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Moderator: As the saying goes, peach raising people, apricot hurts people.In the last issue, we talked about the peaches of raising people. In this issue, let ’s take a look at the apricot. The pice of the apricot are delicious. The almonds in the nucleus can be used for dual medicine.The sweet almonds of soup can be used as the bitter almonds, and the big almonds that eat snacks?Are these three the same?Why is there any basis for "apricot injury"?In this issue of "Fang Cao Baiwei", Pengpeng invited Chen Yanxia from the Ministry of Pharmacy of the Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province to talk to you about apricot and almonds.

Chen Yanxia: There are too many delicious fruits in summer. I have just finished lychee, yellow skin, longan, and peaches and apricots. These are all fruits and medicinal materials.Let’s take a look at the almonds related to Xing.Almonds are divided into north and south. The northern almonds are dry and mature seeds of Rosaceae plant mountain apricot, Siberian apricot, northeast apricot, or apricot. South almonds are dry and mature seeds for cultivating apricot flavor such as the rosaceae plant crystal apricot and golden leaf big apricot.The taste of northern almonds is bitter, and the south almond taste is sweet. Therefore, north almond is also known as bitter almonds, and South almonds are also called sweet almonds.The skin of the bitter almond fruit is dark yellow, and the texture on it is relatively thin, small, thick, flat heart, top tip, blunt and thick at the base, slightly asymmetric left and right; the skin of sweet almond fruit is pale yellow, on the skin on the skinThe lines are relatively thick, with flat ovate, one end round, the tip of the other end, large and flat, the base is slightly symmetrical, and it is slightly larger than bitter almond.The taste of bitter almonds is slightly bitter, the sex is slightly warm, and the lungs and the large intestine are returned to the lungs.It has the effects of relieving cough, asthma, and intestinal laxative.Sweet almond flavor is slightly sweet, flat, moisturizing phlegm, cough and asthma, and the medicinal strength is relatively gentle.The treatment effects of the two are similar, but there are some differences. The cough effect of bitter almond town is stronger than the south almonds and longer than the qi.Bitter almonds are generally used for medicine, and sweet almonds are mostly used for diet.Nut almonds that are usually used as snacks, commonly known as "Badanmu", are actually seeds of peach plant tonsils or their peers.The same thing.It is worth noting that the biggest difference between bitter almonds and sweet almonds is whether there is toxicity. Although the composition of the two is roughly the same, the content of bitter almondoside is different. The bitter almondoside is bitter and efficacy, and it is also the source of toxicity.The content of bitter almondin in sweet almonds is not high and the toxicity is not high.After hydrolysis of bitter almondoside, hydrocyanic acid can be produced. Trace hydrocyanic acid can inhibit the respiratory center of the person and play a role of antitussive and asthma.Bitter almonds have small poison, and the application process should be controlled to make it exert the effect and avoid poisoning.Therefore, the saying goes to say that "apricot injury" has a certain scientific basis.

Chen Yanxia

Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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