciatic spine plane.The cervix has not fully expand the distress of the fetus, and can be absorbed by oxygen. By improving the mother’s blood oxygen content to improve the supply of fetal blood oxygen, the mother is instructed to lie on the left side. Observe for 10 minutes. If the fetal heart rate becomes normal, it can continue to be observed.If the fetal heart rate is abnormal due to abnormal fetal heart rate due to the use of oxytocin contraction, the early symptoms of pregnancy should be stopped immediately to continue observing whether it can be normal.

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