Fertilized eggs will feel in bed. If you have these 6 performances, congratulations on your pregnancy

Last night I dreamed that my roommate was pregnant with a second child. Today, I sent a WeChat to ask her if she was really pregnant.She was surprised because it was true!I was a bumper harvest in her family, but she couldn’t expect her to be sad!

Because she didn’t know her pregnancy, she took a lot of medicine, and the doctor suggested that she had a miscarriage.

Maybe many women have encountered similar situations, which is really bad, so the necessary pregnancy knowledge still needs to be mastered in advance.

Under normal circumstances, the fertilized eggs occur in 6-7 days after fertilization, and the bed is completed within 11-12 days.Sensitive women, especially second -born mothers, will feel a week after fertilization and realize that they are pregnant.

But for some women, just like my roommate, I am pregnant without knowing it.So what are the performances of fertilized eggs?

1. Men stop menstruation

This woman with a regular holiday law is relatively accurate!When you find that there are no menstruation and intended for pregnancy for more than 10 days, you can go to the hospital for pregnancy test.

2. inexplicable fatigue

I usually do n’t have the habit of lunch break, because I ’m going to fall asleep at night, but when I was pregnant, of course, I did n’t know that I was pregnant. I was inexplicable when I was at noon. I had to sleep.

This is because after pregnancy, progesterone increases rapidly, and progesterone has hypnotic effects, so it will make the mother feel tired and lethargic.Some will disappear one month in the early pregnancy, while others continue the entire early pregnancy.

3. Nose nausea

Women who respond to early pregnancy usually have symptoms of vomiting after getting up in the morning after getting up in the morning.And early pregnancy response generally disappears on its own around 12 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, when you are noticed, you may have been pregnant.

4. Motion sickness

For girls who usually do not have symptoms of motion sickness, some motion sickness will occur in early pregnancy, and the symptoms of motion sickness will disappear in 11 and 12 days.

5. Stomach spasm

After pregnancy, the uterus has increased, and the pain caused by the ligament of the uterus. This phenomenon will disappear 11 days and 12 days after fertilization.

6. The breasts become larger and painful

After menopause, the breast swelling feels, the nipples have mild pain, the areola deeper, and the brown nodules appear, which is often a manifestation of pregnancy.

1. Early pregnancy test paper

Pregnant couples prepare early pregnancy test strips early, and general pharmacies are sold.Once a woman finds her menopause, it is best to see if she is really pregnant.

How to use, you can read the instructions. Generally speaking, morning urine testing is more accurate!

2. Hospital examination

This should be the most reliable option, mainly urine examination, blood drawing, gynecological examination, B -ultrasound, etc. Generally, the results can be produced on the same day!

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