Ferry!Tianshui 1 man punched and kicked when his wife was pregnant …

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Huang and Xi were introduced in 2011. The two parties began to live together after holding a wedding ceremony on October 1, 2012 according to local customs.Font size: J620522-2012-002136).

After the marriage, the two sides gave birth to a daughter on July 16, 2013 (Xiangmou 1), and one son (Xiangmou 2) was born on September 4, 2016.After introducing the understanding of Huang and Xun, after a brief contact, the two sides got married without in -depth understanding.

Due to the lack of understanding before marriage, the foundation of the emotional foundation is relatively weak, and the characteristics of personality characteristics, ideological concepts, and living habits are very different. After marriage, the two sides have seriously affected the relationship between husband and wife because of family trivial matters and cold war.In the usual time, the two sides have fewer languages and lack basic communication and communication.

Huang also performed violence with Huang when he was in the second child.

In February 2018, the two sides argued due to trivial matters. She beat Huang’s head and asked Huang to kneel kneeling to apologize to his parents.When Huang’s family learned of it, he had to pick up Huang to go home, and he threatened with a knife.庭 has no family responsibility, just eat, drink, drink, and eat, never whether the two children live and study.

Since 2020, Xunmou has often returned early and returned home in the middle of the night.Not only did she beat Huang at random, La’s parents had no respect for Huang, often insulting words, beatings, and even provoking the relationship between the two sides.

On January 8, 2021, Xunmou beaten Huang again for no reason. Two days later, the parents of Xunmou started with Huang Mou with various excuses, and Huang called the police station in the Beiguan Police Station of Qin’an County.Over the years, in order to give the children a complete home, Huang has suffered in this marriage life that has been suppressed and suffered from domestic violence, but what she did is to make Huang sad and desperate.Over the years, the relationship is exhausted, and the relationship between the husband and wife has completely ruptured, without any good possibilities.The people’s court requested the decision of marriage in accordance with the law.

She argued that there is a emotional foundation between I and Huang. The relationship before marriage is good. I have not been beaten frequently. The husband and wife live together. There must be friction. It is normal.Give children a complete family; our husband and wife have no rupture and feelings.It is hoped that the court will help mediation and restore marriage.Therefore, I resolutely disagree with divorce.

Huang made a claim to the court:

1. Order to divorce Huang and Xun in accordance with the law;

2. Orderly ordered the wedding and life girl to be raised by Huang, and the marriage of the child, Xunmou 2 was raised by Xunmou, and the maintenance costs were borne by themselves;

3. The litigation cost of the case shall be ordered by Law.

The parties submitted evidence around the lawsuit in accordance with the law, and the parties organized the parties to conduct a cross -examination.The court has confirmed and evidenced by the parties without objections.

The hospital believes that Huang and Xun Mou voluntarily register for marriage through free love. The couple’s relationship with the first marriage is better, and they have two children, and they have established a couple’s relationship.During the common life, although the two sides had contradictions due to family chores, the relationship between husband and wife was discordated, but she expressed disagreement from divorce. There was no principle contradiction between the two sides, and the relationship between the husband and wife had not completely ruptured.In the future, as long as the husband and wife can properly handle the marriage and family relationship, from the perspective of the healthy growth of families and children, related love, mutual respect, mutual loyalty, mutual forgiveness and mutual presence, to safeguard the interests of the family, and hope that it is hopeful.of.Therefore, Huang’s request for divorce is not supported.

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