Family commonly uses spice peppercorns, only 2 cents a day, not only cooking, but also to prevent mosquito

Pepper is one of the most commonly used spices we usually cook. Some people are far away from its smell, while others like to taste.We only know that the pepper can be fried and stewed. So how many do you know about its wonderful use?

The editor summarized a few points for everyone, all of which can be used daily.Hurry up!

1. Enhance your appetite

When cooking food, add some pepper powder to make the food more delicious.Among many countries abroad, pepper powder has become one of the favorite condiments.Because peppercorns contain some special fragrance substances, people can smell more appetite.And after eating pepper powder, it can make the body a sense of hunger, which greatly increases the appetite and is also conducive to losing weight.Because peppercorns have a special fragrance, adding some pepper powder to the seasoning can also play a good seasoning effect when making pickled food.

2. Improve constipation

Many people now have constipation problems, and due to the unhealthy diet, the problem of constipation is more serious. More than 80%of the crowds of constipation are caused by intestinal problems, so many people will use peppercorns to improve.Because peppercorns are rich in cellulose, these cellulose can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote bowel movements after entering the intestine.In addition, peppercorns can also help eliminate cold in the body, and can effectively treat and improve constipation.

3. Anti -mosquito and insects

We can put the pepper in a bag, then tighten our mouths, and place it by the bed or other places that are more likely to contact mosquitoes.This can play a certain effect of anti -mosquito.Many people may not know that peppercorns have the effect of preventing insects.Many people use peppercorns to repel mosquitoes, but in fact, peppercorns also have the effect of mosquito repellent.This is because the odor emitted by pepper can drive away mosquitoes.If you want mosquitoes, you can put the pepper in the room.

Fourth, sterilization and itching

Boil water with peppercorns and clean the affected area to achieve anti -inflammatory sterilization.When treating athletes, you can boil peppercorns with the wormwood leaves, and then use this water to soak your feet.

How should we eat?

1. Be careful when eating, because peppercorns contain a large amount of oil and volatile oil, and too much consumption will affect our health.

2. You must choose fresh peppercorns and clean it before cooking to avoid food poisoning.

So what should we pay attention to when choosing peppercorns?

Looking at the color, we must not buy the peppercorns like firewood.

The test can be twisted with hands. Our peppercorns are crushed as soon as the thumb is crushed, and the quality of the poor quality is not broken;

There is also smelling. Our pepper smells fragrant and rich. If some peppercorns smell a pungent taste, don’t buy it.

Today, the sharing of Xiaobian is very simple, but it is a very practical little trick. After we understand the peppercorns, we can make better use of it.

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