Female astronauts were pregnant unexpectedly. The boy was born and grew up in Mars. This science fiction film is creative

Hello everyone, this time, I will tell you a science fiction film "Beyond the World", which was released in the United States on February 3rd on February 3.

The actor is a boy born and grew up in Mars. He has a high IQ. How powerful is it?

At the beginning of the movie, the head of the US Astronautics Agency came with a passionate speech.

Because of the shortage of earth resources and the population is more and more, I have to go to Mars to prepare for immigration.

After some sensationality, several astronauts went to Mars to visit the road gloriously.

Then, one of the female astronauts became pregnant at a time, and I didn’t pay attention, it was really.

Just a big belly to Mars.

The female astronaut gave birth to the child, but she died.

In a blink of an eye, 16 years later.

The son of a female astronaut, the male lead of the film, has grown up on Mars.

Is it handsome and handsome? He also played another beautiful science fiction film "Ande’s Game".

The male lead has never been a friend of the same age, and it is empty and lonely.So a racing of the car was almost destroyed.

Fortunately, a aunt who liked him saved him.

As long as you look good, you won’t be single even in Mars!

(This world of looking at the face, single dog editor cried and fainted in the toilet)

The handsome male lead has reached a girl on the earth on the Internet. He has a good relationship and chatting every day.

Soon after, the male lead can finally return to the earth. He hurriedly watched the love action film to learn the posture and was ready to meet with the girl.

The male lead also found a small video of his mother and a handsome guy.

It should be his biological father, so the male lead decided to find this man on the earth.

Finally arrived on the earth, but his body was not adapted to the gravity of the earth, and he needed to observe for a period of time in the hospital.

But the male lead couldn’t wait, so he ran away.Before being caught, he met the girl smoothly.

So the two went to find the male lead’s father.

The old man who gave a speech at the beginning of the Aerospace, and the aunt on the Mars had to find the male lead together.

The male and female heroes ran all the way, not only driving, but also driving the plane, but my sister!

Then this guy is in the car … hey!Where can I touch it?

Xiao Bian was forcibly fed a wave of dog food …

Then spend the night in the wild.

But the good times are not long. The gravity of the earth is greater than Mars. Because the male body is not very suitable, it is almost possible.

Finally, I finally found the handsome guy in that photo. Seeing that the father and son would recognize each other, Xiaobian was ready to tears and paper towels.

Of course, it is not his father’s father, it’s his uncle!Yes, it’s his mother’s brother!

So the frustrated male lead will vote for the sea to commit suicide ~

At the critical moment, the old man of the Aerospace came and said: I am your father!(っ ° °;) っ

It turns out that this is the biological father of the male lead!

Later, in order to save the male lead, the old man flew out of the earth with a spacecraft, and the male lead finally recovered in a stateless state.

In the end, the male lead returned to Mars with his father. It seems that Dad is going to live in Mars with his son in Mars.

As soon as the camera turned, the heroine was conducting aerospace training and was preparing to go to Mars and the male lead.

This is the end of the movie, and it is another complete ending.

Now it seems that there are not many science fiction elements in this film, and there are a lot of youth, love, and adventure.

The theme of the movie is quite creative. The overall is very relaxed and happy, and the actor’s face value is also high. Although the plot is more bloody, it is generally good. Do you say it?

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