Faye Wong’s airport was encountered, and her small belly was pregnant like pregnancy. Nicholas Tse or became a father again?

In recent days, a netizen met Faye Wong and her assistant at a airport.Faye Wong was wearing a beige trench coat and ink gray casual pants, carrying a cross -body bag, and the assistant next to him pushed a light luggage.Her low -key image is amazing.When the fans in the car shouted Faye Wong, she turned to signal to them and greeted them patiently.Her affinity makes people feel warm.

However, a side photo caused everyone to speculate.Judging from the photo, Faye Wong’s little belly raised slightly, which caused people to speculate whether she was pregnant.However, because there was wind that day, and Faye Wong wore a loose sweater, this bulge may only be blown by the wind.Nevertheless, netizens are still discussing this topic extensively.

Recalling March, the media took pictures of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong holding hands at the airport.Although they did not avoid taboos, the outside world was still full of guessing their relationship.Later, the two often went out to travel together, and it was inevitable to live together during this period.If we look at the timeline, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong may be pregnant when they are holding hands.Judging from the stomach of the netizen’s news, she seemed to be about two or three months pregnant.This makes people start guessing that Nicholas Tse may become a father again.

If Faye Wong is really pregnant and the two have not yet registered, we don’t know if they will take this opportunity to register to get married.After all, it is not easy for two people to come together.If Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong really married in the end, I believe that there will be many fans move.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are a star couple who has received much attention in the Chinese music scene.Although their feelings experienced twists and turns, they eventually came together.Let ’s take a look at the timeline where Faye Wong and Nicholas Tsented together.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse met and fell in love in 1999. The two played their hands from "Fantastic Year of the Year" to celebrate the merits, and let the media shoot their faces. It was the first time that he sprinkled dog food.Later, they broke up and reconciled, and broke up again.However, the two did not give up their feelings for each other.Buried is not the same as death, as is emotional.They each looked for someone to get married, gave birth to baby, and left again.

In 2014, Nicholas Tse announced that he had been with Faye Wong.This news made many people feel excited and surprised, because they really came together.

In 2015, the love between Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse heated up again, and they spent Valentine’s Day together.This time, they did not avoid taboos, but publicly shared their photos on social media.This move makes people feel that their feelings have stabilized.In the same year, the two traveled together again. On the way, with him, with her, and with the loved ones, it was really better than seeing thousands of beautiful scenery.

In 2016, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse were still so sweet and loving.In the same year, they also attended the wedding of their friends together.This move makes people feel that their love has been stable to the point where it is difficult to shake.

In general, the relationship between Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse experienced many twists and turns, but they eventually came together.Their road is full of bumps and bitterness, but their love is sincere and firm.The way of their feelings is also full of meaning of life. Their love story tells us that we should strengthen our beliefs, be brave to face difficulties, and believe that true love will come.

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