Feelings are dying and quarrels. His wife is 8 months of pregnancy. Divorced divorce one year. The ex -wife defendant went to court

There is a man named Xu Hongjun in Zhuangziying Village, Shunyi District, Beijing. He raised his ex -wife and hated itching. His ex -wife was a woman named Ban Yongjun. Xu Hongjun said what happened between him and Ban Yongjun.If you are unclear, take these large tile houses he lives now. There are a total of twelve rooms in the past, and it is not the kind of ordinary large tile house.The air -conditioned house, even if it is in the countryside in Beijing, is also a small wealth.And now it is empty, and Ban Yongjun has been emptied.

When others introduced him to Ban Yongjun a few years ago, how good she told her, it made him believe it. The days when the two were just together, it was okay.It is normal for two people to conflict because of various small things, but Xu Hongjun also said that it is normal for the two to live a little on the life. HoweverWhen I was pregnant, this pregnancy completely detonated their contradictions.

After learning that he was pregnant, he said to Xu Hongjun: You can’t pit me, so let the child pit me.Xu Hongjun heard the fog in the clouds. When Ban Yongjun was 8 months pregnant, she suddenly ran to the hospital to induce labor and was stopped by herself. Only then did she keep the child’s life.Before weanted for more than 2 months, Ban Yongjun ran away from home. Then Xu Hongjun received a divorce subpoena from the court. The two finally divorced, and the child also sentenced Xu Hongjun to Xu Hongjun.

But one year after the two divorced, Xu Hongjun once again brought his ex -wife Ban Yongjun to court, saying that he and Ban Yongjun had a account.Xu Hongjun said that before the two of them divorced, he borrowed a sum of money from others because of his family affairs. In his opinion, this should be a debt during the existence of the husband and wife.bear.Regarding the debt, Ban Yongjun said that she had never heard of it and asked the court to reject Xu Hongjun’s lawsuit.

Ban Yongjun said whether she was unclear whether there was this account, but she knew a little, with Xu Hongjun’s character, even if this account was not, he could change it.At this time, Brother Ban Yongjun couldn’t hear it anymore, saying that Xu Hongjun was a well -known Lai Pi in the village. When his sister came together with him, the whole family had fiercely opposed it because they felt that Xu Hongjun was impure.At first, Xu Hongjun still had a woman, and began a blind date without divorce with his wife, saying that he should first look at whether the next wife is in love, etc. This makes the family of Ban Yongjun feel that he is looking for a spare tire. IfYou can continue to live with your wife.

Xu Hongjun said that he had died with his ex -wife at that time. After knowing Ban Yongjun for a week, Xu Hongjun divorced his wife, and he would get a marriage certificate with Ban Yongjun in the afternoon of the day.This was opposed by the family of Ban Yongjun, because Ban Yongjun married from Hebei to Beijing. She had a husband’s surname Hu. After a few years after marriage, her husband died. Ban Yongjun took it alone.Her daughter lived, and her husband left Ban Yongjun after his death. He had a large legacy of Ban Yongjun. The 12 large tile houses and hundreds of acres of land and forests were previously left.

The family of Ban Yongjun saw that their mother -in -law was lonely, and wanted her to make another relative, so although she couldn’t get used to Xu Hongjun and didn’t stop it too much.The fields under the name of the king’s name are breeding and the like, but they have been rejected because they suspect that Xu Hongjun wants to slowly occupy his sister’s property, and Ban Yongjun also covers his property.Seeing that the plan was not achieved, Xu Hongjun actually set fire and burned the forest, and also beat Ban Yongjun. Ban Yongjun had to divorce Xu Hongjun because of these reasons, but at this time, Ban Yongjun was pregnant.Drag.

Now that the two have returned to their own lives, Xu Hongjun came to do things again. Ban Yongjun and his family were very angry. Ban Yongjun said that he absolutely did not agree with the mediation.Unexpectedly, it was withdrawn, which made people even more confused. Later, Xu Hongjun accidentally revealed his true thoughts in the interview and said that he knew his approach.He wanted to get revenge on the class of the class.It’s so popular: I don’t have a good time, don’t think about it, I can’t hurt you if I can’t hurt you.Because he was unbalanced in his heart, all the property that belonged to Ban Yongjun was her pre -marital property. Xu Hongjun did not hold it in one point, and because of Ban Yongjun’s insistence, the court sentenced the child to Xu Hongjun to raise him even more.Buried, so Xu Hongjun was unconvinced, and then he came out.

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