Fan Bingbing was called pregnant by netizens, so she responded like this

Hello, yes, yes, I have appeared cute, I haven’t seen it for a long time, I miss it, and today I rely on milk tea hot pot fried chicken burgers with entertainment gossip and renewing my life. You said that if you have a hand, you can pay attention to it. Remember to pay some attention., Let’s agree to eat the melon in this entertainment industry. If you accidentally let go of my hand one day, how to find me in the vast sea of people, oh oh, so in order to prevent such a tragedy, remember to follow me.Ha, alas, your hand is given to you, but you have to hold it firmly!嘤

Li Chen and Fan Bingbing have attracted everyone’s attention since they announced their relationship. The two often participated in variety shows together, very high -profile and affection.It also allows netizens to have reason to believe that they have identified each other’s life with each other.Who knows that he still broke up later.

After breaking up, Fan Bingbing has been silent for a long time in the circle. Since Fan Bingbing’s gradually returns, there are also many news about her on the Internet that have never stopped.Some netizens said that Fan Bingbing also had Li Chen’s feelings to finally make Fan Bingbing hurt, and since then she has no hope for love.She also revealed that she married a 71 -year -old rich and pregnant, which surprised many people.

It turned out that because he was photographed at the airport, he was blessed a lot, and he was armed.So many netizens suspect that Fan Bingbing is pregnant.In fact, the female stars are very good -looking for themselves, and they must maintain a good figure.If you relax your body slightly, you will make yourself a lot of blessings, so there will be many armed suspicion and negative news.

For netizens’ suspicion, Fan Bingbing also responded: "His body has always been slightly fat, so it is more likely to have misunderstandings."The studio also ridiculed him to control the amount of food, and don’t cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

Fan Bingbing has rarely appeared in everyone’s vision since breaking up with Li Chen, and rarely her news appeared.Since her tax evacuation storm has been exposed, she worsen her career.Now gradually returning to the entertainment industry has attracted the same attention.The news about her also flies, and today’s "golden lock" is no longer before.

Unconsciously, we have been talking for so long!The above is purely the personal point of view of the editor. What do the friends think?Welcome to leave a message, I feel that we can’t finish it for three days and three nights?That being the case, then come again for three days and three nights!Shenma, Three Lives III?Then you have to stay in my ten miles of peach blossoms first, and order a attention. From then on, you are my person, love you, worship, goodbye!

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