Famous doctors talk about healthy 丨 premature ovarian failure, can they still get pregnant?

The beauty of a woman originated from her healthy ovary, and ovarian is the source of women’s beauty and health.Therefore, if a woman wants to be young, the healthy ovaries are very important.

Premature ovarian function refers to women who have established regular menstruation. Before the age of 40, due to the amenorrhea of ovarian functional decline, the initial stage can be manifested as irregular menstruation or scarce menstruation, infertility and ovulation.Different degrees of hotness, sweating, upset, insomnia, anxiety and depression, vaginal dryness, decreased sexual desire.The incidence of premature ovarian failure before the age of 40 was about 1 %.

What are the symptoms of premature ovarian failure

1. Amenorrhea or scarce menstruation

2. Rehears in the whole body

3. Sweat

4. Dream of insomnia

5. Decrease vaginal secretion

6, vulva atrophy, infertility, etc.

Premature ovarian failure will affect pregnancy

In recent years, the phenomenon of premature ovarian aging has become more and more, and it has become one of the main reasons for female infertility.If a female friend of childbearing age has a problem of premature ovarian failure, it will affect not only the face, but also the chance of conception!

1. Normal ovarian function suppression, which lowers ovarian function, can be manifested as scarcity of menstruation, reduced menstruation, insufficient ovulation and luteal function, and finally amenorrhea.This will also lead to infertility.

2. It affects the ovulation function. Some of the testosterone (T) in the blood is increased, and the testosterone can neutralize the estradiol in the blood, reduce the estradol, and affect the mature and normal ovulation of the follicles.At the same time, excessive testosterone can prevent follicles and ovulation, which prompts it to shrink and atresses.Because there is no normal ovulation, it will cause infertility.

3. Premature ovarian function is premature aging, which is too high in the blood of follicles (FSH) and luteal formation (LH) in the blood, feedback to inhibit ovarian alcohol and progesterone. This situation is called premature ovarian failure.Decrease, push for 1-2 months after the menstrual cycle, and finally amenorrhea occurs.Due to irregular menstruation or amenorrhea, it will naturally lead to infertility.

4. Premature ovarian failure may be accompanied by ovarian inflammation, and ovarian inflammation includes in the range of female pelvic inflammation.There are different inflammation and non -specific inflammation.Due to the infection of bacteria, ovarian inflammation can produce ovarian adhesion, ovarian fallopian tube wrapping, ovarian fallopian tube abscess, fallopian tube obstruction, ovarian ovulation disorders, etc., causing infertility.

How to treat premature ovarian failure

The most commonly used treatment is the treatment of artificial cycle of estrogen hormone to alleviate a series of menopausal symptoms brought by the reduction of estrogen levels.Women with fertility requirement, after a period of treatment of estrogen hormone artificial cycles, individual women will restore ovulation, or ovulation -promoting treatment, properly monitor ovulation and guide sexual life, and use auxiliary fertility technology if necessary.

What needs to be reminded is

If a female friend has amenorrhea before the age of 40 for more than half a year, he should go to a regular hospital in time, and he should be highly alert to the occurrence of premature ovarian failure.The key to premature ovarian function is to make the correct diagnosis before the patient’s menopause, and to treat drugs in a timely manner to minimize the adverse effects of the disease on the patient. At the same timeMentality, timely replenishment of hormones is the fundamental treatment measure.

How to diagnose premature ovarian function

How to diagnose premature ovarian failure? In addition to detailed understanding of medical history and physical examination, combined with B -ultrasound and female hormone measurement, AMH measurement can basically be diagnosed.In order to find the cause, some patients can also conduct the following examinations: chromosome nuclear analysis, B -ultrasound, thyroid functional determination, anti -nuclear antibodies, rheumatoid factors, blood sink, immunoglobulin measurement, etc.Exclude pituitary lesions.

1 sex hormone examination

It is best to be on the 2nd to 3rd day of menstruation. During this period of time, it belongs to the early follicles and can reflect the function of the ovary.But for patients with long -term menstruation, they can be checked at any time.Diagnosis needs to be repeatedly measured, at least 2-4 weeks apart.

2 B ultrasound

Most patients have a narrow ovarian and uterus, and there are no follicles in the ovaries. Even if there is follicles, it does not have normal function.

3 Bone density measurement

Patients with premature ovarian function often have a decrease in bone mass and osteoporosis. The reason is that premature estrogen lacks the speed of bone absorption and increases bone loss, so it is easy to cause osteoporosis.

4 chromosome nuclear examination

Normal women’s chromosomal nucleus is 46 and XX, and both X chromosomes have genes related to eggs. If the relevant genes are abnormal or lacking, they can cause egg production disorders and eventually occur premature ovarian failure.

5 testing of autoimmune indicators

Patients with suspicious autoimmune diseases should check their antibodies, blood sinks, immunoglobulin, rheumatoid factors.

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